Google’s Ray Kurzweil and The Hacking of God – The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 4

Ashley Hayes

The purpose of this series is to educate and inform with regard to how a select group of individuals plan to invade the bodies of all humans, hacking our God-given biology, and transhumanizing humanity by embedding invisible, remotely-controlled technology.

These individuals are all affiliated with Singularity University (which was created with the above goal in mind), co-founded by scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Google, and many others.

Continuing with direct quotes from Ray Kurzweil’s 2005 book, “The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology:”

P. 206 – [T]he Singularity will unfold through three overlapping revolutions: G, N and R [Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics]

Underlying all of the wonders of life and misery of disease are information processes, essentially software programs (John, can you underline software programs?). . . The entire human genome is a sequential binary code containing only about eight hundred million bytes of information. . . [W]hen its massive redundancies are removed using conventional compression techniques, we are left with only thirty to one hundred million bytes, equivalent to the size of the average, contemporary software program. Biochemical machines translate DNA into amino acids into proteins — 3D proteins (which make up ALL living creatures from bacteria to humans).

P. 209 – Protein folding along with cell division is one of nature’s remarkable and intricate dances in the creation and recreation of life. Specialized “chaperone” molecules protect and guide the amino-acid strands as they assume their precise three-dimensional protein configurations. As many as one-third of formed protein molecules are folded improperly. These disfigured proteins must immediately be destroyed or they will rapidly accumulate, disrupting cellular functions on many levels.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as a misfolded protein is formed, it is tagged by a carrier molecule, ubiquitin, and escorted to a specialized proteasome where it is broken back down into its component amino acids for recycling into new (correctly folded) proteins.  As cells age, however, they produce less of the energy needed for optional function of this mechanism.  Accumulations of these malformed proteins aggregate into particles called protofibrils, which are thought to underlie disease processes leading to Alzheimer’s disease and other afflictions.

P. 549 – Misformed proteins are perhaps the most dangerous toxin of all.

P. 550 – There are also genetic mutations that predispose individuals to misformed protein build-up . . . [P]rotofibrils (not plaque, as has long been thought) are the REAL problem pathological agents.

The speed with which a protofibril is turned into insoluble amyloid plaque is inversely related to disease progression.

P. 209 – The ability to simulate the three-dimensional waltz of atomic-level interactions will greatly accelerate our knowledge of how DNA sequence controls life and disease.  We will then be in a position to rapidly simulate drugs that intervene in ANY of the steps in this process, thereby hastening drug development and the creation of highly-targeted drugs that minimize unwanted side effects.

It is the job of the assembled protein to carry out the functions of the cell, and, by extension, the organism.

In some ways, the biochemical mechanism of life is remarkably complex and intricate.  In other ways it is remarkably simple.  Only FOUR base pairs provide the digital storage for ALL of the complexity of human life and all other life [trees, animals, etc.] as we know it.  The ribosomes build protein chains by grouping together triplets of base pairs to select sequences from only twenty amino acids . . . [T]wenty simple molecular fragments are the building blocks of ALL LIFE.

The protein chains then control everything else:  the structure of bone cells, the ability of muscle cells to flex and act in concert with other muscle cells, all of the complex biochemical interactions that take place in the bloodstream, and, of course, the structure and functioning of the brain.

[The protein-folding problem has remained unsolved for 50 years. However, in 2016, Google’s Deep Mind, an AI subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) launched its AlphaFold program and in less than five years it had the protein-folding problem beat.  Writer Satavisa Pati states this is a “major scientific advance that could affect everyone’s lives.” (See]

P. 210 – [T]he full blossoming of the biotechnology revolution . . . will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution.

[A quick reminder that this book was published 17 years ago.  While reading, keep in mind the exponential — not linear —  advancements of technology.]

P. 213 – All the core knowledge needed to develop engineered negligible senescence is already in our possession . . .

The diverse field of biotechnology is fueled by our accelerating progress in reverse engineering the information processes underlying biology and by a growing arsenal of tools that can modify these processes.

Another powerful approach is to start with biology’s information backbone:  the genome.

With recently developed [in 2005] gene technologies we’re on the verge of being able to control how genes express themselves . . . The therapeutic control of this process can take place outside the cell nucleus, so it is easier to implement than therapies that require access inside it.

P. 215 – [Through Somatic Gene Therapy]  Researchers can now . . . switch the material a virus unloads into cells by removing its genes and inserting [new] ones.

To be continued…


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Who or what would do such a thing?

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Are we witnessing a financial reset, an evolutionary one, or perhaps a combination of the two?

Dr. John Reizer

Sometimes, I cannot turn off my mind, and I find myself thinking about things that most people probably consider to be strange and off-limits from public discussion. I cannot stop wondering why the controlling powers — the few who control the many — decided now is the point in history to pull the plug and reset the world?

If you are in the small group that controls everything and manages the Earth show, why would you want to destroy the very system of control that works so well? If you’re in the one percent club, don’t you need the 99 percent to exist so that you have something to manage? Is everything currently happening truly about a financial reset?

Is it possible that the one-percenters allegedly running the world are in reality managing the Earth show for something else? I know that the cognitive dissonance is flooding your brain right now, but resist the urge to close your eyes and fall back asleep!

We are all recipients of unverifiable information. Nobody can know for sure what the few who control the many are planning or thinking. We all have beliefs that directly produce ideas in our minds about what is transpiring in the world. But at the end of the day, no matter how strong we feel about our perceived understanding of life on earth and the reality construct that we embrace and believe to be genuine — we could still be wrong!

It isn’t very comforting if you can critically think about what is happening in the world and comprehend the enormity of the situation and what we are experiencing. I am not writing about being uncomfortable personally — although what is happening is uncomfortable and frightening for many individuals — but instead I am writing about how scary things appear on a much bigger scale for all of humanity.

Transforming the Human Genome?

Why would human beings want to transform the genetics (blueprints) of their species? When you begin administering gene-altering concoctions that can forever modify the DNA codes of humanity, it should send chills up the spines of everybody. I keep thinking to myself, what in the heck is going on here? Is there something much bigger and sinister taking place than what we perceive is a global genocide?

Do We Want to Open this Jar of Worms?

If we take into consideration the scientific findings of archaeologists (and once again, we don’t know how reliable or accurate scientific findings reported by mainstream sources might be) we are led to believe that rapid changes in human evolutionary development have occurred. Were all the evolutionary changes in human beings naturally occurring over the eons of time or were gene edits entered into our DNA codes by intelligent civilizations or extraterrestrial civilizations that decided to play “God” with the blueprints they happened upon?

Population Reduction and Rapidly Changing the Human Genome through Vaccines?

Such questions are interesting and worth thinking about if you have the time and curiosity to do so. At the end of the day, no matter how much we ponder these sorts of things, we can’t be sure about the true history connected to our evolutionary development and the genetic codes responsible for the creation and continual reproduction of the biological spacesuits we occupy while living on Earth.

What do you think about this subject?


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