Does Our Moon Prove that an Advanced Ancient Civilization Existed on Earth?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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In 1994, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (U.S. Navy) and NASA launched the spacecraft, Clementine in an effort to map and photograph the entire lunar surface. Clementine was considered by mission experts as a resounding success. The photographic map that was constructed through photography associated with the Clementine mission is available for review at the website

In previous articles appearing on, I wrote extensively about Clementine producing photographic evidence of artificial structures on the surface of the moon. I also wrote about how the photographic evidence in question had been intentionally obfuscated in such a way that the true design of the artificial structures could not be determined.

Moon Picture Clementine NASA

Photo Credit: DOD-NRL-NASA

One has to seriously wonder why the Department of the Navy and NASA would obfuscate photos yielded from a publicly funded mission to the moon. This question really becomes important now that it is apparent that those publicly funded photos revealed artificial structures on our moon. In 2004, J.P. Skipper ( wrote an extensive report about artificial structures that were visible on the Clementine website. Then in 2010, a new browser was placed into service on the Clementine website and the photographs that once demonstrated the artificial structures on the lunar surface were suddenly gone. The original images are no longer visible to people accessing the official Clementine website.

Are the structures/buildings on our moon the property of the United States government? Are these objects the property of an alien civilization that has had, for the longest time, the best seat in the cosmos to view Earth? Both questions are fair ones and the people of our planet deserve to know the truthful answers. But what if these structures are not the property of the United States or another country on Earth? What if these structures are not the property of an alien civilization that is watching us? Then we have to ask the questions: Who put them there? And why did they put them there?

Is it possible that these intelligently built objects are the remnants of an ancient civilization that once lived on the Earth? Is it possible that another technologically advanced group of beings from Earth traveled to the moon? Did these beings colonize our moon? Did they build cities and laboratories there? Is it possible that many different civilizations from our planet have visited the moon, over the span of millions of years, and left their intelligent designs on the lunar landscape?

Without the presence of an atmosphere, is it possible that buildings that are a hundred thousand years old would remain in good condition? How about if the buildings were a million years old or perhaps 100 million years old? Don’t forget, it is estimated that our planet is 4 or 5 billion years old. How many intelligent civilizations have lived on Earth?

If technologically advanced civilizations existed on our planet prior to the current human race, they would have, undoubtedly, visited the moon. Depending on how technologically advanced a given civilization might have become, they could have placed a spaceship or even a city on the moon. From the looks of the photographic evidence that was produced by Clementine, it is quite apparent that somebody very technologically advanced has been there.

Is it possible that the most precious secrets of Earth’s past civilizations are not buried on Earth, but rather on the moon above us?

What do you think about this subject?

The Mainstream Media’s Bait and Switch Techniques are Designed to Keep Us in the Box

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

reizer3It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly predictable the mainstream news companies have become when reporting on their fluff filled stories that attempt to misinform and deceive the public they are supposed to be serving.

On August 22, 2013, released an off world story that was picked up by Yahoo News. This particular piece was featured with the sensational title, “Astronaut Sees ‘UFO’ Near Space Station.” Really? Do you honestly believe the “lamestream” news companies would be allowed to release a story like that to the American public?

The title, in this situation, is the bait and when the reader (sucker) clicks on the link to view the article, they soon figure out that the “UFO” the astronaut supposedly saw was a piece of space garbage that happened to be floating by the International Space Station. And so the sensational title (the bait) is followed by a nonsense article (the switch) that has no real news content in it whatsoever. Why is this even being packaged and discussed as news? The answer is because it helps to keep people firmly planted within the parameters of conventional thinking. This type of garbage story assures readers that there is nothing of importance going on off world. Think again!

I am pretty sure there are plenty of real UFO’s passing by the astronauts and the International Space Station everyday. It is pretty obvious that the mainstream news companies and NASA are not going to report on the existence of these encounters. They would rather report on how an astronaut observed the passing by of space junk and related debris.

I challenge and NASA to seriously discuss the structures and buildings that exist on our moon and Mars. I challenge them to seriously discuss many of the photos that depict artificial structures on these foreign worlds. And I challenge our space agency to seriously discuss, in a public forum, the photographs that show evidence of intelligent life on other worlds that are currently on file on NASA’s own websites. These photos exist and the funny thing about them is that they are all in the public domain. They are available for public viewing, yet no one even pays attention to the evidence.

We are such a complacent and apathetic society that it is scary. Even when the evidence exists, we couldn’t care less about looking at it.

What do you think about this subject?

Public Domain Photos of the Moon and Mars: A Large Collection of Obfuscated Images

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


Since my early childhood, I have always wondered why we (the U.S. Space Agency) went to the moon, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and then abruptly pulled the plug on the Apollo program as well as any other campaigns that might have been planned to explore our nearest celestial neighbor.

The moon, without a doubt, is the most logical target for NASA to have its cross-hairs focused on. Completely within its reach, one would think our space agency would be overly ambitious to return to the lunar surface. The 6 manned, space missions to the moon the United States managed to pull off 40 years ago should have only scratched the surface of scientific curiosity. I am not exaggerating when I write that there are many scientists today that would love to have an opportunity to explore the moon’s surface. Let’s face facts, our satellite is an extraordinary object, and it’s strategically positioned to offer the best seat in the universe when it comes to keeping an eye on planet earth. For that reason alone, our military leaders are undoubtedly champing at the bit to have access to this lunar lookout.

Why, then, did we abandon all future plans to return to the moon? Some of the answers that have been offered by NASA are, “It’s too expensive” and “We’ve been there and accomplished that. The moon is a dead, rocky,  barren world and we don’t need to go back.” Those responses are almost laughable. When was the last time the U.S. government ever worried about spending too much money? For God’s sake, they print money, out of thin air, and bail out banks that are too big to fail like some people change their underwear. Besides the financial considerations, when was the last time our government invaded a strategic territory and then decided to withdraw from that location at a later date? The answer is never.

The truth about NASA and the U.S. government is that they have never lost their desire to return to the moon. We spent money sending the Clementine spacecraft there in 1994. The Clementine mission was designed to thoroughly photograph every nook and cranny of the lunar surface, and that it did. According to the government’s official website, “The mission results were spectacular.”

If our government really had no interest in returning to the “dead moon” then why did it bother to map the entire planetoid? When all those photos were being taken by Clementine, did the U.S. government see something so disturbing on our satellite that they made a decision to never return there again?

Researcher Joseph P. Skipper ( has compiled numerous photos, courtesy of NASA and JPL, which clearly show both the moon and planet Mars have artificial structures (buildings) on their respective surfaces. According to Skipper, NASA has been obfuscating images of the lunar and Martian surfaces for many years. The catalogs of photographs on his website, made exclusively from property released into the public domain by NASA, show huge buildings on our moon. The catalogs also contain numerous photographs clearly showing large buildings, cityscapes, lakes, rivers, vegetation, civilization evidence, and fossil remains on Mars.

The questions I have are not centered on whether there’s life on the moon or Mars. I would like to know who is on our moon and what type of civilization resides on Mars.

Recently, photos coming from Mars probes, that have been sent to photograph the Martian surface, have revealed pictures of what appear to be small mammals and lizards. There certainly seems to be a lot of strange things happening on both the moon and Mars. It would be wonderful, and a breath of fresh air, if we were one day permitted to view un-obfuscated photos of these foreign worlds that have been taken by our space agency. It should be mentioned that American taxpayers have funded all of these missions and the associated equipment that was used to create said photos in the first place.

It is one thing to make photos available in the public domain. It is quite another thing to make the photos available so that they accurately reflect what was captured at the locations where the pictures were taken. Enough already, NASA, with all the smudges, airbrushing, and computer generated obfuscation techniques you are creating.

What do you think about this subject?

The Moon: A Dead Planetoid or a Thriving Base for Extraterrestrials?

By Dr. John Reizer

For a very long time, human beings have been taught that our moon, the celestial object we’re all so accustomed to seeing overhead, is a dead and barren world devoid of any life whatsoever. According to our space agency (NASA), the Apollo missions of the 60’s and 70’s confirmed that the lunar surface was littered with nothing but useless moon rocks and dust.

Ordinary citizens can’t visit the moon and commercial telescopes, sold in stores, aren’t strong enough to offer contrary visual evidence that would dispute the official claims of our trusted sources.

In 1994, the Clementine spacecraft was sent to the moon to photograph the entire lunar surface. This was a joint venture between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (U.S. Navy) and NASA. The recorded photographs from that unmanned lunar mission were cataloged and made available as public domain documents. Those images can be accessed at the website,

The Clementine project proved to be an overwhelming success according to the Department of the Navy and NASA. The images were considered spectacular and helped the United States military have a much better understanding about many of the surface features of our only satellite.

On February 13, 2010, the military’s Clementine Lunar Browser (CLIB 1.5) was retired and replaced with a newer version (CLIB 2.0). The upgraded browser supposedly improved the viewing experience for people accessing the various images made available through the Clementine mission.

Under the original browser, a number of interesting lunar surface images were published on the Clementine website and they clearly demonstrated artificially constructed buildings and shapes. The photographs of these structures are undeniable. They were also obviously obfuscated (but not entirely) by someone that didn’t want the public to be made aware of such important evidence.

The newly updated (CLIB 2.0) software, that is active on the Clementine website, does not show any evidence of the previously visible artificial buildings and structures on the lunar surface. The new images have been thoroughly sanitized so that the public’s perception of the moon remains consistent with the false history of the planetoid we’ve been spoon-fed throughout our lives.

For those people that aren’t brainwashed and are capable of understanding the significance of the evidence originally presented via (CLIB 1.5), there’s no longer a need to question whether or not the moon is inhabited by intelligent beings. Instead, the question that needs to be answered is what or who resides on the lunar surface?

The fact that NASA has canceled or not planned any additional manned space missions to the moon, or to any other venue for that matter, speaks volumes about who might be occupying our moon. It’s obviously not human beings up there. But if it’s not human beings residing on the moon, then what type of alien civilization exists directly above us? Why has an alien civilization decided to build huge bases on our moon? Are they watching us? Are they studying our tendencies? How long have they been there and what are their intentions? Are these beings secretly involved with our planet, species, and governments? And, finally, is there anything we can do about it? Unfortunately, we’re going to have a very difficult time getting such questions answered.

The official sources that carefully control the release of space related information, science and other data are not permitted to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials on the moon or at any other celestial locations (Mars).

Everyday, average citizens are so consumed with earthly responsibilities that they’re not overly concerned with what’s happening on the moon. But maybe they should be concerned. Maybe we have been presented with such a false understanding of reality that when we are given a glimpse of the truth, it appears to us as science fiction. Perhaps, we can not recognize the truth?

What do you think?