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Dr. Richard Fleming is a dangerous person in the eyes of the powers that be. There are plenty of people out there writing truthful comments about the COVID-19 hoax and the mRNA vaccines that are crippling and killing people. Many of those people have been censored or silenced in many ways. Dr. Fleming is not an exception to this rule.

When someone like Dr. Fleming, an individual with impressive medical and research credentials, begins to write and speak openly about the deadly effects centered around mRNA vaccines and the spike proteins they yield in animal and human subjects, it gets the attention of the important people running the different psyops.

The video above features Dr. Fleming’s comments about the mRNA spike proteins introduced to humans by the bioweapon vaccines. He discusses how the vaccines were manufactured to create spike proteins in humans that were “exquisitely designed” to enter the brain tissues. If what Dr. Fleming claims is true — the people who receive the vaccines are in dire trouble.

One method I have found to be very useful in determining how spot-on or accurate, specific sources of information are concerning censored and protected subjects is to do a simple search engine query on the individual. The more dirt that is indexed in the way of search results for a particular person, the more credible and dangerous the source usually is to the powers that be.

The information below is what I was greeted with when I looked up Dr. Richard Fleming:

I looked into the filed charges against Dr. Richard Fleming. He was accused of committing Medicare fraud by the federal government and eventually pleaded guilty to those charges while a jury deliberated during his trial.

The official legal notice provided by the FBI and indexed on search engines regarding Dr. Fleming’s conviction can be read by accessing the link here!

You can read about Dr. Fleming’s side of the story by accessing the link here.

What I have discovered about Dr. Richard Flemming is that he is a protector of the healthcare consumer. To make a lengthy story brief — Dr. Fleming stepped on the wrong toes and began to poke into subjects that certain people did not want to be disclosed for financial reasons. The insurance fraud crimes he was charged with were designed to stop him from poking into areas that influential people protected.

Threatening a doctor with extensive jail time is a surefire way to get an innocent person to plead guilty to something he never did. And when you add the carrot, there will be no jail time introduced if the person pleads guilty to the alleged crimes; it sweetens the offer considerably. So, that is what the good doctor did. Dr. Fleming pleaded guilty to something he never did. That in itself is a crime, in my opinion.

Dr. Richard Fleming continues to tell the truth about actual healthcare frauds. His comments about the bioweapon COVID-19 vaccines are on bitchute.com. 

When people look up information on this doctor, they find search results positioned at the top of the page that present articles about Dr. Fleming being a convicted felon. As a result, his credibility is immediately tarnished in the eyes of the unknowing public. 

In a sense, Dr. Fleming has had his professional career and character assassinated. He was placed on The Target List and permanently marginalized by the controlling powers.


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  1. tim June 15, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    Like you said Doctor …
    “When someone like Dr. Fleming, an individual with impressive medical and research credentials, begins to write and speak openly about the deadly effects centered around mRNA vaccines and the spike proteins they yield in animal and human subjects, it gets the attention of the important people running the different psyops.”
    I put it this way. How can you tell when “they” are lying ? THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING !!!
    To those who are still soooooooo blind to the truth, please, please, please STOP believing the MSM lies or anything they say. In fact, know that just the opposite of what they say is closer to the truth.
    And now, even some of those who we trusted, are spreading fake news, ie: the spike protein, etc., so I will have to reevaluate everything else they have said.
    But subject change. This is about the Jewish people for any Christian friends that may curious about the future.
    It is written that our Father scattered the Tribes of Israel, and will one day gather them together again. This process has been and is happening right now. The first civilization to be scattered on the face of the earth only to be gathered in the latter days, even as written in the Scriptures.
    The reason I bring this up is because if you are against Jews, and the Tribes of Israel, then you will be fighting against God, the Creator of this Earth and all you see. Your fight will be in vain, and you will lose. Any power that can scatter a Nation, only to bring it back together thousands of years later as predicted, is no power you want to go up against, because quite frankly you will lose. We are talking about going against Someone who has the power to form Earths from the elements in the universe. Do you really think you can defeat such a power ?
    And just to show you, in the near future, there will be an army of millions that attack Israel from all sides, and then by divine intervention, they will all be killed, not by man, but by God. When this happens, then you will know that all other words I have told you is also truth, and nothing but the truth, according to the Word of God.
    A Blessing to the Covenant People
    Brethren, you are in the pathway to eternal fame, and immortal glory; and insomuch as you feel interested for the covenant people of the Lord, the God of their fathers shall bless you. Do not be discouraged on account of the greatness of the work; only be humble and faithful, and then you can say, “What art thou, O great mountain! before Zerubbabel shalt thou be brought down.” He who scattered Israel has promised to gather them; therefore inasmuch as you are to be instrumental in this great work, He will endow you with power, wisdom, might and intelligence, and every qualification necessary; while your minds will expand wider and wider, until you can circumscribe the earth and the heavens, reach forth into eternity, and contemplate the mighty acts of Jehovah in all their variety and glory.
    Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p-163
    (to the Missionaries he sent out into the world in the 1800’s, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.)
    The church went from a hand full of members to 2019 where the membership has risen to over 16.5 million with over 54,000 missionaries world wide.

    • NoFakeNews June 15, 2021 / 1:52 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Tim! 😀

      • tim June 15, 2021 / 2:42 pm

        Nooooo, thank you sir. 🙂 Knowledge is power.

    • Steve July 16, 2021 / 11:25 am

      Genesis 49:10; Jeremiah 9:16; Jeremiah 49:37 think this is right maybe opposite…
      EZEKIEL 5:12… Revelation 2:9&3:9..
      Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want anything to happen to the jews but the radical rabbis and their noshide laws say they will kill Christians if and when they rule the world!
      One has to understand the context of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. God described bot the ten tribes known as Isreal and the two known as Judah as playing the harlot. Claiming to love God while at the same time going to the high places and worshipping their neighbors false gods but….
      But if they would stop, he was going to punish them by bringing Nebchenezzar/Babylon and taking them into captivity for 70 years.
      He would then “BRING THEM BACK….MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THEM and did with the final Decree by king Artaxerses in 457 BC. See Ezra and Nehemiah.
      Things went well for awhile but gradually they started falling away again.
      The radical rabbis took chapter 53 of Isaiah out of the bible because it spoke of the coming of the Messiah exactly as he came.
      Every where the jews went after God scattered them the sword followed just as Hod had told Jeremiah and Ezekiel were told to warn them…history bears this out. When they were scattered they intermarried with the peoples where they settled…how one could tell if they were jews by blood can’t be determined. Only by tradition can one be a jew. Throughout the Bible the writers were warned about traditions of men. Even in the jew group of people there are those who push back against these radical rabbis who want to rule the world.
      AT LEAST THINK ABOUT WHAT THE SCRIPTURE SAYS, I PROVIDED. I don’t want nothing to happen to no one… The Gospel of Jesus Chtist was taken to the world…a spiritual Isreal.
      Also read John 10 where Jesus tells some jews after leaving the temple they weren’t of his sheep because of their nonbelief in him.
      On your gathering of millions of enemies against Isreal…I don’t think it happens until Revelation 20 where satan gathers gog and magog to come up against the saints tents in the New Jerusalem.
      I thank you for your post and consider it…do the same with mine…may God protect us all!!!

  2. Lisa June 15, 2021 / 1:53 pm

    The former pharmacist in Wisconsin who purposely ruined more than 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine was sentenced to three years in prison last week.

    He pleaded guilty to two felony accounts of attempting to tamper with with a consumer product. Apparently he was not offered the carrot, of no jail time for pleading guilty.

    He also. had secretly substituted saline for flu vaccine that he was mandated to receive and persuaded several co-workers to do the same.

    The man is hero in my book!


    • tim June 15, 2021 / 2:43 pm

      Agreed. He is a hero, who saved who knows how many lives. The system should reward him rather than jail him.

      • Lisa June 15, 2021 / 8:51 pm


    • chri22y July 6, 2021 / 12:53 pm

      Whoa. I considered that, just give me a shot of saline and the damn card so I can quit being harassed about this vaccine and continue to live my life. Once again, this is an example of the govt being so unreasonable and forcing folks to make these kind of errors. Ruining 100’s of vaccines was prob his mistake. Substituting saline, which I am certain is what people in the know are doing, seems reasonable. In otherwords, let the people decide what is best for them. I doubt he saved anyone from actually receiving a vaccine, unless they took note of this desperate act and the message he was trying to convey vs calling him a loon.

  3. Lubya June 15, 2021 / 3:41 pm

    Dr. Reizer, I am not from your country but understand and agree with many of the things you are saying. I want to thank you for the interesting and informative posts that appear on your website each day. You are so appreciated by me and the close circle of friends I share your information with weekly. Congratulations on having such an important platform where people can get reliable information.


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