Are You Arguing With Loved Ones Over Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Dr. John Reizer

Recently, a friend asked me to write a letter to her 85-year-old father because he had decided to receive the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Despite repeated conversations with her dad, my friend could not convince her loved one to change his mind.

I wrote a letter and e-mailed it to this man. At the request of my friend, I am publishing a generic form of the document below. Perhaps the letter might be able to help other people facing a similar dilemma — relatives that might be on the fence about the vaccines or who have decided to get jabbed.

Please feel free to use or modify the content below to communicate with someone you care about who might be making a serious mistake concerning the decision to receive the untested, unsafe, experimental vaccines that have been rolled out by different governments worldwide.


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you because your daughter asked me to do so as a personal favor to her.

She is concerned that you are about to make a grave mistake by taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

I am a licensed healthcare professional who has studied the COVID-19 subject for over 14 months. I will give you the same advice I have given my dad, wife, daughter, and anyone else who I care for and don’t want to be harmed — don’t take the vaccine! It is a dangerous, untested, unsafe, experimental drug that has already harmed and killed many people worldwide.

You can certainly ignore my advice and delete this email. It’s your prerogative to do so. But, I implore you to do a little more research on the subject before making a decision you will be unable to reverse.

For more information, visit my website,, and read through some of my articles on the vaccine and the coronavirus.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.


Dr. John Reizer


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11 thoughts on “Are You Arguing With Loved Ones Over Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccines?

  1. Sonja March 2, 2021 / 10:29 am

    My sister is trying to talk our elderly mother into getting the shot. She’s using all the psychological manipulations in the book! But mama is on the fence and, thanx to my efforts, is leaning my way. Maybe your letter will push her on over. She has such blind trust in doctors, her doctor being an evil covidian vaccine-pushing monster, maybe she’ll listen to you. Thanx

    • NoFakeNews March 2, 2021 / 11:21 am

      I hope the letter helps, Sonja! 🙂
      Dr. Reizer

  2. sandy edwards March 2, 2021 / 10:39 am

    Dr. Reizer, Thanks for posting this. I have lost lifelong friends and just about everyone that I was close with over this issue. I thought I was helping by telling them the truth but I guess I was just interfering with their own personal choice. I have given up on trying to change minds and find myself feeling alone with very few people to discuss this with. I hope others here have better luck than I if they decide to continue changing minds.

    I believe our next big problem is going to come when most have taken the vaccine and start to turn on us and demonize us. I wonder how much longer before more people start getting sick and dying? They may let us go thru spring break and summer if we’re lucky.

    I hate to hear you’re backing off the site some but completely understand. I know how busy you are and am happy things are going so well for you. Sandy

    • NoFakeNews March 2, 2021 / 11:29 am

      You are welcome, Sandy! I hope the letter can be of help to others.

      I will still be fully involved with the website and writing content every week. I just might not be able to produce multiple articles every day or in some cases, I may only post short pieces or rely on others to help me out on certain days until after April 12th.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sandy. 😀

      Dr. Reizer

    • Sonja March 2, 2021 / 12:24 pm

      I suspect that when the majority has gotten their vaccines, they will either henceforth become sick, dead, or know someone who has wound up as such. We wont be demons then. Im not worried.

    • tim March 2, 2021 / 1:05 pm

      So sorry your going through that Sandy. I think we all have similar stories.
      But don’t feel alone, I’m a good listener if you need a shoulder to lean on.
      And I don’t think we should ever tire of telling the truth, while at the same time reminding myself that I can’t make them drink it.
      And anyone who goes against the grain (1%) will be demonized. Been that way from the beginning. Didn’t they kill a guy because he said the earth is NOT the center of the universe ?
      Tesla was demonized so now we pay for power, etc. Look at all the lives the 1% have taken from the Kennedy’s to Martin Lurther King Jr. and on and on. They even turn (demonize) on their own kind or their own kin, (ie: the queen, Harry and what’s her name ? )
      Doctor Judy said that millions are going to die from these injections. Millions. And then they are going to blame, covid or some other fake virus.
      The first part of James ch 1 teaches us that we are complete and whole within ourselves, not needing anyone or anything to make us whole, because we are already as such. I kinda like that, knowing all I need is within me. Everyone looks for answers outside of themselves when the whole time the answers are within them. But it sure does hurt some anyway when you lose a loved one to a fake virus. or to congnitive dissonance, either way it hurts just the same.
      I have to also remind myself that I’m not here to rescue the world. That’s not my responsibility or my job. Then I let go and let God.
      Hope you have an awesome week filled with love, peace, joy and lots of laughter. I love watching the comedy shows on Hulu. Makes me laugh all day long.
      tim 🙂

  3. Kevin Skibbens March 2, 2021 / 12:04 pm

    I too have loved ones that have decided to take the experimental treatment. The second treatment put both them on their backs. Symptoms of poisoning where more than evident from hown their bodies reacted Within a day they were suddenly better and believe the “vaccine” did what it is was supposed to do. Build antibodies. In my past experiences I would have noted that as a severe reaction to the injection and recommend that no further use occur.
    I for one, hope they are correct and I’m caught up in the controversy of it a rush to market. My intuition says differently. All I can do now if hope and pray for the best. I must say it was disheartening after a long discussion about the dangers.

    • NoFakeNews March 2, 2021 / 3:48 pm

      Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your thoughts on the website. I greatly appreciate your feedback and participation here.

      We will continue to try and educate those who wish to be educated and hope for the best for those people who choose not to listen to what we believe is a more realistic presentation of the truth. 🙂

      Dr. Reizer

  4. Lisa March 2, 2021 / 1:11 pm

    I have heard that some of my relatives have already received both of their shots. It is very saddening to think of what happen to them in the coming months. I do still work to dissuade some friends and family. But you can only say so much.

    They also tend to not want to read anything you put in front of them. It disrupts their cognitive dissonance. It is too painful for them! And even if they will agree to read or listen to something, their minds will deny it.

    My immediate family listens to me better. They may not listen to me about the mask wearing or believe me when I say covid is a falsehood, but I have gotten them to think twice about the vaccines.

    My eldest son says he will not get the vaccine. Neither will my siblings. I do not think that my daughter will either. But I worry sometimes! Anyone who is close enough to my family and knows my autistic (vaccine -injured) son, are hesitant to get the shot. They may not even completely believe me when I say that he is vaccine-injured. But I have created enough doubt in their minds about the realism of autism, and I have created doubt in their minds about vaccines in general.
    They are witnesses to the terrible behaviors vaccines can create, whether they fully believe it or not.

    My biggest fears are more down road, when our very survival may depend upon us getting the covid vaccine whether we want to or not. I just hope that it will be a long road!

    And as always, John, you are concerned and thoughtful in thinking about others.
    Your friend must be grateful to you, as all of us always are.

    Lisa 🙂

    • NoFakeNews March 2, 2021 / 3:41 pm

      Thank you, Lisa, for your thoughts and kind words. I hope that my letter might be helpful to some people out there experiencing frustration when trying to express concerns about the shots to family and friends. 🙂


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