15 days to flatten the curve and other silly lies they told us

Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember when the United States’ federal government told its citizens that there was a plan to flatten the curve concerning the coronavirus in 15 days? Do you remember the posters that were displayed and printed? Do you remember the daily press conferences that were being aired on national television so that people would accept the initial lockdowns and the wearing of face masks?

Once people were locked down and wearing face masks, the policies were extended by the controlling powers for thirty days and then another thirty days. Before too long, people became comfortable with the idea of wearing face masks and staying home. People became comfortable with the idea of working at home and protecting themselves from a nonexistent viral pathogen.

It didn’t take very long to change the social paradigms in America and other sovereign nations globally. With the help of mainstream media corporations that were instrumental in broadcasting propaganda to the world’s citizens, a new normal was created and promoted to the masses.

The more lies that are told and the bigger they become, the more people believe them. The sheeple population is addicted to the different lying media talking heads.

The world has been permanently transformed into a place where people are afraid to breathe the air they have been breathing since they were born. The global citizenry has been scared into submission by a fake public health emergency. People have been hoodwinked into believing that a cold virus will catch them off-guard and infect their bodies — threatening their lives and the lives of loved ones.

The New Lies

There are now new lies being told by the mainstream media and various elected puppet government leaders. The new lies have been designed to convince the already brainwashed population that life-saving vaccines are the only way to flatten the curve and restore a sense of normalcy to the planet.

The new lies forecast a bleak-looking future where sars-cov-2 mutates into more deadly strains that may or may not be able to be contained by the life-saving vaccines currently being rolled out. The new variant strains are rumored to be so problematic that the world’s population could be in danger of being drastically reduced or sterilized.

Many of the people who have foolishly decided to receive the kill shots being distributed by health agencies worldwide have agreed to do so because they believe the widely circulated lie — this is the only way to restore normalcy.

Fools Parroting the Lies of Big Pharma!

There are no plans to lift the draconian policies handed down to people by their government executioners. What we see currently is what we will see for the foreseeable future. In fact, it’s going to get much worse.

The taking of the COVID-19 vaccines will not bring an end to the social distancing, face mask-wearing, and the false narrative we have had to endure for the last year. Any person who believes otherwise is sadly mistaken.

Future Lies That Will Be Told In 2021?

We can expect more lies about the plandemic in 2021. We can expect a new false narrative about why more restrictions are needed. We can expect to hear more lies that will lead to increased public health fear porn, and we can expect to encounter huge lies about a never-ending parade of mutant strains of COVID-19 that are being discovered throughout the world.

The lies about the new mutant strains of COVID-19 will be used to plausibly explain the billions of deaths that are forthcoming in the next several years. The lies about the new mutant strains are necessary so that the survivors will not point to the vaccines as being the causal factor for the massive population reduction. The lies about the mutant strains are also needed to convince the citizenry that new vaccines currently in pre-production are necessary to keep people healthy.


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7 thoughts on “15 days to flatten the curve and other silly lies they told us

  1. Lisa January 31, 2021 / 3:59 pm

    This video provided by seashell, of Dr Lee Merrit is incredibly scary. If she is correct, many people who receive the covid vaccine could die within weeks of one another as a result of biological warfare.
    So many people believe in this covid vaccine. It is hard to tell them otherwise. I spoke to my 84 year old uncle a few days ago, and he thinks he has no choice but to get the covid vaccine. I told him No, No, No!
    He knows that I am anti vaccine because of my son with autism. But he says he always gets the flu and pneumonia shots.
    However, he is also a big believer in natural and herbal remedies. I would imagine that has helped him when taking in all that poison.
    Although I do not think anything will help against the covid vaccine or biological warfare.
    It would be very sad and traumatic for all of us who refuse the jab, if people all around us that we care about are dropping like flies!

    • NoFakeNews January 31, 2021 / 4:14 pm

      Hi Lisa,

      The doctor is right about the vaccines being a kill shot, but wrong, in my opinion, about the virus being genetically modified or engineered. The virus is fake!

      John 🙂

  2. Lisa January 31, 2021 / 5:05 pm

    John, this video of Dr. Merrit was first shown to me yesterday from a friend. I was surprised to see it show up on nofakenews today.
    When I first listened to it, I was like wait a minute, Dr. Merrit is implying that there has been a modified virus. I told the friend Dr Merrit is only half right. The virus has never been isolated. Then proceeded to play some of your radio interview for the friend.

    I was very curious to see what you would say about the Dr. Merrit video. I got my answer. Thanks!
    I am paying attention, John. 🙂


    • NoFakeNews January 31, 2021 / 5:17 pm

      I know that you are paying attention, Lisa. 🙂

      There are so many health and science people out there who want to ignore the science that they claim they want to follow?

      You can’t have it both ways. They have to either follow science or follow science fiction. Science states that to claim there is a new viral pathogen in existence, it must be isolated in totality from an animal or human host. As you already know, this has not happened with sars-cov-2.

      When you hear of people claiming COVID-19 is a real or genetically modified virus, understand that they are mistaken.

      By the way, I am getting positive feedback from the magnetic signs. 😀


      • Lisa January 31, 2021 / 5:33 pm

        It is fantastic to hear that you have had positive feedback from the signs, John!

        I do have fun with mine. 😀

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