Greenville, SC Abortion Protest on June 25th

Dr. John Reizer

The announcement about Roe v. Wade being overturned by the SCOTUS was purposely made on a Friday afternoon.

Weekends are a convenient time for national protests to occur. It’s a time when people are off from work and available to make fools of themselves in public, and give the controlling powers the demonstrations they desire. Mission accomplished!

People in America took part in protests Saturday and more are expected on Sunday. The same people that passed each other peacefully on the streets a day earlier were standing on opposite sides of the street on Saturday screaming at one another over a very polarizing issue, to say the least.

Unfortunately, most of the protesters didn’t realize they were being played, yet again, by a government conducting a psyop.

Roe v. Wade wasn’t overturned to save the lives of unborn children. It was overturned to obfuscate the fact that millions of men and women have been sterilized by the COVID-19 vaccines and as a result of those sterilizations, national abortion statistics are about to plummet like never before.

The reversal of this longstanding legal decision by the SCOTUS will give Americans a plausible reason why abortion numbers will nosedive in the months and years forthcoming.

Abortions are about to become illegal in many states within the Union. The outlawing of abortions will be cited as the reason for the decline in said procedures.

If Roe v. Wade was not overturned, how could the American government explain to its citizens the decrease in abortion numbers nationwide?

Many people would undoubtedly connect the dots, and deduce that the COVID vaccines sterilized men and women.

What is presented as a noble move by the American government to protect and save the unborn, is instead nothing more than a clever way of hiding the presence of a global vaccine agenda.

In my community, the protests were going strong as demonstrated in the video below, courtesy of a local news affiliate.

Roe v. Wade Protest in Greenville, SC


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2 thoughts on “Greenville, SC Abortion Protest on June 25th

  1. lhakes12 June 26, 2022 / 8:21 am

    Hundreds have rallied over the weekend in large protests in the liberal cities of Milwaukee and Madison in my state of Wisconsin. And although there are many liberals in those cities, the rest of the state is mostly conservatives. I live in a very conservative city myself.
    And in my county, the police wouldn’t even respond to any reports of people not wearing masks during the mask mandate.
    That was a big plus at the time!

    However, John, I have not seen any videos here yet of violence taking place like in South Carolina. Although the protests are not over by a long shot.

    And I think in addition to the controlling powers wanting to keep the sterilization factor of the vaccines hidden and deep down in the dark in abortion statistics, I also think that they want to create more havoc and division amongst the people. It is another big distraction away from what is coming down the road. The next thing you know it will be the vaccinated against the unvaccinated again.

    It is as though people are being prompted and brainwashed to throw punches at one another. This fiasco is creating distrust between people. And people’s emotions are becoming riled. It sets the stage for more fear mongering!


    • Dr. John Reizer June 26, 2022 / 10:52 am

      I agree with you, Lisa. Divisive activity amongst the public is always coveted by the controlling powers. There are many strategic things accomplished when governments run psyops and dividing the public is only one of them.


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