People are asking me if I think Apollo 11 went to the Moon

I have had a handful of people email me, asking if I now believe Apollo 11 went to the moon. Come on folks, are you kidding? That’s like asking me if sars-cov-2 is real.

I wrote a short novel called The Blue Marble and the story is about Apollo 11 and the new Artemis program. In my story’s world, Apollo 11 does go to the moon. It’s a science fiction novel, people.

I do not believe that Apollo 11, nor any other NASA mission has ever ventured beyond low earth orbits. My beliefs cover both crewed and uncrewed missions.

Please read and enjoy the story but don’t ask me if I am switching gears in regards to the fake space program.


The Mainstream NASA Narrative Protected!

The video above is a rebuttal to the conspiracy theories suggesting we did not go to the moon. It is a mainstream production that tries to pull people back into the false narrative that we went to the Moon.

I think the strongest proof we never went to the Moon is NASA’s admission they could not go back to the Moon. NASA claimed they lost the technology to go back to the Moon. Now, the new Artemis missions are supposed to take humans back to the lunar surface in the next few years. I think NASA is lying.

I crafted my novella around the NASA claimed accomplishments and also on the new Artemis technology.

One person has already called my story “conspiracy theory fodder” even though the book is labeled as fiction.

No matter what I get involved with, there is always some controversial element hanging out in the background. I think it is funny.


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More Lies About the Moon and Apollo

Dr. John Reizer

I have been reviewing a lot of research about Apollo and the Moon lately because I am thick in the middle of writing my next novel, The Blue Marble, which has to do with those subjects.

I am just floored by the ridiculousness of the official moon landing narrative that has survived all these years. There are so many holes in NASA’s fairytale about landing on the moon.

For example, according to NASA, Apollo 11 used Hasselblad cameras that had virtually no modifications made to them. The cameras allegedly had extended wing tips to make it easier for taking pictures in a space suit with pressurized gloves.

In addition, the cameras used Kodak Ektachrome film that had no special modifications made to it for the conditions of space.

Here’s the kicker! According to NASA, there were extreme temperature differences when the astronauts moved in and out of sunlight.

See below:

How is it possible that regular film could hold up in the vacuum of space in a camera that was essentially the same model as the ones used on Earth? How could the film stock survive temperature fluctuations of hundreds of degrees without becoming brittle in the cold or melting in the sunlight?

The camera technology story that is attached to Apollo alone should have raised big red flags about the missions being fake.


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