The COVID -19 Fakery in a Nutshell!

Dr. John Reizer

I am publishing this post to help new people visiting the website understand the fakery attached to the world pandemic narrative. For regular readers of NoFakeNews, the information below is old news, but for others, it is their first exposure to the truth.

A promoter of this website asked me if I could create some content that would concisely explain to new visitors how the controlling powers could get the entire world to fall for the same lie. So, that is what this post is all about; I will cover the basic anatomy of the fake Covid-19 disease.

The anatomy of a fake Covid-19 disease:

  1. The sars-cov-2 microbe’s signature (what distinguishes one virus from another) was derived primarily from computer modeling. In other words, the genetic sequencing that proves the virus is a real entity from a microbiological standpoint was created using a computer that accepted data and information about other previously known and isolated coronaviruses not named sars-cov-2. The sars-cov-2 virus was synthesized by using the genetic sequencing of other viruses. The genetic signature of the COVID-19 virus was never fully isolated or retrieved from a real infected person using scientific methodologies like Koch’s postulates.
  2. The symptoms of a fake Covid-19 disease resemble the same symptoms of practically every common cold or upper respiratory infection that has ever been experienced by human beings. This includes the highly publicized inability to taste or smell things. The fake disease designers ensured that the symptoms associated with sars-cov-2 would be the same symptoms commonly experienced with all colds and upper respiratory infections.
  3. The recognition or diagnosis of a fake Covid-19 infection in humans is accomplished by a rigged PCR test capable of delivering on-demand false-positive test results. This type of testing is necessary to create fake case numbers that can then be used by health regulatory agencies to introduce the words epidemic, outbreak, and pandemic.
  4. Mitigation techniques are the medical procedures or products used to treat or manage a fake Covid-19 disease. These medicinal products suppress the human immune system’s abilities to initiate different symptoms that innately mitigate and eliminate bacterial and viral infections naturally. The regular uninhibited expression of human immunity under the immune system’s supervision creates a plethora of symptoms to deactivate viruses and kill bacteria that might be causing widespread infection in a given human system.
  5. Getting the public to respect the false science and fraudulent research handed out by the different sovereign territories worldwide is paramount when introducing a fake virus. We have isolated the virus, we have proven it exists, these are the definitive symptoms associated with the disease, we are the scientists, and you know nothing, believe everything we say concerning the virus; these are the key statements made and claimed by the officially authorized scientific spokespersons pedaling the plandemic’s written narrative.
  6. Confusing the public by blurring the lines between real cold infections and a fake Covid-19 disease is a strategic way to make the fake disease look real. Diagnosing and coding many upper respiratory infections as Covid-19 case numbers create the public perception that the fake disease is legitimate and a menace to society.
  7. The prevention of this fake disease far into the future is allegedly predicated on a life-saving vaccine. Perhaps the biggest fraud ever introduced within the construct of the infectious disease paradigm is the central idea that vaccines can be injected into human beings to stimulate the immune system so that it can produce antibodies against a particular viral signature that, in the case of the Covid-19 fakery, has never been isolated or discovered in the first place. Vaccines end up overstimulating the immune system and damage the body’s ability to contend with naturally occurring microbes that normally pose no threat to the human organism. The overproduction of junk antibodies in response to a vaccine product is direct evidence of the immune system’s destruction. The presence of junk antibodies in a vaccinated person is used by drug companies as bogus evidence that the medicinal product effectively does its job even though the antibodies are useless in defending a person against any viral microbes.
  8. Mainstream news media companies controlled by a world governing construct spread lies and disinformation about COVID-19 to citizens globally and promote false-science as real science.

The logical question most people would ask after reading all of this is why would a world government want to create a fake pandemic and lock down the world’s citizens.

The answer is that the few who control the many have decided to thin out the human herd for complicated reasons difficult to explain in a short article. Please read the content on NoFakeNews to learn this information.

In a nutshell, we are witnessing and living through a genocidal plot to cull and transform the human population. The controlling powers want fewer people in the world and they want to genetically modify those who survive. This will be accomplished through the administration of vaccines.



Next, screenshot your signed name on the petition platform, print a hardcopy, and keep it in a safe place.




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20 thoughts on “The COVID -19 Fakery in a Nutshell!

  1. Lisa January 5, 2021 / 1:49 pm

    Dr. Reizer

    As always, you put forth intelligible scientific information regarding the falsehood of the covid-19 virus.
    It is so important for people to remain open minded when being introduced to new and different ways of thinking!


    • NoFakeNews January 5, 2021 / 2:00 pm

      Thank you, Lisa!


      • Lisa January 5, 2021 / 4:54 pm

        Your welcome, John!

  2. tim January 5, 2021 / 2:54 pm

    This is an answer to Lisa’s question. Sorry for writing a book, hehe, 🙂 Thanks for another awesome article Doctor

    Hi Lisa. Sorry for such a long explanation. I didn’t mean to write a book. It’s not easy to put the right words together to explain “the codes” of the universe or the laws that the universe must abide by. I’m going try to answer your question about the word I used, “code” without getting to preachy, but I need to mention God and satan and so on, in my explanation because it would be impossible for me to explain otherwise. I going to have to get preachy because it’s the only way for you to completely understand, and be able to see the whole picture.

    Okay. First I must preface this message with our beliefs of the Scriptures so you can connect all the dots.
    These are not my words. The information I list here comes from our Scriptures not from mans mind. We believe with all our hearts that the Scriptures (when they are translated correctly) are Gods Words to His children here on earth, written by His servants, called Apostles or Disciples of Jesus Christ, they are not mans words. God or Jesus Christ literally speaks to His Apostles and Disciples face to face or puts Gods words into their minds for them to write down and to share with His children. This is how God gets the truth out to his children. Scriptures are like this web site. God posts the truths of the universe on His web site, the Scriptures, so His children can learn the truth. Scriptures are NOT the words of man, they are the WORDS OF GOD. (unless of course they have been mistranslated, either by accident or on purpose, and unfortunately, some scriptures have been mistranslated, reality) And believe it or not, the Bible is NOT the only words of God. Who ever said that God is finished speaking to His children, did not receive this lie from the Bible but from satan. God never said one time in the Bible that He is finished speaking to His children. And no one can quote any versus that say this. It is satan who wants us to believe that God no longer speaks to His children but the truth is, He still does. He is the same as today as He was yesterday, never changing. He has spoken to His servants in the past, and He continues to do so today. He has given us Scriptures in the past, and He will continue to do so in the future. He has told us, that He will send us more Scriptures, and many of us are very excited to see what He has to say next. I wonder if anything about these fake virus’s and plandemics are in these next Scriptures our Father is going to give us in the future ?

    We believe the truths that are written in the Scriptures and many of us have even come to know, of a surety, through the Spirit of God, and the Holy Spirit, that what we have read and studied is the truth. We received confirmation of these truths in the Scriptures through our spirit from Gods Holy Spirit.

    And I told you all that just to be able to tell you this:

    The Scriptures are my source for the truths I’m stating here in this post. This information I’m giving you comes from many of God’s Scriptures or Words. This does not come from my mind, but the mind of God. These are His words, not mine. I need to make that perfectly clear.

    Okay, so, Code or Codes. What am I talking about ? I have to go back to the beginning. In the beginning there was a war in Heaven. This is what started that war. It’s all about free will, or free agency, and the opposition of all things. Hopefully you will see what I mean in a minute. It’s very difficult to explain this clearly in this english language using these limited words, but I will try my best, and hopefully you will understand.

    Our Father (God) asked a question, just before this war I mentioned began, to all those who were in His presence in Heaven. He asked, “Who should I send first ? ”

    (If you combine these words above with many other scriptures or versus that I do not have room to write here, you find that he’s asking who he should send to earth to redeem His children from their sins that they have committed while they are here on earth, so they can return to Him, otherwise no one can be in the presence of our Father because where there is sin , our Father cannot be.)

    After our Father asked this question, His second born son Lucifer answered Him and said, (paraphrasing) “Send me, and I will make sure you do not lose one single child to sin, and that all of your flock will be able to return to you here in Heaven, Father. You will not lose one member of your flock. And since I am doing this, you will give me ALL of the glory, and I will be as even greater than you, Father.”

    (Again, if you combine these words above with many other scriptures or versus you find that Lucifer wanted to take away our free will, or our free agency. That way we could NOT choose between good and evil, but would basically be a robot, knowing no good or no evil or the opposition of all things.
    Our free will is a great gift given to us so we can choose for ourselves whether we would be good or bad, in this life, on this earth. Satan wanted to take this away from us so we do NOT have the ability to CHOOSE for ourselves. You cannot make a choice between good and evil, if you do not have free will and there is NO opposition in all things, even as The Tree of Life vs The Tree of Good and Evil, good vs bad, right vs wrong, up vs down, everything has an opposition SO THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE for yourself. Without opposition, you cannot have choice or free will. And because Lucifer wanted to take away our free will and receive ALL of the glory and to be greater than our Father, he was cast out of Heaven and the war began. A war that is still being fought by the children of God today here on this earth.)

    Then, the first only begotten Son of our Father, Jesus, told our Father, “Send me, and let THEE have the glory Father. ”

    (Again, with these words and many others in the Scriptures we find that Jesus was saying that He would make sure all of our Fathers children would have the opportunity to return to Him, and that He would not interfere with our free will so that we could choose for ourselves what we would do. Jesus did not want to take away our free will because He knows it is against one of the codes of the universe, and that our free will or agency is universal and should not be taken from Gods children or else we would not be able to choose for ourselves whether to choose the right, or the left (God or satan.) And what Jesus was willing to do, to make sure we could keep our free will, but are still be able to return to our Father sin free, after we have committed sins in our lives on this earth, is to give His life, for us. He sacrificed His life so we could be forgiven of our sins, and return to our Father in Heaven. All we need to do is repent with a sincere heart and a contrite spirit. That is why we worship Jesus Christ, our brother and the first born of our Father, because He was willing to die for us and our sins. He paid our dept by suffering so greatly that blood flowed from every pore of His skin. He was held up on a cross for approximately 6 hours from 9am to 3pm, by 5 nails hammered into his body. Because He gave His life for us, and was resurrected 3 days later, defeating death, we have an opportunity to repent, and return to our Father, free of sin without interference of their free agency. If you think about it, it makes sense. No good, loving father is going to force his child to live with him if the child does not want to (satans plan.) Remember the story of the prodigal son ? It is the same with our heavenly Father. He does not want to force us to return to Him. He wants us to use our free will and choose to do so for ourselves instead. Even our Father will NOT interfere with our free will or free agency because of the code. )

    Now, I had to say all that, in order for you to understand this, the codes of the universe.

    As I have stated, satan, is not allowed to remove our free will or agency. He was kicked out of Heaven for wanting to do so and for the sin of pride. God will not let him interfere with man’s free will. It is one of the universal CODES and cannot be broken. Karma is another one of the codes. What you give is what you get. This code cannot be violated or broken either (except of course by force.)

    Satan has to either get the persons permission to pervert the free will of that person, or do so by force. Those are the only two ways satan is allowed to manipulate our free will. That is why those who CHOOSE to follow satan or the evil on this earth, have to sign a contract WILLINGLY, to satan with their names signed in their own blood, thus giving their permission and souls to satan. The person must choose for themselves, it CANNOT be forced against their free will. In others, words, satan cannot force you to follow him. You must acquiesce using your free will.

    The importance of our free will, and the opposition of all things is beyond description. Without it,
    we or even the universe for that matter, would not exist. THAT is how important our free will or free agency is.

    So satan uses every tool on earth to accomplish his plans to fool the people into following him. (subliminal’s, force, coercion, murder, threats, cons, liquor, drugs, etc. etc. ) That is why the Scriptures say that in the last days on this earth, good will be called evil, and evil will be called good. (putting those who want to worship God in jail while releasing pedophiles and murders from prison and keeping others who destroy cities and countries from going to prison, etc, etc. Saying that it is righteous to be fear ? That is a lie from satan)

    So in a nut shell, satan can only do what he does on this earth, by two means, either we use our free will to follow evil, or we are forced to against our free will . And if you don’t stand up against him and say no, then you are complying your permission, with your silence. So raise your voice, letting pure love cast out all fear, sending out your love and truth to all of our Fathers children, your brothers and sisters in this world, and do so unafraid. For if God is on our side, who can stand against us ?

    And take peace in knowing that there are codes or laws in this universe that protect us and our free will or agency, something the evil in this world cannot take away from you, except of course, by your permission or by force. And just because “they” force you to do something, they can still, never, take away your free will. That’s a gift to you from God that cannot be taken away from you. It is yours to keep, forever.

    I hope you are able to understand what I have said here. I know this probably sounds like a fairy tail to many, but I know in my heart that the words I have written here are true. And I know this explanation is imperfect, but it’s the best I can do with this language and the time allotted. The only way I would be able to express this any clearer, is by telepathy. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    tim 🙂
    ps, doubters, nay-sayers, haters, and hard hearted people need not reply. That means you mr. cia / fbi man. We don’t need your hate on this site.

    • Post Hoc January 5, 2021 / 4:34 pm


      You don’t know me but I feel that you take up much space with your ramblings about religion.

      This is almost as bad as the ramblings about C19 to me.

      Please keep your religious zeal to a minimum as it is totally irrelevant.

      • tim January 5, 2021 / 6:12 pm

        So I’m assuming, post hoc, that you think it’s okay for you to tell other people what they should think, say, or do , OR WRITE ? Is that right ? You think it’s okay to try to tell me what to write ? Are you serious ? Are you an fbi agent ? How about the cia ?
        Who in the hell do you think you are to try to tell me what I can and cannot write ? Your no one, to tell me anyway, period. I don’t waste my time on haters.
        And if you don’t like what I write, DON”T READ IT !!!
        Just move on.
        But trying to tell someone what they should or shoud not write ? That’s crossing the line.
        Just like people who ask other people why they are not wearing a mask is crossing the line.
        Telling us masks are mandatory, is crossing the line.
        If you try to tell anyone else what to write on this site, post hoc, then I’m pretty sure, the good Doctor here will block you and you will have to go to an other site to spread your hate.
        And a little bit of advise. Don’t go around telling people what to do. I’m assuming your mommy never told you, don’t stick your nose in other peoples business.
        Your obviously an atheist, but do you see me telling you not to be one, and to not take up to much space writing about it ? That’s what fools do.
        And what you say is irrelevant, is more than life, to billions of people around the world. And when you (try) to offend me with your anti-god rant, you are offending billions all around the world, so I’m in pretty good company.
        Plus , you are slapping God in the face, and His wrath can be great, so I will pray for your soul. Hopefully your young and dumb, and will learn better in the future, not to stick your nose in other peoples business. Maybe, maybe not. One can only hope.
        We are commanded to love all of our brother and sisters on this earth, even the ones who hate us.
        I hope I don’t hear back from you.
        If you do reply with another hate message,
        make sure this guy or gal, cannot hate on anyone else again on this site ?
        I will not respond to any further communication with person.
        Thank you sir.

    • Lisa January 5, 2021 / 4:54 pm

      Ok , my first honest reaction, Oh My God!

      I mean that in a good way, Tim. 🙂

      I also thought of Sandy. She has had experience with you in this type of situation.

      You really did write a book here. You put a lot time and thought into your response. Although, this type of material does seem to come naturally to you. I am always impressed with your vast knowledge. As I am sure, some of the other visitors on the site are as well.

      I am feeling little tested here. It is hard for me say much. It is beyond me.

      Thank you Tim, for caring to write such a thorough response!

      Your friend, Lisa

      • sandy edwards January 5, 2021 / 5:09 pm

        Hi Lisa, I tend to go along with Tim most times because basically his beliefs do blend in with my own spiritual ones. I think, for myself, more along the lines of the Universal Creator and Karma whereas Tim is more into the Holy Bible and preaching of the church. I believe the principles are mostly the same. I believe if you think about it you have stated a few times that positive thinking and our thoughts are the energy that makes our reality. And Tim has said the same in his own way. In my mind it is all the same just different ways of looking at it. I am not writing to offend or to say I know more but to try and make things more clear. Sandy
        And yes Tim that was a long explanation. tks Sandy

      • tim January 5, 2021 / 6:29 pm

        Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t try to. It just flows out of me and I can’t stop. But believe me, I could have wrote a lot more. This was the shortest way to explain so you can see the whole picture to connect the dots.
        And thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy your words and energy on this site. Thank you for that.
        I hope you understand what I wrote and you learn to incorporate these universal laws or codes that the universe has to abide by , and how they can protect you and your spirit.
        This will bring you peace knowing that satan, (or whatever you call evil in the universe) cannot cross certain lines. This is for our protection. You are protected, and in good hands.
        Talk to ya later, sister Lisa. 🙂

      • Lisa January 5, 2021 / 8:38 pm

        Sandy, wise words you give in your statement, ” In my mind it is all the same, just different ways of looking at it.”

      • Lisa January 5, 2021 / 8:43 pm

        Thank you Tim, for summing up and clarifying what you wrote.
        It is good to know that we can be protected from the evil in this world. Let us all pray on that one!

        Sister Lisa

  3. sandy edwards January 5, 2021 / 4:23 pm

    Of course it’s about money. Tim, you watched the video interview of Catherine Austin Fitts as I hope we all watched. It tells the story and lays everything out in easily understandable language. That is a great video for the sleeping Lions. Too bad we have very few people that have the attention span to do the research, etc. necessary to find out what they need to know.

    • tim January 5, 2021 / 6:14 pm

      I know right Sandy ? I said that with my tongue in cheek, hehe. Bottom line, it’s about money, power, and control. I just had a great talk with my neighbor, and told him exactly that.

  4. Post Hoc January 5, 2021 / 4:30 pm

    Thank you Dr Reizer,

    I have to keep pinching myself that this is how it is, and imagine how hard it must be for the doubters.

    This is no doubt how the world is experiencing massive changes.

    So easy to lapse into denial, but important not to and to stay alert.

    One example of complicit denial is the sale and purchase of designer masks!

  5. tim January 5, 2021 / 7:43 pm

    Sorry, I miss typed there.

    You cannot make a choice between good and evil, if you do not have free will and there is NO opposition in all things, even as The Tree of Life vs

    I don’t know why I put NO. Weird. Anyway. Skip the NO, okay ? I get what I did. I started to say if you do not have free will then there can be no opposition …but then I had a brain fart. hehe

  6. tim January 5, 2021 / 8:35 pm

    I believe you Sandy, and the good Doctor, and myself, believe the same thing, we just say it differently. And sorry, I’ll have to learn how to make an abridgement of that explaination. And btw, your note was very nice, and in no way offensive, as always. I always love your posts Sandy. Thank you
    tim 🙂

  7. tim January 5, 2021 / 9:49 pm

    Oh sure Sister Lisa. It’s funny how one word can make a big difference to understanding.
    And you are showing your wisdom again, it is good to know. That was what I was hoping. To give peace of mind through knowledge and truth.
    And yes, we need to pray more than ever now.

    Companies in CA ( AT&T) are now making mask mandates stating that not only do the employees have to wear a mask, with no exception, but THE HOME OWNERS ALSO HAVE TO WEAR ONE IN THEIR OWN HOME IN ORDER TO RECEIVE SERVICE !!!

    I kid you not.

    A internet tech came to my house today, and because I would not wear a mask in my own house, he would not serve the order, or fix my internet.

    Companies are telling home owners to wear masks in their own house. I still don’t believe it. I think there’s a story there Doctor.

    I called my company and told them I will NOT wear a mask in my own house, and if they cannot fix the problem because of that, I want to cancel my accout.

    They (a small company that uses AT&T employees for some of their jobs) put me on hold for about 5 minutes, then assured me , the internet would be fixed and damn the masks.

    I was relieved to hear that.

    And now I can no longer shop at my fav health food store, frazies farms market, beause they made a new mask policy, you cannot shop there unless you put a face shield on your head and face.

    The world is going crazy. More and more each day. I think we’re in for a hell of a ride.
    Hold onto your hat, and your faith, and you’ll be okay Sister Lisa. And thank you for being such a kind and wise soul.
    Your brother, tim 🙂

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