Anthony Fauci will retire in December

Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Anthony Fauci will step down and retire from his position as Chief Medical Advisor to the POTUS and his position as the frontman for NIAID in December of 2022.

Terrorizing Humanity for Almost 40 Years!

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Best known for his work in the fake fights against AIDS, COVID-19, and numerous other alleged infectious diseases, Fauci is getting out of the spotlight where he can scurry around in the darkness versus the light of day.

A week earlier, the CDC, a criminal government agency posing disingenuously as a regulatory body for the American public, announced it was undergoing a massive overhaul and restructuring process due to its inability to properly manage the world pandemic.

The mainstream media will paint Fauci as a hero and key player in battling the world’s biggest public health emergency instead of portraying him more accurately as a frontman for a world government that has managed a global medical psyop and vaccine genocide.

I have written many times before that Anthony Fauci is only the manager of a scripted psyop and not the mastermind behind the agenda. One sellout criminal will be replaced by another. The same machinations will continue as planned.

Changes at the CDC and the removal of Fauci from NIAID come at a time when the American public is beginning to get a clue that something smells rotten with the COVID narrative and the vaccine rollout.

As usual, the changes made by the government are being used to demonstrate to the public that Uncle Sam is on top of things and will aim to do better in the future.

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, the COVID vaccines are being marketed aggressively. Nothing is going to change — the genocide rolls on!



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2 thoughts on “Anthony Fauci will retire in December

  1. Kenneth T. August 23, 2022 / 7:35 pm

    If he gives a farwell speech – someone should crash the party and expose him for the reptilian he truly is – by ripping his face mask off on live tv.
    sigh… they would just cut to commercial and only those in attendance would see the proof. 😕

    • Dr. John Reizer August 23, 2022 / 9:14 pm

      Fauci is an evil person and deserves to be charged and prosecuted for the murders of many people.

      Thanks for sharing, Kenneth!


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