Open letter to Curtis Sliwa and all New Yorkers: fight tyranny or stay down on your knees and suffer the destruction of the greatest city in the world

By Jon Rappoport

July 28, 2021

You’re Curtis Sliwa.

You’re the head of the Guardian Angels, the group you founded in 1979. Unarmed, you and your people made citizens’ arrests of scores of criminals in New York.

In 1992, you got into a cab in Manhattan, and two mob thugs shot you five times. You escaped. You survived.

Insufficient courage is not a problem you have.

Now you’re running for the office of Mayor of New York. You’ve got nothing more than a desperate puncher’s chance.

Unless you and most of New York wake up to what’s happening to the City, the City is doomed. It’s going to turn into a desolate hulk, a garbage dump of crime and poverty.

I was born in New York. I lived there long enough to know what a great city is all about. That was 60 years ago. Those people are gone.

Now there is a COVID war. I’m talking about the masks and distancing and lockdowns and the massive destruction of businesses and now the expanding vaccine mandate. The people of the City have gone down on their knees to De Blasio and Cuomo and the public health predators.

The bottom line is, Curtis, people either come out into the streets by the hundreds of thousands and say ENOUGH, or the whole show—the whole City—is over.

Beyond a certain point, no matter what you believe this pandemic is or isn’t, you and the rest of New York have to live your lives out in the open, come hell or high water.

NO perceived threat justifies…

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The Official Narrative Now Claims Sars-Cov-2 Has Been Isolated (Not Really!)

Dr. John Reizer

If you have been reading along on this website for any length of time, you are aware of the fact that I don’t believe the Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19) virus is real.

If you don’t have an isolated or identified virus, it would be impossible to construct a diagnostic tool to confirm the pathogen’s presence in human beings or other animals. Likewise, it would be impossible to develop a vaccine that, in theory, could create antibodies and immunity against the viral microbe. As I have written previously, you cannot hit a target any percentage of the time if the target doesn’t exist.

If you take the time to do an Internet search about Sars-Cov-2 being properly isolated in a laboratory, a bevy of results will populate your computer screen claiming that the coronavirus -19 version has been fully isolated by scientists and that the full genetic structure has been made available to scientists and healthcare physicians worldwide.

So what’s the truth? Has the Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19) virus been isolated or not?

In my opinion, and other skeptics like me, the answer to that giant question remains a resounding no! The full genetic structure has never been properly isolated, and therefore the virus has never been successfully grown in culture and passed through the scientific rigors known as Koch’s postulates.

On October 9, 2020, I wrote an article  about  how the CDC clearly stated the coronavirus does not exist on page 39 of a CDC document titled,  “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.”  Under the heading, PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS, the document reads, “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

A brilliant medical research journalist, Jon Rappoport, discovered this CDC document and wrote about it first. He also wrote a collection of articles about how the genetic sequencing of sars-cov-2 was derived (or not derived) using computer modeling. Jon does a much better job of describing the technical details performed in the laboratory setting than me.

Read more about this document and how the genetic sequencing of Covid-19 was accomplished/not accomplished on John Rappoport’s website by clicking here!

In a nutshell, what the plandemic’s architects did to deliver the full genetic sequence of Covid-19 to the scientific community was to find a few pieces of genetic materials they believed were part of the coronavirus in question then assemble the rest of the structure by inputting data into a computer. The computer then assembled the rest of the structure based on data it was fed about other coronaviruses that have been in laboratory stock for many years.

In the end, a full-length genetic structure of Covid-19 was assembled. The only problem is that 99 percent of the structure was created hypothetically using a computer program. Once the virus’s structure was conceived, it didn’t take long for the scientific community to believe the nonsense created in the lab/studio. It’s science fiction, my friends, not science.

What the scientists did to sequence the full structure of sars-cov-2 is tantamount to discovering an automobile sparkplug and then constructing the rest of the vehicle’s design by inputting data into a computer.

As I stated prior, you must have a diagnostic tool to register false-positive cases when designing a plandemic. That tool is the PCR test. You must also have a long sequence of genetic materials claimed to be an isolated virus. The computer modeling Jon Rappoport describes accomplishes this requirement.

From the very beginning of this plandemic, way back in January 2020, I have believed that the Covid-19 virus was fake and that a coronavirus was handpicked by the controlling powers to be the deadly villain in this sci-fi screenplay because coronaviruses, in general, have been isolated and were well-known to be real entities for decades.

When you are trying to put together a medical hoax as big as Covid-19, you need case numbers to be generated regularly. Since so many people in the world have interacted with coronaviruses in their lives, the pandemic’s planners knew far in advance that a rigged diagnostic PCR-test could be developed that would register large numbers of false-positive cases. Those diagnostic tests are presently registering false-positives more so because of the amplification cycles used when developing the lab results than the genetic signatures they have been armed with.


It’s pretty damn disingenuous, in my opinion, for the scientific community to report that they have isolated and fully identified the sars-cov-2 (Covid-19) virus when, in fact, the only things they have isolated were a few genetic sequences that half a dozen or so scientists agreed was the novel coronavirus. Next, they used computer modeling to assemble the other 99 percent of the structure.

When I think of scientists isolating and identifying a new viral microbe, I envision them identifying and isolating the entire, intact structure. Once again, this is just more evidence of scientific fraud that has been misrepresented as real science.

Covid-19 is not a real virus, and once people understand this fact, the rest of the story falls apart like a house of cards in the middle of a wind storm.



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Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Big Pharma Responsible for Opioid Crisis

By Dr. John Reizer

Author of The Target List

It really doesn’t matter what your political affiliation might be. Democrats, Republicans, Independents – they’re all part of a huge problem.  Truth be told, the entire US Congress is responsible for taking lobbyists’ payments that are being funded by Big Pharma in an effort to get dangerous opioid drugs on the streets of America. And opioids aren’t the only drugs involved in the scheme. There are a plethora of other toxic drugs killing Americans that are being prescribed by licensed medical doctors. These products are dangerous and shouldn’t be available for prescription.

This sort of thing has been taking place for a long time and it’s the real reason you see endless drug commercials on television being directed at healthcare consumers.

This is a ridiculous practice being conducted by mainstream media companies under the protection of the US government and its associated regulatory agencies.

It’s also the primary reason we have next to zero medical research being performed to eradicate diseases and a never ending list of new drugs being pushed on healthcare consumers that are killing people.

The vast majority of research currently being conducted in healthcare is dedicated to managing and suppressing physiological expressions of the human body as it attempts to clear itself from pathogens and other biological challenges.

Author, Jon Rappoport recently wrote and published on his blog a brilliant post about this exact subject with regards to opioids. (Click here to read Jon’s story.)

We have a serious problem in America and our  regulatory agencies and government have been complicit in allowing these practices to continue while allowing Big Pharma to go unchecked.

Drug production and distribution are out of control and if business as usual continues at the current rate, people aren’t going to have to worry about global warming killing the planet. There’s not going to be any people left to see the outcome. It’s really that bad folks.

My blog has been taken down!


By Dr. John Reizer

I am passing on information from citizen journalist, Jon Rappoport who had his blog suspended on the WordPress platform.


by Jon Rappoport

Part 1.

This past Saturday, between 2 and 3 PM Eastern Time, WordPress suddenly took down my blog after 10 years of continuous operation.  There was no warning or advance notice of any kind.

This is outright censorship.

We are attempting to restore service to the blog.  Meanwhile, the situation is this:

You can still access the home page of my site,

On that page, you can order products by clicking on the “Matrix” graphics on the right side of the page.

Please consider forwarding this email to those you know letting them know what happened. They can then go to and sign up for the email list at the upper left of the home page.  They will then get my output of new articles in their email.

I thank you for your support all these years—NoMoreFakeNews has existed for 18 years.  I need that support more than ever at this time.

Make your response to this censorship known to WordPress.


Part 2.

by Jon Rappoport

I say, “Dear Parents, All over the world they are injecting your children, from the day of their birth, with poisonous chemicals and germs, and they’re calling it a miracle.  But it isn’t.  It’s devastating.”

And then, someone somewhere behind a curtain who’s hidden his name-badge in his underpants says, “Censor that man.  Cut off his expression.  He has no right to say what he’s saying.”

The Soulless Ones are at it again.

Many of you now know that, last Saturday, WordPress took down my blog without warning or notice.  After 10 years—boom.  Gone.  We are in the process of restoring the blog through “other means.”  Meanwhile, my home page at is still up, and you can let others know to go there to sign up for the email list to receive my articles in their inbox on a regular basis.  You can also order products at that same home page.

I strongly suspect that my articles criticizing vaccines triggered the censorship move.  The justification would be: well, we must protect the health of the public and your influence could be quite negative in that regard, etc.

Information, evidence, opinion are all now subject to the preferences of “those in charge,” who of course “only have the best interests of The People at heart.”  Sure.

The reality is: when there is something called official science, then unofficial science must be trampled on and stamped out—the word “official” tells you that authorities are pushing lies down on people’s heads and those lies must be maintained and never doubted.  Unofficial science becomes dangerous.  It contains repressed truth.

I’ve learned that first-hand over the past 35 years working as a reporter.  All my major investigations have been “unofficial,” and in every one of those cases, there was someone standing in the middle of the road behind barricades shooing people away and warning that there was nothing OFFICIAL to see by going farther.

THE RIGHT TO HAVE AND EXPRESS AN OPINION OR VIEW OR FINDING are under attack.  Structures that would enable persons to express an opinion publicly are censoring certain voices.  They don’t have to give a reason.  They just do it.

They might say a writer “violated community standards.”  What community, and what standards?  Oh, the ones they make up and pretend exist.  Those communities and standards.  Or perhaps “the community” they’re talking about is some collection of goody two-shoes robotic idiots they’ve convinced to form an organization and make a so-called mission statement in line with official truth.  Blank minds, blank stares, earnest faces.

The age of rational argument and debate, if it ever existed, appears to be over.  Now it’s just FIND THE CONTRARY VIEW and silence it.

Of course, I’m not the first person to be censored recently.  And I’ve noticed that the black-listing hasn’t worked.  Those independent reporters and analysts and editorialists and activists are still talking and writing.  I’ll do the same.

You can help.  Spread my articles any way you can.  Get others on my email list.  Consider ordering my three MATRIX collections. Get in touch with WordPress and let them know how you feel and what you think.  Refuse to obey the Law of Silence.

There is a WE here.  It isn’t a collection of dumb know-nothings.  It’s many individuals who happen to have arrived, separately, at a similar place: the crossroad where a choice is made for justice and against surrender.

If you’re not already there, get there.  If you’re there, make your presence count.

The game isn’t lost.  It isn’t over.

It’s never over.