Are You A Terror Threat?

Dr. John Reizer

On March 27, 2020, I wrote the following words in an article on NoFakeNews:

“Are you a coronavirus denier? This is a question, mark my words, that will be asked of US citizens in the coming months as the Covid-19 psyop agenda moves forward. The label will be as popular, if not more so than the words social-distancing are right now.”

Fast forward to August 19, 2021, and it’s easy to observe that my prediction about the coronavirus denier label becoming popular in the future was spot on.

When you have read and understood the script ahead of time, it’s easy to predict what will happen in the future!

The Game Plan:

The game plan of the pandemic architects from day one was to shame people into falling in line with the psyop and its main objective — the forced vaccination of the entire global population. Everything that we have witnessed from the beginning of the plandemic has been orchestrated to unleash a global genocide on humanity.

The Script:

First, you roll out a ridiculous story about a fake virus that’s running rampant around the world. Next, you claim that people have no natural defenses against the pathogen, so they must be locked away for the greater good of all citizens. Finally, you dispense a poison disguised as a life-saving vaccine to everybody on The Target List! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to fit the title in the article.)

Taking Care of Loose Ends…

Perhaps one of the most crucial things the COVID-19 scriptwriters had to do was come up with a clever way to deal with the small percentage of people in the world that can still critically think.

And the way they decided to deal with people who wouldn’t swallow the big package of lies being thrown out to the world was to label the “thinkers” coronavirus deniers/covid-19 deniers. This plan is the same strategy that was used successfully on people who openly opposed traditional vaccines. The powers that be created the label “anti-vaxxer” and stuck it on those individuals who publicly cried foul when asked to stick out their arms and receive the jabs.

Are you a coronavirus denier? If so, you might be labeled a terrorist in the future!


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Dr. John Reizer


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12 thoughts on “Are You A Terror Threat?

  1. sandy edwards August 20, 2021 / 6:53 am

    I have wondered if all of us here on this site will be on the Target List? I guess if most here have been posting all over the place like I have for the past year and a half then we are all in trouble.

    • NoFakeNews August 20, 2021 / 7:46 am

      Every person in the world is on the controlling powers’ target list, Sandy. The creeps are targeting everyone for force vaccinations and want to significantly reduce the global population. At this point, I wouldn’t worry too much about being placed on a list. 🙂


      • sandy edwards August 20, 2021 / 7:59 am

        That’s true. It’s not going to stop me from living what I have left of my life. It’s still kind of all surreal even though I have no doubts about it.

  2. Lisa August 20, 2021 / 9:24 am

    John, it would appear that your predictions are once again becoming a reality!
    One of the signs in today’s post stated, “Do you know people who downplay the seriousness of rising Covid-19 cases? Or think it’s a hoax? You’re not the only one.”
    I like “You’re not the only one.”
    That means that there are many of us so called terrorists. It will be hard for them to get all of us who resist. We will just have to be a huge thorn in the controlling powers side. At least for a period of time. Before the end game is up!

    • NoFakeNews August 20, 2021 / 9:51 am

      Absolutely, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • NoFakeNews August 20, 2021 / 9:49 am

      Thanks, Tim! I posted this video on the site yesterday. But you can never see the truth enough! 👍😀

      • tim August 20, 2021 / 10:57 am

        Sorry, brain fart, hehe, 🙂

      • NoFakeNews August 20, 2021 / 11:21 am

        It’s okay! 😀👍

  3. tim August 20, 2021 / 12:35 pm

    Let every cell in your body be filled with pure love for all life on this earth and in the universe, and that love will come back to you a hundred fold, and sustain you and lift you up in times that are the hardest, and when you think you cannot take another step. suddenly, you will feel the unseen hand of an Angel ministering unto you, and your burden will be made lighter.
    Many ask, where is the spirit world ? It is right in front of you. If the veil was removed from your eyes right now, you would see at least one angel that is always with you, and some have more than one with them at all times.
    They are right in front of us, perhaps your grandmother, or dad, or mom, or other family members who are watching over you. They have bodies of spirit, which is of a finer matter than the physical matter here on earth, so that’s why we cannot see them. But they are there. And they are well aware of you, and are sending you love. always.
    If you open your heart, their love will shine into it, and you will feel a warmth in your chest and in your heart. Your mind will be at peace, and despite the trials and tribulations in life, you will be happy. The pure love you are giving to the world, comes back to you a hundred fold.
    Love, and light is truly the only way to defeat evil, because we reap what we sow.
    I have a testimony of these words below to be the truth.
    Salvation is the greatest gift, and I believe the second greatest gift is the gift of charity. A gift we should all strive to develop in this life, a great gift that we take with us to the other side of the veil.
    When we love all of our brothers and sisters on this earth, we are living to God, and not to ourselves. For this, we will receive the greatest of blessings in time and in eternity. What a great blessing indeed.
    tim 🙂
    Saints to live unto God:
    The work in which we are unitedly engaged is one of no ordinary kind. The energies we have to contend against are subtle and well skilled in maneuvering; it behooves us to be on the alert to concentrate our energies, and that the best feelings should exist in our midst; and then, by the help of the Almighty, we shall go on from victory to victory, and from conquest to conquest; our evil passions will be subdued, our prejudices depart, we shall find no room in our bosoms for hatred; vice will hide its deformed head, and we shall stand approved in the sight of Heaven, and be acknowledged the sons of God.
    Let us realize that we are not to live to ourselves, but to God by so doing the greatest blessings will rest upon us both in time and in eternity.
    Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. pg – 179

  4. tim August 20, 2021 / 12:58 pm

    Posts like this are going to red pill even the hardest of hearts.
    Unfortunately they are still speaking as if the fake sarscov2 is real, the fake covid19 is real, fake masks can stop viral transmissions, and that the fake PCR amplifiers are “tests” still giving out more fake “positive covid cases.”
    They continue to propagate the lies mixed with truth.

  5. tim August 20, 2021 / 1:27 pm

    Great video of law professor telling it like it is.
    tim 🙂
    “As you can see, I’m not wearing a mask. Why is that ? Because i haven’t lost my mind !
    This all ends folks when we say no. How do you want to be remembered by history ? ”
    Law Professor

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