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Dr. Richard Fleming is a dangerous person in the eyes of the powers that be. There are plenty of people out there writing truthful comments about the COVID-19 hoax and the mRNA vaccines that are crippling and killing people. Many of those people have been censored or silenced in many ways. Dr. Fleming is not an exception to this rule.

When someone like Dr. Fleming, an individual with impressive medical and research credentials, begins to write and speak openly about the deadly effects centered around mRNA vaccines and the spike proteins they yield in animal and human subjects, it gets the attention of the important people running the different psyops.

The video above features Dr. Fleming’s comments about the mRNA spike proteins introduced to humans by the bioweapon vaccines. He discusses how the vaccines were manufactured to create spike proteins in humans that were “exquisitely designed” to enter the brain tissues. If what Dr. Fleming claims is true — the people who receive the vaccines are in dire trouble.

One method I have found to be very useful in determining how spot-on or accurate, specific sources of information are concerning censored and protected subjects is to do a simple search engine query on the individual. The more dirt that is indexed in the way of search results for a particular person, the more credible and dangerous the source usually is to the powers that be.

The information below is what I was greeted with when I looked up Dr. Richard Fleming:

I looked into the filed charges against Dr. Richard Fleming. He was accused of committing Medicare fraud by the federal government and eventually pleaded guilty to those charges while a jury deliberated during his trial.

The official legal notice provided by the FBI and indexed on search engines regarding Dr. Fleming’s conviction can be read by accessing the link here!

You can read about Dr. Fleming’s side of the story by accessing the link here.

What I have discovered about Dr. Richard Flemming is that he is a protector of the healthcare consumer. To make a lengthy story brief — Dr. Fleming stepped on the wrong toes and began to poke into subjects that certain people did not want to be disclosed for financial reasons. The insurance fraud crimes he was charged with were designed to stop him from poking into areas that influential people protected.

Threatening a doctor with extensive jail time is a surefire way to get an innocent person to plead guilty to something he never did. And when you add the carrot, there will be no jail time introduced if the person pleads guilty to the alleged crimes; it sweetens the offer considerably. So, that is what the good doctor did. Dr. Fleming pleaded guilty to something he never did. That in itself is a crime, in my opinion.

Dr. Richard Fleming continues to tell the truth about actual healthcare frauds. His comments about the bioweapon COVID-19 vaccines are on bitchute.com. 

When people look up information on this doctor, they find search results positioned at the top of the page that present articles about Dr. Fleming being a convicted felon. As a result, his credibility is immediately tarnished in the eyes of the unknowing public. 

In a sense, Dr. Fleming has had his professional career and character assassinated. He was placed on The Target List and permanently marginalized by the controlling powers.


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