The US Government’s Plan to Reopen the Country

Dr. John Reizer

The POTUS, in his latest press briefing (April 14, 2020), has announced that he will be speaking with the leaders of industry and other significant areas that make up the fabric of society in an attempt to reopen the country. While hinting several times during his presentation that the country is getting close to reopening, Mr. Trump refrained from announcing a specific date.

The POTUS said he will also discuss the matter of reopening the country with the 50 governors of individual states and let each of those leaders decide when to reopen their respective jurisdictions. Because different US states have varying degrees of active Covid-19 cases, it’s almost assured that some states will be reopening later than others.

While it is encouraging that Mr. Trump is finally talking about reopening the country, it seems like the overall process will be very time-consuming.

Every day that the nation remains in lockdown, small businesses are withering away. Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and need to be allowed to reopen immediately. There’s nothing that needs to be discussed. PLEASE OPEN THE COUNTRY ALREADY, MR. PRESIDENT!

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the current fake pandemic was ever allowed to take place. The entire hoax was dress rehearsed back in October 2019 by the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University in a simulated world pandemic titled EVENT 201 that mirrors the current false flag closely. 

Johns Hopkins University has published continuous data about Covid-19 since the inception of the worldwide pandemic. Bill Gates has been in the discussion almost every single day, speaking about his desire to create vaccines for everybody as well as electronic certificates to measure the public’s compliance with following the CDC’s vaccine recommendations. Some of the same key players that were involved with the simulation in October 2019 have been deeply involved with giving statistics and advice concerning the real-world pandemic.

We are living through a medical hijacking of society that was engineered by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the medical-industrial complex. And the vast majority of people still don’t understand what the hell is happening to them. They have been locked-down and self-isolating for a month and still believe an invisible microbe is lurking around the corner. But that’s how a cleverly designed psyop agenda works. It makes the citizenry believe in things that are not real.

In an ironic twist of fate, the victims of the hoax are walking around wearing masks instead of the criminals that have perpetrated the crime.

The US Government’s projection of fatalities for Covid-19, authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical geniuses counseling the POTUS, was 2.2 million people. They convinced the president that if the country was forced into a lockdown that the casualty numbers would be much lower — 200,000 people.

The powers that be couldn’t possibly fudge enough statistics through rigged lab tests and through borrowing fatalities from other diseases to create 200,000 deaths on paper. So, now that the final fudged numbers will come in at around 50,000 deaths, the powers that be will jump up and down congratulating one another that the death rate was drastically reduced because of the quarantine and social distancing practices that were implemented.

Keep in mind, all of this nonsense that has destroyed small businesses across the US was ultimately put into play to sell and reinforce a false paradigm that human beings cannot survive without taking lots of vaccines and suppressive drugs that make for-profit drug companies wealthy and more powerful than they already are.

If people aren’t damn angry about what is happening to them, I don’t know what else to write to make them understand that we have all been the victims of EVENT 202 — a fraud of enormous proportions.

My question for readers is this: Have we been so conditioned at this point that we will be ready to run for cover and self-isolate whenever the powers that be claim there’s an invisible microbe floating around?

Covid-19 And The World Government

By Dr. John Reizer

There are multiple agendas taking place concerning the coronavirus world pandemic. This event that has, for all intents and purposes, shut down the world is being orchestrated by a world governing body that remains hidden from the public.

The powers that be running the Earth show are altering the way they manage the herd with respect to economic, social, political, and healthcare standpoints. This is why we are in the midst of a fake viral pandemic.

Most people will be unable to comprehend the fact that a world government is already in place and writes the policies of individual sovereign territories. But it’s true, and the Covid-19 fakery illustrates the strength and influence this governing body possesses.

Regardless of where you are living, you have been impacted by a plethora of draconian policies that have been implemented by a world government. The mandates have been handed down to the leaders of different nations, and those managers have obediently followed the orders. This is the way of the world whether or not you believe in or understand the hierarchy of control that currently exists.

In this article, I will briefly discuss the medical objectives the world government has demanded to be implemented by all nations.

From a healthcare standpoint, this pandemic has everything to do with introducing broadly a new coronavirus vaccine that will be used and marketed similarly to already existing seasonal influenza vaccine products.

Because of the pandemic, tremendous gains have already been made with regard to crushing anti-vaxxer organizations. Religious and philosophical exemptions that have traditionally protected human beings from being forced to take drugs against their will now have a much harder road ahead of them with respect to being able to survive future planned legislation to remove said exemptions.

The tracking of all medical records by different governments is well underway, and this technology will make it easier for vaccine and drug compliance mandates to be monitored for individuals and updated in real-time by certain authorities.

Traveling, attending public schools, obtaining a driver’s license, and other things we need to be able to do to live healthy, happy lives might be restricted if people are not current and up to date with what will become known as minimal medical compliance standards. Electronic compliance certificates will probably be issued or withheld, depending on people’s willingness to obey or disobey the world government’s wishes.

What is currently happening also has a lot to do with the world government’s desire to make a powerful statement. They want the public to know that their lives and livelihoods can be brought to a halt at any given time they want to roll out another fake virus. And you can be sure, the powers that be will be flexing their muscles often in the future.

The Coronavirus: What’s the Ultimate Endgame?

By Dr. John Reizer

NoFakeNews has been up and running since early 2012, and I have never received as many emails from readers as I have in the last three weeks. Everybody is following the global pandemic that has, for all intents and purposes, shut down the world.

Many readers have asked my opinion about how things will turn out. In this article, I am going to tell you my beliefs concerning where I think the psyop is heading.

If you have been reading the different posts here, you already know that I believe the current health crisis is based on a fake viral epidemic.

A lot of people have interesting theories about how we got into the current predicament we are now facing. Some experts are calling Covid-19 a naturally occurring microbe, while others believe the virus was bioengineered in a military laboratory.

In my opinion, neither of the scenarios is correct. I have maintained from the beginning that Covid-19 was designed by a team of talented writers. I believe the creative staff decided to invent a fictional coronavirus as their villain because coronaviruses are commonly encountered by most people worldwide. A lot of the world’s population is regularly challenged by coronaviruses (common colds) and therefore have coronavirus DNA inside their bodies. Because this is true, a lot of the world’s population will always test positive for different coronaviruses in a laboratory setting. This key component has always been an integral part of the psyop.

You need lots of positive lab tests throughout the world to pull off a fake viral pandemic. Positive lab tests equate to patient case numbers. Lots of patient case numbers worldwide can create the illusion of a global pandemic. And that’s what we have today, the misperception by a majority of the people that a vast health crisis exists.

The people that have put this psyop together are brilliant. They have the world locked down and hiding from an imaginary microbial invader. And when everything is said and done, they will have accomplished what the powers that be have wanted to achieve all along; to have more control over the herd. They want to create a new world order.

There are several goals the powers that be can accomplish with Covid-19. As I have written before, the few that control the many want to destroy the world economy so that they can introduce a more efficient global monetary system. This will probably include a digital currency product that will remove physical cash from the equation.

Another prominent goal is to reinforce the big pharma paradigm that human beings cannot survive without vaccines and plenty of suppressive drug therapies that are designed to weaken human immunity.

The current pandemic will create a culture of extremely germaphobic people. Social distancing and the constant fear of recurring infections in the future are being instilled in the psyche of the world’s population. And if people think that Covid-19 will be the last viral threat to come around, think again. The powers that be will be rolling out false flag viruses every year. A Covid-19 vaccine is already waiting in the shadows and will be introduced in time for the fall season when the coronavirus has been predicted to reinfect the population. The people at the top of the pyramid of knowledge have the public right where they have always wanted them, running scared and begging for government officials to impose more restrictions on them.

The powers that be have the assets and the creative support staff to make a fictional virus look like a deadly plague. Mainstream media assets alone are enough to make most people believe the psyop is real.

My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that we remain on lockdown until the summer and that we will be given the hard sell concerning the soon to be released preventive vaccine. As for the economic ramifications, that ordeal will take longer to unfold. But the economic damage that’s already been done to small businesses in the United States has been devastating. The longer this scenario extends into the future, the more difficult it will be to revive the economy.