The National Football League is in the Middle of the Medical Psyop

Dr. John Reizer

As I explained in earlier posts on this website, I have always felt that the National Football League would be placed right in the middle of the Covid-19 fakery without being aware of it. That is exactly what is happening, in my opinion, concerning the most popular professional sports league in the United States. 

Players on different teams are suddenly and without warning testing false-positive for Covid-19, affecting different scheduled contests throughout the league.

With so many people emotionally invested in these teams and their scheduled games, it’s the perfect situation for the plandemic directors to demonstrate to the public that the coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on societal norms.

Just as they have been deceitfully used on the rest of the worldwide population, PCR tests are now being used in the same manner on NFL players. The test kits can be dialed up or down by sleight of hand magicians behind the scenes to yield more or less false-positive test results. If the controlling powers want to make the plandemic look worse, they set the tests to reflect more false-positive results. If they want to make the hoax look like it’s receding, they set the test parameters to deliver fewer false-positives. This is what I believe is now happening with regards to players in the NFL.

There’s no better way to get the coronavirus back in the mind’s eye of the American public than to show sports enthusiasts how disruptive the fake microbe can be to professional sports franchises. It’s not enough that fans are watching their favorite teams playing in huge empty arenas. People have become numb to that fact. So, the next step is to interrupt games and eventually shut down the entire league.

The fake narrative is so ridiculous it beggars belief. According to the official script, players testing positive intermingle with other players on the same and different teams. One day they are negative, and a day later, they are positive for the virus. 

Covidiot: Someone who refuses to listen to logic and believes the coronavirus is real even though the microbe has never been isolated, and the PCR tests are totally unreliable.

The really bizarre thing is that players who are being contact-traced through the league are being cleared to play in games and participate in practices because they have tested negative a day after an alleged exposure. Whatever happened to the safety precautions of waiting fourteen days to see if the athletes that had close exposure to the infected ones become ill? According to what I have read from official sources, the most contagious period is when people are asymptomatic after exposure. I thought that sometimes test results don’t show up as positive until after a couple of weeks?

PCR tests can be rigged any way the fraudsters want. For instance, if they roll out a vaccine in a few months or whenever they deem to be the right time, they can easily set the PCR tests to yield mostly negative results. This manipulation would make it seem as if the vaccines are working. The same trickery has been done for years with other diseases diagnosed by PCR tests like Influenza. Everything concerning fake pandemics is determined by how the planners rig the test kits and develop the lab results.

There are so many psyops taking place simultaneously, it’s hard to keep track of them.


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2 thoughts on “The National Football League is in the Middle of the Medical Psyop

  1. sandy edwards October 7, 2020 / 5:11 pm

    This is exactly why we have so many people thinking they are fine and no problems with covid-19. I was completely surprised that my close relative and friend decided to think the exact opposite as me. I was shocked and am still in a weird frame of mind because of her statements that she is sure that coronavirus is very real. She is not willing to believe anything I have to say about it. I guess this is the way things will go for now. How this happens I have no idea but lets all remember that we have been thru this before and at that time it was World War II. We can do better and should be better now. We have evolved and it’s time to realize that we cannot listen to the Politicians, the 1%, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mr. Fauci, and the list goes on We have to know that things can be in our favor if we see the truth. Love is the answer to everything. We will overcome these people and go on to become great warriers of love.

    • NoFakeNews October 7, 2020 / 9:43 pm

      Lots of people have been fooled, Sandy.

      Dr. Reizer

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