Despite Plenty of Scientific Evidence that COVID-19 is a Hoax, the Genocide Continues

Dr. John Reizer

It does not matter how many logical arguments are presented to the world’s government leaders by real doctors and scientists against mask-wearing, self-isolation, PCR testing, and the administration of unapproved bioweapons; the global genocide still rolls on.


The answer is evident to anyone who is even remotely paying attention. The world pandemic has never been about a public health emergency or an actual viral pathogen. The global lockdown and administration of gene-altering vaccines is a culling of the world’s population. A decision was made by a world governing construct before the public announcement of COVID-19 to reduce the number of people living on Earth significantly.

Most people frequenting this website already know and understand that what I am writing is the truth. Yet, those of us in the know keep asking why certain elected officials and people in government leadership positions will not inspect and consider objective scientific evidence that is readily available that proves the official narrative surrounding the virus is wrong.

We are trying to get people in government to apply science and logic into a science-fiction script. We want people in leadership positions (powerless puppets) to stand up against a global shadow government and challenge a mass extermination program.

Anyone waiting for Republicans or Democrats to help us find a way out of this mess is entirely delusional. The only way to get out of this horrific psyop is to make a personal decision not to participate or cooperate with the draconian directives that any sovereign government has implemented. Wear no masks, take no tests, and receive no vaccines — that is the one way out of the plandemic.

Without people’s cooperation and full compliance, the genocide can’t proceed as planned. We must stop waiting for government leadership and health regulatory agencies to help humanity. They exist only to assist the world government in carrying out the executions.

Wake up!

Additional Note: This plandemic agenda is not coming from China! That narrative is complete disinformation designed to take our attention away from a world government’s orchestration of the genocide!


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