Afghanistan and the plandemic: Are they connected?

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Dr. John Reizer

The chaos currently in Afghanistan is designed to keep the American public focused on more nonsense and not the most important thing taking place — the global genocide!

When the creative minds got together long ago to write the screenplay that has been up and running like a Netflix drama series since January 2020, they fully intended to use many sleights of hand operations to convince the worldwide audience that the make-believe disease was authentic and a credible threat to human public health.

Mission accomplished!

People, the world over, have bought the show’s plot hook, line, and sinker.

In the past, America was considered a significant obstacle for the world government and its plan for a global reset. A good majority of US citizens believed their country was the land of the free. It is not! Fascism and oppression are alive and well in the United States.

The World Government’s Mission Goals Accomplished to Date:

THE CREATION OF PREJUDICE – Election chaos, Black Lives Matter, gender confusion, and everybody is offended by something causes divisiveness in the general population. The more people who fight against one another, the fewer people will stand up and fight against a world government.

The CREATION OF LIES – Unverifiable scientific facts and pseudo-scientific studies have been inserted as the truth and used against the population. (COVID-19 is a fake virus)

NO PUBLIC DEBATE – People have been routinely censored and prevented from expressing their views on public or online platforms. (Social media censorship)

CIVIL LIBERTIES SACRIFICED – Freedom and other rights have been traded or sacrificed to protect the public against a nonexistent public health threat. (Unconstitutional lockdowns, wearing face masks, closing businesses, mandated vaccines, etc.)

LEGALIZED DISCRIMINATION – Governments have handed down laws and policies to penalize members of a targeted group. Unvaccinated people who don’t believe the plandemic story are denied the right to work, travel, or attend school.

INFORMERS RECRUITED – Citizens are encouraged to rat out their neighbors, friends, and family members. (Contact Tracing Programs)

SECRET POLICE – Contact tracing officials and surveillance programs have been developed.

REMOVAL FROM SOCIETY – In some countries, internment camps have already been constructed to house people who test false-positive for the sars-cov-2 virus that has yet to be isolated or identified by scientific methodologies. The camps are planned for America and have been discussed on the CDC website.


There are considerable amounts of people in the United States protesting the lockdowns and draconian agendas. Hopefully, they will keep that spirit going strong because what’s about to come down the pipe next will be hard to swallow.

As I write these words, the powers that be are planning another nationwide shutdown in the land of the free to destroy more small businesses and what’s left of the economy.

The noise in Afghanistan is designed to keep the sheeple focused on something besides the genocide and the deadly vaccines.


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Dr. John Reizer


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The Few Who Control the Many — How Deep is the Rabbit Hole?

A compilation of over 80 photos of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)




The Target List movie honors fallen heroes and serves to help us remember the brave healthcare professionals that have lost their lives simply because they wrote about things that certain groups forbade. These truthers were placed on a target list because they wanted to shed light on helpful modalities and procedures that could allow human beings to better express health.

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Here are 20 disturbing facts concerning the plandemic


Dr. John Reizer

Here are 20 disturbing facts concerning the plandemic:

  1. COVID-19 is a fictitious disease that allegedly causes lung and upper respiratory infections in humans and other animals. The disease purportedly causes many other physiological problems, including neurological, cardiovascular, autoimmune, and reproductive disorders.
  2. Covid-19 is allegedly caused by a fictitious viral pathogen named sars-cov-2 that has never been isolated in totality from an infected animal or human host.
  3. Sars-cov-2 has never been proven to exist through the rigors of scientific examination. The genomic sequences that have been published and submitted as proof of the virus’s existence by the mainstream scientific community were computer modeled.
  4. No sars-covid-2 viral isolates exist or have been produced and turned over by any sovereign country’s health regulatory agencies for inspection by independent scientists in the global community!
  5. It is impossible for variations or variants of sars-cov-2 to have formed because the virus is nonexistent!
  6. Sars-cov-2 is allegedly diagnosed in human subjects through a PCR test that is incapable of diagnosing any viral infections in patients, as explained by the technology’s inventor — Kary Mullis.
  7. The World pandemic that has disrupted the global community for the past 18 months or longer is predicated on reported case numbers of infected human beings.
  8. The official counting of COVID-19 infections occurring since the fictitious disease process was first announced have been accomplished by health regulatory agencies through PCR testing.
  9. Because every positive COVID-19 case number in the world has been recorded using PCR technology or other testing technologies that feature similar unreliable methods, we can deduce that all COVID-19 case number results reported are false-positive ones.
  10. Because every reported case number of COVID-19 viral infections worldwide has been predicated on false-positive results, it can be deduced that there is no world pandemic or public health emergency.
  11. Because no world pandemic or public health emergency has ever existed with regards to COVID-19, the Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) issued around the world and in the United States that have paved the way for untested, unapproved gene-altering bioweapons to be administered to public healthcare consumers have been done so illegally.
  12. All EUAs should be canceled immediately.
  13. All gene-altering bioweapons that do not have FDA approval in the United States and are currently being administered to US citizens should be recalled immediately.
  14. According to the VAERS reporting platform in the United States and other reporting platforms globally, many adverse physiological reactions and deaths have occurred worldwide in people who have received the COVID-19 gene-altering bioweapons.
  15. Highly credentialed doctors and scientists throughout the world have been broadly censored on most social media outlets and prevented from sharing their dissenting opinions concerning the COVID-19 false narrative and the associated bioweapons that have been disingenuously labeled as vaccines to mitigate the fake pandemic.
  16. Articles written by highly credentialed health professionals that scientifically disprove the existence of sars-cov-2 have been broadly censored by Internet search engines and cataloging systems globally.
  17. Articles written by highly credentialed health professionals that scientifically demonstrate the dangers of gene-altering bioweapons administered to the general public are routinely censored on the Internet and social media platforms.
  18. All mainstream media reporting concerning COVID-19 and the pandemic are one-sided and protect the official false narrative that has been introduced by the World Health Organization and parroted by its puppet health regulatory agencies globally.
  19. Considering the factual information listed above, we can deduce and conclude that the world pandemic is a hoax — a genocidal plot to cull humanity. We can also deduce and conclude that the genocidal plot currently being carried out has been orchestrated by a world governing construct working in concert with the leaders of every sovereign nation on the planet.
  20. Human beings are currently at war with an unseen and unknown enemy hellbent on leading us towards extermination!


The Target List Movie — Coming August 2021

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Mandatory Covid-19 vaccines — The psyop within the psyop!

Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember early on in the plandemic psyop how the mainstream media and our government leaders tried to make it appear as if the COVID-19 vaccines were going to be made mandatory? Do you remember how American citizens and people in many other countries were led to believe that military troops would administer the toxic jabs to all civilians at gunpoint?

Back in early 2020, before the bioweapons’ manufacturing process, we saw on television and read many articles how the United States Constitution did not protect US citizens from forced vaccinations because of an old and antiquated legal decision — Jacobson vs. Massachusetts.

Around that time, a video surfaced of a well-known US defense attorney, Alan Dershowitz, commenting about mandatory vaccines.

According to Dershowitz, we were all going to have to take the COVID-19 jabs. At least, that is what the mainstream media and American government wanted people to believe.

Do you remember his famous quote that was blasted across the media? “Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business.” Dershowitz also went on to say, “And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”  All of these statements were untrue but purposely featured on many platforms by mainstream media companies under the supervision of different government intelligence agencies.

It was well-known at this stage of the farce by all government leaders, including the acting POTUS, that the COVID-19 vaccines planned for administration were not going to be approved medicines by the FDA. It was also already known that these products were only going to see the light of day and be administered to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Without the fake case numbers created by the bogus PCR tests, there could be no pandemic terminology used. Without the pandemic terminology in place, there could be no EUAs implemented, and there could be no administration of unapproved, untested bioweapon vaccines.

In other words, there was never any chance in the United States of America that the COVID-19 vaccines would become mandatory and be plunged into your arm by anyone. But our American government and many other sovereign governments globally wanted their citizens to believe this was a likely reality.

Creating the notion in the minds of US and other citizens worldwide that the bioweapons were going to be mandatory was another psyop against the public.

All governments on the planet are at war with their citizenry. These battles, in many instances, are silent ones — covert psychological actions — that seek to wear down the collective psyche of the masses to ultimately make the average person believe there is no hope, and it’s pointless to challenge the governing power structures where they reside.

In the United States, people were always going to have the legal right to opt-out of taking the vaccines. There was never any legal debate about that fact. It is illegal for the US government to mandate its citizens receive EUA drugs of any nature — including gene-altering vaccines.

Governments worldwide knew that the vaccines could not and would not be made mandatory. Did they let their citizens know this fact? No, of course not. The world’s governments wanted to place an extreme amount of mental stress on the public they manage for a world governing construct. The world’s governments wanted people to feel hopeless and voluntarily take untested, unsafe bioweapons while believing the entire time that the medicinal products would eventually be made mandatory. The whole operation was a psychological ploy designed to break the will of the average citizen.

From day one of the fake virus’s announcement, governments worldwide have had one primary objective — to get as many fools as possible to receive the COVID-19 jabs. That goal and ultimate objective remain unchanged.

Do not take the vaccines!


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The 10 Stages of Genocide (We Are In Stages 8-10)

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Dr. John Reizer

I think it is important for people to understand that humanity is presently in a war against an invisible enemy — a world governing construct that has been in existence for a lengthy period and has been systematically calculating and plotting the events that are now unfolding globally.

Humanity is witnessing the final stages of its own demise. A genocidal plot to cull the global population is in motion, and unless something pretty miraculous transpires — a lot of our population is going to disappear.

For years people have debated whether the machinations described above were conspiracy theories or plausible future happenings. It’s pretty evident to anyone awake that the conspiracy theorists were right. The New World Order is here, and that statement cannot be considered a conspiracy theory any longer!

The 10 stages of Genocide created by an American scholar, Gregory H. Stanton, are listed below:

  1. Classification
  2. Symbolization
  3. Discrimination
  4. Dehumanization
  5. Organization
  6. Polarization
  7. Preparation
  8. Persecution
  9. Extermination
  10. Denial

Internet video personality Henna Maria brilliantly discusses the various stages above and ties them into the current world plandemic — a genocidal plot to cull the human population. I believe we are somewhere between stages 8-10.


The Target List Movie is Coming to Amazon Prime This Summer

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021.

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Online Personalities Claiming they Understand What’s Happening in Washington, DC are Providing Disinformation! — (Mike Adams)

Dr. John Reizer

I include an interesting audio broadcast by Mike Adams discussing the tremendous military presence in Washington, DC. Mike believes that the nation’s capital is preparing for war against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

His take on the number of military troops occupying Washington is much different than what has been reported by other online personalities. He claims there are no online personalities that know what is truly about to go down.

Mike also believes that the popular online personalities aligned with the Q movement are CIA operatives. He believes they have been purposely disseminating disinformation about Donald Trump being sworn back into the office of POTUS on inauguration day.

I am also one of those online personalities that have no idea of what is happening concerning Washington, DC. I offer this audio presentation by Mike Adams for your review to get still another perspective. These are truly crazy times.



In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021.


The Target List is an action-thriller feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer and is based on the novel, The Target List by John Reizer.

The Pilot Movie is a shorter version of the full feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer.

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Directed by — Andrew Arguello and MJ Palo

First Assistant Director — Gregory Klino

Producer — MJ Palo

Executive Producer — John Reizer

Co-Executive Producers — Ryan BishopDavid R. DavisLisa HakesJames Richardson, and Robyn Richardson

Written by — MJ Palo and John Reizer

Cinematographer — Andrew Arguello

Editor — Andrew Arguello

Casting by — Justine Reyes

Production Assistant — Jennifer Bunn

Key Grip — Chris Casaceli

Gaffer — Max Georgeson

First Assistant Camera — Kellie Sasso

Production Staff — M.P. Poole

Special thanks — Louise Neufeld


The Target List movie will be released in the summer of 2021 on Amazon Prime and other viewing platforms.

The Target List is a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller feature screenplay that uniquely combines the exciting elements and drama found in the hit films COMA and JACK REACHER.

It has a strong female protagonist and a cast of intriguing characters that provide nonstop action, dramatic effect, and the ability to drive the storyline towards a twist-ending. The Target List deals with the subject of cancer eradication and will be embraced by a broad audience that will instantly resonate with the many emotional elements associated with society’s ongoing battle to maintain health in the ever-increasing presence of new diseases.

The limited-location and limited-character setting allow a low-budget production. However, The Target List still belongs to the multi-million-dollar Hollywood action niche that is always looking for the next blockbuster and takes the audience on a 90-minute emotional and entertaining journey that leaves them yearning for a sequel.

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The Wars on All Things are Controlling and Profitable Enterprises

By Dr. John L. Reizer

When the few who control the many have something that makes them tons of money, they often use the phrase, “The War on Something”  to describe that particular cash cow.

Maybe you are wondering what I am talking about? Let me try to clarify what is currently happening. I am sure you have heard about some of the following wars presently being fought in the world:

The War on AIDS

The War on Autism

The War on Cancer

The War on Covid-19

The War on Childhood Diseases

The War on Diabetes

The war on Drugs

The War on EBOLA

The War on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The War on Hypothyroidism

The War on Leukemia

The War on Lupus

The War on Nicotine

The War on Parkinson’s

The War on Rheumatoid Arthritis

The War on Terror

I could sit here and provide similar examples, but I think you get the point I am trying to make.

All the wars referenced above have one thing in common with one another. The disease or enemy combatant being dealt with in each instance will never be defeated.

The wars that have to do with medical or disease-related battles exist within the protected domain of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. They own and operate the legal drug racket and are more commonly known as “Big Pharma.”

Big pharma directly or indirectly funds all research projects that have to do with eradicating human and animal diseases. None of that research is being performed in the spirit of finding cures for specific conditions. The studies are being carried out only to develop more ways to manage the symptoms associated with these intellectual properties. In other words, the research is being used to create more synthetic drugs that can manage diseases indefinitely while keeping cures far away from healthcare consumers who desperately need them. The remedies to different conditions are being kept under lock and key so that pharmaceutical profits remain robust.

There have never been any diseases cured within the field of traditional medicine. And don’t tell me that Polio and Small Pox have been eradicated because it’s not true and those erroneous claims are predicated on fraudulent statistical reporting; the same types of statistical fraud are transpiring presently concerning Covid-19.

Instead, we see a long list of make-believe wars against various patented diseases that are regularly promoted to keep drug profits soaring and compromised patients dependent on toxic products that ultimately make them even sicker than they were before commencing care.

Concerning the War on Terror, the same predictable patterns can be observed again and again. Anything that has to do with fighting terrorists falls under the protected domain of the military-industrial complex.

It’s nearly impossible to defeat an enemy combatant that can never be located. The ridiculous charade of pretending to fight mobile terrorists, that can be moved to any strategic province the powers that be want to invade, is an ongoing theme. Using this fictitious narrative, failure to defeat an enemy is assured, and long, lengthy wars are guaranteed.

Don’t you find it incredibly bizarre that there have been no acts of terror committed by crazy terrorist groups the entire time the coronavirus hoax has been taking place? Are we really supposed to believe the crazy terrorist groups that allegedly exist and regularly commit shootings and bombings worldwide have stopped carrying out their mischief and mayhem because they are obeying self-isolation and social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC? These are the same terrorists claimed by officialdom to be suicide bombers that have no concern for their lives. Are they on holiday, or is state-sponsored terrorism suspended until the coming vaccine is up and running?

The Wars on all things are controlling, and profitable business enterprises and the powerful bloodlines who control the world’s business will make sure new wars are always taking place on this planet, even if they have to literally create a novel coronavirus out of thin air.

There Will Never be Peace or Health on Earth


By Truth Teller

Washington, DC – Most of the people who read this website and others like it are probably well aware of the words, Military Industrial Complex (MIC). It’s a rather huge octopus that has far reaching tentacles extending all over the place. In reality there are a lot more than eight tentacles attached to this beast, but I chose the octopus analogy because I wanted to create for readers a familiar looking picture they can easily relate to when thinking about the content I have written in this post.

The MIC includes the US Armed Services, the technology sectors that support those entities, and an incredibly long list of corporations that have either direct or indirect ties to the main organism. It would be brutally boring for readers to peruse through such a list and extremely torturous for your author to attempt to assemble it. You will just have to take my word for it when I write that the number of corporations that are linked in some way to the MIC is enormous.

The MIC is a major component of American society and if it ever ceased to exist, American infrastructure and our money markets would collapse immediately. It is for this reason alone that we are absolutely guaranteed to never see any semblance of peace on this planet.

The MIC requires a constant number of villains in order to validate its existence. Enemies like Russia, Iran, Syria, China, and North Korea are the major ones, but there are others that can be inserted onto the game-board when the powers that be feel the need to do so.

There’s no amount of political negotiating or diplomacy that can ultimately ease the tensions between the United States and certain countries designated to be enemies by the MIC.

Future summits/meetings can be planned between President Trump and Vladimir Putin from now until the end of time.  The MIC will make damn sure that hostilities still exist between our two countries. The same goes for North Korea. Do you think the MIC wants peace between the US and North Korea? Do you think they want to close down the military bases in that or any other region of the world?  The answer is no.

Just like the MIC, there exists another powerful construct with far reaching tentacles. The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex (PIC) is another giant octopus that has its arms in the corporate structure of healthcare facilities, medical companies, universities, research facilities and so on. It too relies on a constant list of villains in order to validate its existence. Within this model the enemies are not foreign countries, they’re individual diseases that have been named and categorized by the World Health Organization.

The classification and categorization of made up diseases is necessary in order to create a never ending list of vaccines and medicinal concoctions that can be patented and profited from. These products are toxic and keep people in a weakened state of existence. And just like the MIC will never allow peace in the world, the PIC will never permit the eradication of any diseases. It’s just too damn profitable to manage sick people in hospital facilities from now until the end of time. It’s also an integral part of the plan that’s been implemented by the powers that be against humanity.

So the sad truth remains unchanged; there can never be peace or good health in our world because the MIC and PIC will not permit it. As long as these gigantic constructs remain in existence, and I just don’t see either of them leaving the scene anytime soon, we will always have a constant threat of new wars and diseases. And we will all be able to conveniently learn about them each day as they are reported on by the fake news companies that are also assets owned by the the same octopi.