NFL Football Player Remains in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during the game on Monday night

Dr. John Reizer

Buffalo Bills football player, Damar Hamlin, remains in critical condition and on life support after suffering cardiac arrest shortly after receiving a blow to the chest.

While some medical people have commented publicly that Hamlin’s heart problem was due to a rare condition known as commotio cordis, others believe the athlete suffered a covid vaccine-induced heart attack. Of course, the prevailing mainstream narrative is that a blow to the player’s chest disrupted the electrical firing of Hamlin’s heart.

Because so many fully vaxxed athletes all over the world have been dying suddenly during competitions, the millions of people watching the nationally televised football game began to light up the chat boards with anti-vaccine comments.

I don’t care what the medical professionals on television are saying publicly at this point about Hamlin’s collapse; millions of people are thinking something completely different. There are too many young people dropping dead from heart attacks that got the covid shots. It’s a clear case of Occam’s Razor!

Hamlin’s cardiac arrest is a public relations nightmare for big pharma and the pro-covid vaccine nuts. Whether or not this young athlete’s dire condition is due to myocarditis from a vaccine or from the trauma he received to the chest that didn’t look that traumatic, his collapse on the field looked a lot like a covid vaccine-induced heart attack.

I hope Damar Hamlin makes a full and speedy recovery.

Update: Read Article Here!

According to a new article on CNN, there seems to be some backtracking on the commotio cordis diagnosis amongst doctors. There is a discussion at this point that congenital or other factors may be at play in Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. (Think Covid vaccines)

“I don’t think at this point we can rule (commotio cordis) out,” Sills told CNN. Earlier, on the NFL’s call with the media, Sills said it is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning it might be the diagnosis if doctors don’t find any other causes.”

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Doug Brignole asked people to pass on a personal message in the event of his death

Dr. John Reizer

Doug Brignole had a lot of faith in the covid-19 vaccine and wanted people to use him as a test model. Doug was in great physical shape and was known for his good health.

Doug went on the record and stated that if he died after taking the vaccine, the fearmongers were right and he was wrong. If he survived, he wanted people to know he was right and the fearmongers should admit they were wrong and stop trying to scare people about the vaccine.

The reports circulating on the Internet state that Brignole passed away from a heart attack. These reports come from a bodybuilding organization but have not been confirmed.

Read more here!

I have scoured the Internet thoroughly looking for a cause of death for Doug. He is a well-known athlete and you would think an unexpected death like this one would have a cause listed. Several articles list his death as a suspected heart attack. We will see if anything official pops up. It is my guess that the cause of death will not be released anytime soon.

Unfortunately, it appears Doug might have been wrong! He played vaccine roulette and might have died from a cardiovascular problem.

I am honoring Doug’s request according to the social media post screenshot below.

It appears as if Doug might have been a victim of a worldwide genocidal plot to significantly reduce the human population. Don’t be a victim. Don’t play vaccine roulette.

Even if Doug or anyone who has received a vaccine claims they experienced no side effects, it does not prove the vaccines are safe. Placebos were broadly distributed in the case of COVID vaccines. This tactic was purposely done to make the vaccines appear safe in the eyes of the general population.


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It’s all in the name: NoVAXX Djokovic (the unvaccinated tennis player) wins at Wimbledon again!

Dr. John Reizer

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic won at Wimbledon yet again, and he did so without any COVID-19 vaccines!

I can confirm with certainty that COVID-19 vaccines are not performance-enhancing products. But they do cause Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

Tennis officials worldwide have pressured professional players to get vaccinated or get disqualified from different tournaments.

The professional tennis world looked down on Djokovic because he refused to give in to tennis executives and take the toxic bioweapons.

I have nothing but respect for this athlete because besides being the best tennis player in the world, he’s got a brain that critically thinks, and Djokovic sticks to his principles.

Novaxx Djokovic – The Unvaxxed Champion!


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