Breaking News! Frontline Healthcare and Emergency Services Workers Don’t Want The COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr. John Reizer

An incredibly high number of American frontline healthcare and emergency services workers turn down the opportunity to receive untested, unsafe, experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

The controversial vaccine products that are unapproved by the FDA have already caused many documented cases of serious adverse reactions and deaths, according to the VAERS reporting portal service for vaccine-related injuries.

The mainstream media companies desperately run nationwide campaigns on the morning and evening news feeds that address the “concerns” of health and emergency professionals opting out of the COVID jab rollout.

The mainstream media productions simply parrot the lies and disinformation of the big pharma vaccine makers — the same vaccine makers who have been granted total liability immunity against people who might be injured from their toxic products.

Don’t fall for the disinformation being disseminated by the television news networks. Everything that people have been told about the plandemic, the lab tests, the fake case numbers, and the vaccines are predicated on scientific fraud.

It’s difficult to keep a global farce of this magnitude up and running indefinitely. Although, I have to admit that the controlling powers have been doing an amazing job for the past 14 months.

But there are clear signs that despite the nonstop propaganda being distributed by the mainstream media to an addicted general public, the official COVID-19 narrative is beginning to show signs of cracks and fissures.

Alternative media and the pure passage of time have shown the world that the predicted dark winter of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths was just more scare tactics being thrown out by government liars.

Outside of false-positive COVID-19 case numbers and the reclassifying of people who had common colds and upper respiratory infections as sars-cov-2 cases, not a helluva lot happened.

The lack of people getting ill combined with many citizens getting tired of following draconian directives handed down by federal and state governments have set into motion what might be the beginning of the end of the worldwide psyop.

States in America are beginning to remove coronavirus restrictions. There are now 16 US states that do not have mask mandates. Progress is being made, more so than I ever imagined would be possible.

So, why are professional health and emergency frontline workers opting-out of the vaccine programs? It’s a simple answer: the products are risky as can be, and they do not prevent vaccine recipients from contracting or spreading the alleged disease. There are no benefits gained from the toxic jabs and plenty of unnecessary risks to contend with after receiving them.

Additionally, the vaccine makers and the world’s governments are unwilling to provide financial compensation to injured victims or their survivors when people become ill or die after taking the products.


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