The Mask-Wearing Nuts are Everywhere!

Dr. John Reizer

Is it just me, or does the photo below look like a scene from a sci-fi movie or the Twilight Zone?

What in the heck are these characters thinking? If they all allegedly had the COVID-19 vaccines, why are they still wearing face coverings?

Do the COVID-19 vaccines prevent the recipients from contracting the fake disease or not? Do the vaccines prevent the transmission of the nonexistent virus to others?

Obviously, there is no disease or virus, but the goofy show continues to play on, and the puppets standing front and center are obediently playing their parts.

The official COVID-19 narrative is so ridiculous from a scientific standpoint that it is almost comical to watch the soap-opera play out day after day. Only in a world where billions of people are mind-controlled and unable to critically think about anything could a global psyop of this magnitude be unleashed so successfully.


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9 thoughts on “The Mask-Wearing Nuts are Everywhere!

  1. sandy edwards March 9, 2021 / 10:31 am

    CDC: Fully-vaccinated people can gather without masks. The federal COVID bill will deliver big health insurance savings for many. Dutch prime minister extends country’s pandemic lockdown. — Vaccine rollout offers hope but also prompts envy, judgement and distrust. The long game: Coronavirus changed the way we play, watch, cheer.

    Dr. Reizer, This is the link I sent you yesterday from my local news station. If they are fully vaccinated then why are they still wearing masks. And, if I remember correctly it hasn’t been that long ago that Fauci said we would have to continue wearing masks even after the vaccine. They don’t know what the F they are doing or they are just trying to confuse people more. Probably the latter.

    • NoFakeNews March 9, 2021 / 10:34 am

      There are so many different inconsistencies in the official narrative that it will make your head spin. They write and rewrite the rules and recommendations as the days pass.

      It’s all baloney, Sandy! 🤣


  2. Dr-Artaud March 9, 2021 / 12:49 pm

    Meme with Riddler from Batman

    Riddle Me This Batman:

    If Masks Work, Why the 6 Feet Social Distancing?
    If 6 Feet of Social Distancing Works, Why the Masks?
    If Both Work, Why the Lock-Down?
    If All Work, Why the Spike in Cases?

    The number of Cycles the PCR Test is Run explains the increase in Cases. But from my non-Medical Point of View, I examined the Mask debate Mechanistically.

    Can a Mask with a Porosity of 0.3 Microns stop a particle of 0.125 or smaller. Personally, I’d said no. But I read, I believe it was 3M, and I discovered that 3 mechanisms stopped small particles that otherwise would fit through the pores of the Mask.

    1. Electrostatic Charge.
    2. Slalom Effect.
    3. Clustering of the Pathogen.

    The Electrostatic Charge theory sounds plausible, if the Filter was designed for that, and, as far as I can tell, if the filter remains dry. Filtering Facepiece Respirators are not going to remain dry. So, within a short period of “donning” the respirator, it will be saturated with moisture from breathing. This principle is valid for Respirators with Intake and Exhaust Valves, as the Intake Valves prevent the Air from Exiting through the filter, directing it out the exhaust valve. But these can’t be worn against pathogens, as the exhaust valve lets the air out unfiltered.

    The Slalom Effect. As the pathogen tries to enter the respirator, it must navigate around the fibers that the filter is comprised of. The Air does so easily, coursing around the fibers. The pathogen has mass, and the mass causes it to try to continue straight, and it collides with the fibers and becomes entangled. I can accept this, but it’s only stopping some of the pathogens.

    The article said that viruses cluster, and clustered, they are larger than the pores in the respirator, and they become entangled. I can believe that too.

    But the point they stressed the most is that leaks at the Face to Facepiece Seal are responsible for pathogens getting into the Respirator. This is for N95 Type Respirators, and the same applies for Elastomeric Respirators (Rubber or Silicone, uses Removable Cartridges). If these Respirators let the pathogen in via leaks, what chance does a mask have to stop it? Masks might help to prevent others from getting droplets of exposure of the person wearing the mask, but Masks, in and of themselves, are not protective to the wearer.

    N95 Respirators work with Tuberculosis, the pathogen is 1 to 5 Microns in size, compared to 0.125 and smaller for covid. Since the N95 Stop 0.3, they handily stop Tuberculosis Pathogens when worn correctly.

    If they are being less than truthful about masks, what else are they being less than truthful about? Offhand I’d say plenty.

  3. tim March 9, 2021 / 1:00 pm

    It is truly one crazy world we live in, for sure.
    I just got back from my favorite store, the manager excepts my Doctors Medical Exempt from masks, so it’s always a joy to shop there. I’ll call to make sure she is working before I go. She is an awesome manager who knows the truth about masks.
    But speaking of masks, you have to ask yourself, why are “they’ so uptight about masks and vaccines, etc ? Why are they pushing the masks and vaccines so hard ? Some are actually salivating at the idea of EVERY human being on this earth being vaccinated and muzzled. And it’s more than just money that they are excited about. They are also looking forward to ” feeding ” on the misery they will cause with their tools of death.
    Another good one Doctor. That picture really does look like something from a sci-fi movie. For me, every morning, I wake up, only to find that the nightmare is real. We are in a nightmare, and we can’t wake up.

  4. tim March 9, 2021 / 1:32 pm

    To put it in a nutshell, no mentally, and physically healthy person should ever …

    take a test,
    wear a mask,
    take a vaccine,
    social distance,
    tire of doing good.
    believe that good is bad, and bad is good.
    let anyone else be in charge of your health,
    go to a doctor (medial industrial complex puppets,)
    take anything created by the medical industrial complex,
    be overly concerned about what others think, say, do, or feel,
    listen to politicians, traditional cartel doctors, actors, actresses, or anyone like the gates, fauci, and the MSM, (main stream media,) etc.

  5. Lisa March 9, 2021 / 3:11 pm

    I saw on the Fox News yesterday,

    If you have had the vaccine, you do not need to be quarantined or take the PCR test if you are exposed.

    However, you do still need to wear a face mask and keep social distancing.

    Is it just me, or are there contradictions here. 🤔


    • NoFakeNews March 9, 2021 / 3:32 pm

      No, Lisa, it’s not just you.🤣 There are contradictions and inconsistencies in the entire false narrative. The pandemic designers are making up the lies by the hour.


  6. jim March 9, 2021 / 4:12 pm

    “The official COVID-19 narrative is so ridiculous from a scientific standpoint that it is almost comical to watch the soap-opera play out day after day. Only in a world where billions of people are mind-controlled and unable to critically think about anything could a global psyop of this magnitude be unleashed so successfully.”
    I could not agree with you more, Dr. John. This script is such a joke that it could have been written by a 5th grader! It just amazes me everyday how so many people (including EVERYONE I know, friends, family, co-workers and my WIFE) have fallen for it so easily and without any questioning. And I am the “crazy one” for questioning it! It’s SO DAMN OBVIOUS what’s going on, but none of these people can see it.
    On a side note, one of my co-workers got the Moderna injection yesterday and went home today feeling dizzy and disoriented.

    • NoFakeNews March 9, 2021 / 9:02 pm

      Hi Jim,

      It’s crazy to think that we have been into this nonsense since the beginning of 2020 and many people are still clueless.

      At least we can vent to one another here. 🤣


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