Face Masks, Decreased Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide Build-up – What’s the Truth?

Dr. John Reizer

There have been plenty of controversial articles written about the subject of wearing face masks to protect against the nonexistent sars-cov-2 virus that has yet to be isolated in totality from an animal or human host.

Because the virus has yet to be isolated, there’s no way to know the alleged COVID-19 virus’s size. Most coronaviruses are reported to be between 70-90 nanometers in diameter, while an oxygen molecule has a diameter of approximately 0.299 nanometers.

It’s been reported by mainstream media fact-checkers that the openings in the materials of most face masks are large enough to let in life-sustaining oxygen and to allow for the rapid escape of life-threatening carbon dioxide build-up.

Surgeons and medical personnel wear masks for extended periods of time and are reported to function just fine from a physiological perspective.

So what’s the truth? Are the face masks safe to wear?

In a word…no!

I tried a little experiment and wore a face mask today for about an hour. I noticed the sensation of being short of breath, and I developed a mild headache. After sixty minutes, I removed the mask, and the symptoms disappeared.

There have been no long term studies performed that I have seen that demonstrate one way or another if health professionals suffer brain and cognitive impairments from covering up their mouths and noses with face masks. Do brain cells die from the regular practice of wearing a face mask, causing some healthcare practitioners to suffer from dementia? Are physicians killing their brain cells by wearing face masks?

I think that there is a good possibility that medical doctors and other healthcare professionals are harming themselves by lowering the oxygen saturation levels in their bodies.

According to an article written in Medscape, cognitive impairment in older physicians may be widespread! “Between 5% to 10% of the population aged 65 years or older has dementia, and approximately 80,000 physicians aged 65 years or older are active in patient care. Therefore, according to the study, as many as 8,000 physicians may have dementia.”

Another article was written in HCP Live that discusses the high incidence of medical physicians suffering from dementia-related diseases.

With so many doctors suffering from dementia or other brain impairment-related diseases, how can we be sure that the problems are not coming from wearing face masks? The answer is we cannot be sure. There’s evidence out there that these doctors are harming themselves by wearing masks and don’t realize what they’re doing to their brains.

Hypercapnia is caused by carbon dioxide poisoning in the blood. It can cause people to feel short of breath, have headaches, seizures, muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, and death.

I found online a statement from a representative who worked for the CDC who stated the following:

“The CO2 will slowly build up in the mask over time. However, the level of CO2 likely to build up in the mask is mostly tolerable to people exposed to it. You might get a headache but you most likely would not suffer the symptoms observed at much higher levels of CO2. The mask can become uncomfortable for a variety of reasons including sensitivity to CO2 and the person will be motivated to remove the mask. It is unlikely that wearing a mask will cause hypercapnia.”

The CDC representative is admitting that the face masks people wear will cause a build-up of carbon dioxide. The build-up of the toxic gas is enough to create symptoms, which by definition is the condition hypercapnia.

Watch the video below:

It’s important to remember that the sars-cov-2 virus is not real. Because this is a scientific fact, a face mask can’t protect any person from COVID-19. The only question that has yet to be answered is whether or not the face masks are causing people physiological distress. My educated guess is that they are!


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— Dr. Reizer

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3 thoughts on “Face Masks, Decreased Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide Build-up – What’s the Truth?

  1. Lisa February 3, 2021 / 1:39 pm

    John, the statistics about physicians and dementia is astounding. And after watching that clip with the firefighter testing all those different types of masks, it would be hard not to think that the deprived oxygen these doctors experience is not the reason for their decline in mental capabilities in their late years.

    The evil controlling powers truly knew what they were doing when they decided we would all wear masks!

    Today, I needed to pick up my dog’s seizure medication at Costco in the nearby town of Grafton, WI, again. They are getting more strict with the mask-wearing all the time. I wear the mask past the door guard but then take it off. I expect to get caught at some point in this store, but I like to get away with it for as long as possible. I do comply when caught because I must get the medication.

    This Costco store now has their employees report to a manager if they see someone not wearing a mask. This manager headed straight to me and asked me if I had a mask. I put it on. But then, as he turned away to go back the way he came (he found his target), I commented that there was no virus. He slightly turned his head back as if he heard me.

    I picked up the medication and needed to check out the few other items I had. There were a couple of customers ahead of me in line. But someone came over and scanned my items first. Then another cashier line opened, and I was asked to come over and finish checking out.
    I do not know. Either they are very efficient, or they wanted me out of here, quick!
    Maybe they were afraid I was packing a pistol in my purse (lol), or they simply were afraid I would take off that mask again.

    (I do not any problems not wearing my mask in my own town at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, or anywhere else where I live. Thank goodness!)

    This Costco store is located across the street from the Medical Center, where that pharmacist (I had mentioned before) left all those vaccines out of the refrigerator to become spoiled. He was arrested for this.
    He believed the vaccines would harm people. Imagine that!

    I have an update on that. The authorities claim that this pharmacist believes that the earth is flat, and the sky was ” a shield put up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing god.”

    I do not know. It sounds to me like they want to make this man sound crazy and discredit him.

    When I wrote my own book, Subtle Sabotage”, stating that vaccines were poisonous. It did occur to me that maybe someone would try to discredit me by digging into my past of alcoholism.
    I then decided it might be a good idea to expose myself. It is better to tell the story yourself than have someone making up stories about you!

    Speaking of my book.

    John, I was very excited to see the information you posted as to how it was doing on Amazon. Thank you for that. I did not know. I do not know how to view that information. I did click on what you had there.

    I only know how to view my reports. But I will gladly take your word for it!
    Again, I very much appreciate your assistance.


    • NoFakeNews February 3, 2021 / 1:57 pm

      Hi Lisa,
      The mask police are everywhere these days. I have heard from others that Costco seems to be very determined to suffocate their customers — more so than other stores. I don’t shop there anymore, but understand that you have special products you can only fill there. You do in life what you must to survive and do not owe anyone an explanation. 🙂

      Your book is doing well on the Amazon charts for the Top 100 free books in those categories. You should be proud of your accomplishment. The book is well done!

      I know how hard it is to get others to read and support a creative project. The visitors to this website are awesome and have supported my writings for years. I am only too happy to help fellow artists that have important messages for the public to get noticed for their professional efforts.

      Keep up the good work! 🙂


      • Lisa February 3, 2021 / 2:23 pm


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