Why We Can’t Trust Official Sources

Dr. John Reizer

Many years ago, I became enamored with the US Space program and, more specifically, the various missions associated with NASA. The more that I dug into this information, the more I became convinced that the human-crewed and unmanned missions that had been claimed to be successful operations might not have been.

Herein lies the problem with trusting officialdom — we don’t know for sure if what we are being fed from certain sources is reliable, somewhat reliable, or completely unreliable.

In looking over many of the public domain photographic catalogs available from NASA on government websites, I found many troubling issues — some of which I have previously written about in posts on NoFakeNews.

Image Credit: Mars Global Surveyor

Analysis: Norman Bryden – marssturctures.com

The photograph below came from the public domain images captured by the Mars Global Surveyor unmanned spacecraft that reportedly landed on the planet Mars. If you take a close and careful look at the photo of the Martian surface, a few disturbing details become very apparent to anyone performing a visual inspection of the image.

In the middle of the image, there exists what looks to be a building or home with an A-frame roof. There also appears to be a wrap-around driveway and road. To the house’s right at about 1:00 in position, there exists in the photo what appears to be a doppler weather tower – an elongated column with a ball sitting atop the structure.



How is it possible that NASA could have captured these images on this and other photographs like it and never reported the findings to American taxpayers? How is it possible that NASA and the US Space Agency have publicly stated Mars is a desert terrain with no intelligent life signs?

Was this photograph taken by Mars Global Surveyor on Mars or Earth? Was this photograph photoshopped, digitally altered, or obfuscated by someone in the government? If it was changed or obfuscated in any way whatsoever, it was not done so by people outside of the space agency because the photograph came from the public domain photographic catalogs supplied by NASA.

The photograph above causes me grave concerns about the legitimacy of the entire space program. In looking over many NASA photographs of the planet Mars and Earth’s Moon, I have found plenty of evidence that would suggest intelligently built structures exist on these celestial bodies. Are the photographic images genuine recordings of what exists on these alien worlds, or are they photoshopped by people working for the space agency? I don’t know the answer to many of these questions. I can only write about and report what objects appear in the photographs.

Suppose we cannot trust official sources about the integrity of the space agency and the scientific accomplishments that have been reported for decades. How can we trust the information they have been saying about infectious diseases, medicine, vaccines, and the current world pandemic? In short, we cannot trust them because they have a long history of lying to American citizens about many things.


We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



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Mega Structures On The Moon Captured by Earth Based Telescope


By Dr. John Reizer

This is a pretty incredible video of what appears to be mega sized structures on our moon. The thing that makes this video quite interesting is that it examines and dissects photos of the moon that were taken by telescopes here on earth and from independent astronomers.

None of the photos showing these buildings were taken by NASA or any other government agencies. In my opinion, this makes them very special.

In addition to being special, anyone with a similar telescope should be able to verify that all these structures are actually present. Have a look at the video below to see what you think.


Click on links below to see clear images of moon structures:




What’s Really Happening on the Earth’s Moon?

By Gina Flores


Picture # 1 below (left) was captured from the NASA/ Department of Navy – Clementine website in January, 2010. The coordinates for the photo were set at -70 degrees Latitude and 137 Longitude. Notice the obfuscated/smudged building that is located at the top of the main crater area.

Picture # 2 below (right) was captured from the NASA/Department of Navy – Clementine website on February 25, 2017. The coordinates were set at -70 degrees Latitude and 137 Longitude. Notice that the building visible in picture # 1 has been sanitized and is no longer visible.

The powers that be that oversee NASA and other Intelligence Agencies are not allowing the American public and other sovereign territories worldwide to see what is really on the surface of our moon.

What exactly are they hiding?

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Certain Comments Not Published Here About Mars and the Moon

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

During the past few weeks I have received a number of comments from readers that were very critical of the writings I have authored relating to my position that there is intelligent life on the planet Mars and our moon. In almost all of the comments there were inappropriate words used by posters.

I have previously written on this forum that I will publish any comment from readers regardless of whether or not they agree with my position on a particular subject. I will not, however publish any comment that has vulgar or obscene language attached to it. I will not bother to edit or remove the obscene words. I will simply not publish the comment.

Posters should not write threatening or obscene comments on this website and expect to see them approved for publication. I refuse to give anyone that authors junk commentary the time of day or publication exposure that has been reserved for visitors that can argue a point in a civilized and decent manner.

The comments I excluded were critical of the photographic evidence I have referenced, demonstrating life on mars and the moon. The posters believe the photos are not credible. The posters believe the photos I regularly refer to proving life exists at these alien locations have been photoshopped or attenuated by NASA and other sources.

Let me address this issue right now and clarify my position in this article. I am not basing my opinions on anything other than photographs that are coming from Mars Global Surveyor, Viking, Clementine (Lunar buildings and bases) and other catalogs that are generated from NASA and remain in the public domain. Please do not make the mistake of confusing these materials with photoshopped presentations from unknown sources. These photographs have been accessed by visiting NASA websites and readers can click on them to visit the original source photos on the actual government websites. It doesn’t get anymore authentic than that!

The sources I just wrote about are the only places I know where you can seriously research this subject. Based on the details in the images, I believe they are extremely legitimate photographs.

I have provided serious evidence. My articles and opinions have always been based on official government/NASA photos I have reviewed and not on a desire to mislead visitors away from conventional paradigms. The pictures speak a thousand words.

I have not made any misleading statements in my writings. I have written on more than one occasion that NASA obfuscates/hides evidence of life on Mars and  the moon. The photographic evidence in the public domain backs up my position.

NASA’s Orion Not Going to Mars Anytime Soon!

By Dr. John L Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

On Friday, December 5, 2014 NASA launched the Orion Spacecraft into the heavens and proclaimed to the world that it had officially set its cross hairs on the planet Mars.

People watching the live telecast on the mainstream media networks might have thought the spacecraft was actually heading to Mars on December 5. The caption printed on the television screen read, “Mission to Mars” as the large and impressive looking rocket was visible in the background.

The truth be told, Orion was not going anywhere close to Mars. It was launched into the sky without any humans on-board and then entered a relatively low earth orbit (LEO) before splashing down safely 600 miles off the coast of Baja, California.

According to the space agency, Orion was loaded with sensitive instrumentation that was recording information about radiation impacting the inside of the space capsule. The same space capsule where live astronauts would be potentially situated in future flights.

The US Space Agency faces an impossible task in launching live astronauts to Mars or any other celestial body that exists in our universe. In order to deliver astronauts to Mars, a rocket must pass through the Van Allen Belts. The Van Allen Belts exist over 60,000 kilometers above the surface of the earth. They protect the planet and life on earth from harmful cosmic radiation. They also form an impenetrable barrier to manned spaceships being launched from any countries or provinces on this planet.

No human beings could possibly survive passage through the Van Allen Belts. It is an impossible journey and NASA is well aware of the dangers its astronauts would face should they be foolish enough to place a space capsule in an orbit that is anything other than a low earth orbit.

This is the same space agency that claims it sent Apollo astronauts to the moon in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. How did NASA manage to get its Apollo space ships and astronauts through the Van Allen Belts 45 years ago with aluminum and steel constructed space capsules? The inferior technology and space suits used in the Apollo program would have never protected human life passing through the intense radiation belts that completely surround earth. I would challenge any NASA officials suggesting that the Apollo Astronauts were well protected during their journeys to the moon to wear one of the Apollo space garments, and then tour the insides of the Nuclear reactors at Chernobyl or Fukushima, Japan. Good luck with that challenge.

The Space Shuttle program that was brought to fruition by NASA in the 1970’s was designed exclusively to study and defeat the Van Allen Belts and the problems they produced for manned space missions. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing!

Since the last Apollo mission to the moon in 1972, no human beings from any countries have attempted to tangle with the earth’s radioactive barriers that extend well into the heavens.

Think we went to the moon with Apollo? Think again!

Orion is slated to visit the planet Mars in the 2030’s. Are you kidding me? I guess NASA figures it will solve the radiation belts by that time? I don’t think they will.

Here’s an idea, NASA: How about visiting the moon again? It’s so much closer than Mars and you claim we have already been there a few times.

The moon is probably the most strategic piece of real estate in the entire universe to occupy as far as keeping a close watch on earth. From a military perspective, it would be the best place to watch our planet and any enemies of the United States of America. There are, undoubtedly, military people champing at the bit to get territorial rights to our lunar satellite. Why wouldn’t NASA want to revisit the moon? The answer is simple! In order to get to the moon, humans have to pass through the Van Allen Belts. NASA couldn’t do this in 1969 and they cannot do it in 2014.

In 1994, NASA and the Department of Defense thoroughly mapped the entire moon with Clementine. The pictures they uncovered were pretty amazing according to the mission specialists involved with the project. Click here to see one of the large buildings the unmanned Clementine probe photographed on the surface of the moon.

Who are the real lunatics?  Is it the people that think the Apollo missions were the real deal or the people that think the moon shots were a complete and utter hoax?

What do you think about this subject?

NASA Releases Photos of Apollo Landing Sites

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


A number of readers have called my attention to photos that were taken and recently released by NASA of the landing sites for the various Apollo missions from the 60’s and 70’s. The photos in the link below were taken by a NASA probe that orbited the moon in 2011. The pictures have been described by some as being extraordinary with unbelievable clarity.

Visit this link to see the entire catalog of NASA photos showing the Apollo landing sites. 

In my opinion, the images are somewhat disappointing. I would have thought that NASA could have photographed the Apollo landing sites with a camera that revealed more detail and a closer view of the space equipment debris fields?

For example, click this link and take a look at a camera shot taken of a crowd of people in Canada. The high definition camera used to take this photo was incredible with regards to its capability of focusing in on a given subject within the picture. When you look at the crowd of people in the photo, move your cursor over an area of the crowd and keep clicking your mouse repeatedly to view the high definition capabilities of the camera.

I am sure that NASA has cameras on its probes that are technically equivalent or better in comparison to the camera that took the photo of the crowded street. Why is it that NASA cannot provide us with close up pictures of the Apollo sites on the moon? They obviously have the technologically advanced camera equipment to do this?

Next, take a look at the photo below. This photograph was recently taken by NASA. It shows the Apollo 17 landing site and what NASA claims are the astronauts’ foot prints that were left in the soft, lunar soil. They are the darker pathways visible in the photograph. You can also see the tire tracks that were made by the Lunar Rover vehicle(LRV). These tracks are the lighter ones in comparison to the astronauts’ footprints, but also quite visible in the photo. You will notice that the astronauts parked the LRV far away from the remains of the Lunar Module or the Lunar Descent Stage portion of the craft that was left behind when Apollo 17 returned to Earth. The location of the parked LRV is positioned about 4:00 near the edge of the photo. I have a question for NASA officials about the location of the parked LRV. How did the astronauts walk back to the Lunar Module after they parked the LRV so far away from the space craft? As you will clearly see in the photograph, there exists no footprints visible in the soft, lunar soil between the parked LRV and the Lunar Module?


Photo Credit: NASA

Click Picture to See Original Version on NASA Website

The images that have been provided by NASA, in my opinion, are not going to settle the issue, in the minds of many skeptics, about whether or not Apollo really reached the moon.

What do you think about this subject?

Made in China: Jade Rabbit Rover Heads to the Moon

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


On December 2, 2013, China launched a rocket into deep space that was carrying a lunar, robotic device designed to crawl along the moon’s surface. According to mainstream media sources, China’s lunar robot, Jade Rabbit, is somewhat similar to the models used by NASA to explore the planet Mars.

As is always the case with deep space journeys sponsored by the world’s space agencies, the missions are quite limited with respect to their intended objectives. What I mean by that last sentence is that any space missions that have the ultimate ambition of leaving the comfy confines of Low Earth Orbits (LEO’s) will most assuredly be unmanned expeditions. The reason for this fact is pretty damn obvious. Unfortunately, nobody in the mainstream media seems to have the guts or the editorial permissions to write about the truth regarding space exploration. The truth be told, every space agency in the world most likely lacks the technological capabilities to properly construct space ships that can protect astronauts from the dangers that are inherently present in deep space. This is why they continuously send robotic rovers to the moon and Mars instead of men.

If it were truly possible to send human beings through the Van Allen Belts into deep space where a plethora of lethal micrometeorites, cosmic rays, and other problems that constantly challenge the lives of astronauts exist, we would, undoubtedly, see such missions taking place on a regular basis. In fact, this is the exact reason we do not see manned missions in deep space.

Since the Apollo missions occurred in the late 60’s and early 70’s, there have been zero manned missions executed in deep space by any government space agencies. Why have there not been other missions to the moon? Are we supposed to believe that countries such as Russia and China have not had an interest in deep space travel?

The official lines of disinformation routinely thrown around by NASA that claim human beings had the technological capability to travel to the moon forty years ago and then decided it was too expensive to continue the practice is absolutely preposterous. In the last 40 years there has not been one mission by any country that has attempted to send an astronaut on a voyage that even orbited the moon. Sure, we sent men to the moon, a strategic military destination that overlooks Earth, and then decided we would never go back again. This makes perfect sense and should raise no eyebrows whatsoever.

Can you think of any technologies that have been achieved, discovered, invented, or come to fruition that have not been significantly advanced since their inception? Automobiles, telephones, televisions, airplanes, radios, computers, military weapons, video games, and any other technologies you can possibly think of have all been significantly improved and made more effective than when they were originally designed.

Whatever happened to NASA’s Lunar Module technology? Why haven’t we seen this piece of equipment improved and used in newer missions to the moon? And what about NASA’s space suit technology? Has it been improved to the point where it can actually protect astronauts from the hazards encountered in deep space? There are countless accusations by many people that claim the Apollo space suits were inadequately designed and quite incapable of protecting astronauts from cosmic radiation during the lunar missions. Why hasn’t NASA proved the effectiveness of these garments? They could easily settle the debate by allowing scientists to use the suits to protect workers that are currently attempting to clean up the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster? Certainly, a space suit that protected astronauts from deadly cosmic radiation on their way to the moon could be useful in protecting workers cleaning up a facility like Fukushima? Such a demonstration would go a long way in convincing skeptics about the effectiveness of the technology with respect to its ability to protect a person against radioactivity.

The fact that we continue to send robotic equipment instead of human beings on missions that venture past the Van Allen Belts is a telltale sign that man has probably never achieved successful deep space travel or been to the moon with Apollo.

What do you think about this subject?

The Rocket’s Red Glare…Probably Won’t Get You There!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 reizer3On November 19, 2013, I watched the Eastern Carolina skies with great anticipation as NASA launched an impressive Minotaur rocket into space that was carrying a record number of 29 satellites. As that rocket raced through the earth’s atmosphere, people along the East Coast of the United States from Maine to Florida, and as far inland as Kentucky and Tennessee, were able to see the spacecraft as it made its way into orbit. It was quite a spectacular show for many people that were not precluded from viewing the experience due to excessive cloud cover.

I have to admit that it was a very memorable moment for me, standing outside watching a rocket hurtling towards the heavens. It was the kind of event that you remember for the rest of your life.

Years ago, as a young child, I remember watching another spectacular event that became permanently etched in my mind. I remember watching Neil Armstrong on a live television feed originating from the moon. My eyes were glued to the TV screen as he descended the steps of the Lunar Module and firmly planted the first human foot print on our satellite. It was quite a memorable moment for many people all over the world.

Forty-four years later I find myself doubting the authenticity of this alleged achievement by our nation’s space agency. On numerous occasions I have read many opinions regarding the subject of a possible Apollo, moon hoax. For the longest time I never paid much attention to theories that cast doubt about the authenticity of NASA’s Apollo program. Not until 12 years ago did I come to the conclusion that America and its citizens had been, yet again, deceived by the powers that be.

It was shortly after September 11, 2001 when I first came across a unique book titled, Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-blowers. In my opinion, the authors, Mary Bennett and David S. Percy, performed a fantastic job in dissecting and pointing out countless anomalies within the pictures that had been supposedly taken by astronauts while visiting the moon. After reading this book over and over again, there was no other conclusion I could come to other than the fact that the Apollo moon pictures had obviously been filmed somewhere on earth.

Bennett and Percy went way beyond pointing out the errors that were captured on film that proved the lunar photographs were not created on the moon. The authors spent lengthy amounts of time interviewing the camera makers and film companies that supplied Apollo with their equipment. They methodically demonstrated how the film allegedly used on these missions could not and would not have worked in deep space let alone on the lunar surface.

I am not going to go through all 568 pages of the book’s text and photography in this article. I will leave that chore to my readers. I will write, however, that reading this monster is well worth your time if you have a true desire to know the truth about Apollo.

Bennett and Percy do not make the claim that astronauts never visited the moon. They do, however, lay out a most convincing argument that NASA never went to the moon via Apollo.

Perhaps the most convincing part of the authors’ argument against the integrity of Apollo was revealed through the mounds of information they provided in their book about rocket technology and the presence of deadly, cosmic radiation that exists throughout the parameters of deep space. They reported that in order to achieve deep space travel, human beings need constant protection from cosmic radiation and that the space suits that were worn in the late 60’s and early 70’s by our astronauts did not offer the adequate protection those human beings would have required on a journey to the moon. They also made an ironclad argument that the Apollo rocket technology could not have offered astronauts the protection that would have been necessary to survive deep space missions. Bennett and Percy maintain that Apollo and its “astronots” never left the lower portions of the Earth’s orbit. This is why, according to the authors, NASA prescribed the space shuttle missions for so many years.

NASA’s real goal with the space shuttle program was to, ultimately, study the Van Allen Belts that protect Earth and its astronauts in low earth orbits (LEO’s) from radiation. LEO’s are where the space shuttle and other missions in outer (inner) space are carried out by the American Space Agency. In LEO’s, astronauts and their spacecrafts are still, very much, protected from cosmic radiation. According to Bennett and Percy, the Van Allen Belts were still, in 1999, an obstacle that NASA had not managed to solve.

Finally, Bennett and Percy wrote in their book about spinning disk technologies. Their claim was that this method of travel was necessary to successfully carry out manned, deep space missions. The authors pointed out that the rapid turning of a disk shaped space craft would potentially create a magnetic shield around a particular spaceship and protect its occupants from deadly, cosmic radiation. The best example of this spinning disk technology at work, they explained, was our spinning Earth. Its constant spinning action creates an atmosphere and an environment that shields human beings and life on the planet from cosmic radiation.

Evidently, as far as the moon and deep space are concerned, rockets and their red glare won’t get you there. But those rockets sure are pretty to look at and quite successful in launching men into LEO’s and unmanned crafts into deep space.

What do you think about this subject?