Did The POTUS Admit The Coronavirus Case Numbers Are Unreliable?

By Dr. John Reizer

I was watching the POTUS today (April 15, 2020) after returning home from work and was absolutely shocked to hear him openly question the coronavirus case numbers being reported worldwide. I don’t sit around watching the mainstream news that often, so I am not sure if this is the first time Mr. Trump has questioned the case numbers in public. But what I heard the POTUS say tonight had to be upsetting to the architects of the fake pandemic.

The POTUS told members of the press and the American public that he had questions about the accuracy of the case numbers being reported from some of the countries around the world.

Here’s the transcript from the president’s press briefing:

Well, you don’t know what you have. Do you think you’re getting honest numbers from some of these countries? Do you really believe those numbers in this vast country called China, and that they have a certain number of cases and a certain number of that? Does anybody really believe that? Here’s a story, we report everything, we’re reporting the cases and our reporting is good. We’re reporting every death. In fact, I see this morning where New York added 3000 deaths, because they died and they’re now saying rather than it was a heart attack, they’re saying it was a heart attack caused by this. So they’re ready. If you look at it, that’s it.”

Wow! Did the POTUS tell the American people that a lot of the coronavirus case numbers are misleading and that the state of New York added an additional 3,000 deaths to the coronavirus fatality list that had really died from heart disease?

I have been writing for a while now that the case numbers associated with this fake pandemic are not accurate. What President Trump said today about New York changing 3,000 deaths from heart disease to 3,000 coronavirus deaths is precisely what’s been happening all along. The statistical reporting of case numbers and deaths coming from the coronavirus is misleading and being falsified.

I don’t know if Mr. Trump meant for the comment about New York State to come out the way it did. Still, the president told the American people exactly what’s happening concerning the statistical reporting of deaths related to the pandemic. Many people are dying from other things that are not attached to the coronavirus and are being incorrectly added to the wrong statistical pool to pad the numbers.

My take on everything transpiring is that the POTUS is ready to end this thing very soon. He has Dr. Fauci behind the scenes mostly, and when he does come out, he’s not getting too much mic time.

Also, Mr. Trump has decided to defund the WHO. He hasn’t come out and said that they’re the masterminds behind a fake pandemic, but he’s cutting them off financially speaking. The POTUS has stated for the record that the organization has provided the US with lousy guidance and information. But is Mr. Trump just saying this because it’s the best way to neutralize the WHO without actually saying the obvious; they’re the architects behind the fakery taking place?

I think the POTUS is working on a US exit strategy that will get the country back to work as fast as possible while attempting to maintain the credibility of the medical profession and its handler, big pharma.

Things are really beginning to get interesting. Stay tuned…

The US Government’s Plan to Reopen the Country

Dr. John Reizer

The POTUS, in his latest press briefing (April 14, 2020), has announced that he will be speaking with the leaders of industry and other significant areas that make up the fabric of society in an attempt to reopen the country. While hinting several times during his presentation that the country is getting close to reopening, Mr. Trump refrained from announcing a specific date.

The POTUS said he will also discuss the matter of reopening the country with the 50 governors of individual states and let each of those leaders decide when to reopen their respective jurisdictions. Because different US states have varying degrees of active Covid-19 cases, it’s almost assured that some states will be reopening later than others.

While it is encouraging that Mr. Trump is finally talking about reopening the country, it seems like the overall process will be very time-consuming.

Every day that the nation remains in lockdown, small businesses are withering away. Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and need to be allowed to reopen immediately. There’s nothing that needs to be discussed. PLEASE OPEN THE COUNTRY ALREADY, MR. PRESIDENT!

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the current fake pandemic was ever allowed to take place. The entire hoax was dress rehearsed back in October 2019 by the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University in a simulated world pandemic titled EVENT 201 that mirrors the current false flag closely. 

Johns Hopkins University has published continuous data about Covid-19 since the inception of the worldwide pandemic. Bill Gates has been in the discussion almost every single day, speaking about his desire to create vaccines for everybody as well as electronic certificates to measure the public’s compliance with following the CDC’s vaccine recommendations. Some of the same key players that were involved with the simulation in October 2019 have been deeply involved with giving statistics and advice concerning the real-world pandemic.

We are living through a medical hijacking of society that was engineered by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the medical-industrial complex. And the vast majority of people still don’t understand what the hell is happening to them. They have been locked-down and self-isolating for a month and still believe an invisible microbe is lurking around the corner. But that’s how a cleverly designed psyop agenda works. It makes the citizenry believe in things that are not real.

In an ironic twist of fate, the victims of the hoax are walking around wearing masks instead of the criminals that have perpetrated the crime.

The US Government’s projection of fatalities for Covid-19, authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical geniuses counseling the POTUS, was 2.2 million people. They convinced the president that if the country was forced into a lockdown that the casualty numbers would be much lower — 200,000 people.

The powers that be couldn’t possibly fudge enough statistics through rigged lab tests and through borrowing fatalities from other diseases to create 200,000 deaths on paper. So, now that the final fudged numbers will come in at around 50,000 deaths, the powers that be will jump up and down congratulating one another that the death rate was drastically reduced because of the quarantine and social distancing practices that were implemented.

Keep in mind, all of this nonsense that has destroyed small businesses across the US was ultimately put into play to sell and reinforce a false paradigm that human beings cannot survive without taking lots of vaccines and suppressive drugs that make for-profit drug companies wealthy and more powerful than they already are.

If people aren’t damn angry about what is happening to them, I don’t know what else to write to make them understand that we have all been the victims of EVENT 202 — a fraud of enormous proportions.

My question for readers is this: Have we been so conditioned at this point that we will be ready to run for cover and self-isolate whenever the powers that be claim there’s an invisible microbe floating around?

Coronavirus Management: Sweden Has the Right Idea

Dr. John Reizer

If you want to see how a country should handle an infectious disease scenario the correct way, look no farther than the country of Sweden. I believe Sweden is the only sovereign nation that has not shut down its economy and has allowed businesses and society to continue to operate despite the threat of the coronavirus.

The Swedes have not locked down citizens, ordering them to stay in their homes because of a potentially harmful virus that’s allegedly terrorizing the world. Instead, the country and its government have put into practice the concept of herd immunity. The theory maintains that by allowing people to conduct life, as usual, members of society will garner lifelong, natural immunity from a given infectious disease faster than if they remained hidden and sequestered in a quarantined environment.

Herd immunity allows people to become infected, recover, and naturally strengthen the human immune system from potentially harmful microbes. It’s part of the innate logic of human physiology that allows people to be able to naturally adapt to their everchanging environments. This natural process of adaptation is the reason why seven billion people can coexist with trillions of microorganisms at any given time without problems. The exception to this rule would be when the population is forced to deal with a fake viral epidemic like the one currently taking place.

And if you look at the numbers being supplied by the health regulatory agencies at the time of this writing, Sweden sits at just under 11,000 Covid-19 cases with about 900 deaths. They’re doing about as well or better than countries locked down and under quarantine. When the dust finally settles, the Swedish people will have lifelong immunity from the virus, will not require any type of vaccine to protect them from future infections, and their economy will be intact.

As I have written previously, there’s no scientific proof that keeping the world’s population quarantined provides society with better protection against infectious germs than letting them face the microbes head-on. What American doctors and other healthcare practitioners have ordered in the way of self- isolation strategies, to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, is entirely ridiculous from a biological standpoint. And the results being reported daily in real-time prove that self-isolation techniques do not work.

Keep in mind that the Covid-19 case numbers being reported by regulatory agencies worldwide are inaccurate because the lab testing procedures regularly record many false-positive cases, and there are doctors across the globe being actively encouraged to falsify the number of deaths caused by the virus.

Social Distancing: The Implementation of Psychological Warfare on Humanity

By Dr. John Reizer

Perception versus reality are three critical words to consider as you read this article. The understanding is that the world is in a war against a viral microbe called Covid-19. The reality is that this is not even close to being the truth. Germs do not make people sick. A weak immune system is a sole determinant in whether a person becomes infected from naturally occurring bacteria and viruses in our environment.

The perception is that a plethora of drugs and antiviral medicines can improve a human being’s chances of staying healthy in the presence of Covid-19. The reality is that these drugs rapidly weaken human immunity and predispose people to higher risks of infection from bacteria and viruses in general.

The perception is that vaccines strengthen immunity by introducing an attenuated version of a virus and that this helps the immune system to build antibodies against the disease. The reality is that vaccines weaken human immunity and are responsible for the proliferation of many diseases worldwide.

The lesson here is that what is often perceived by people to be reality is often far removed from the truth. And because many of the things we have long believed to be the truth have been presented to us by so-called trusted sources, it’s difficult for most of us to relearn the truth. Cognitive dissonance floods our brains and precludes us from challenging the lies that have been suffocating our minds since we were firstborn.

We have been instructed and aggressively encouraged by health regulatory agencies to practice social-distancing as a strategy to mitigate the perception of a rapidly spreading coronavirus across the world. We have been told that by remaining isolated from others, the virus’s expansion throughout the world community that cannot be contained, can, in fact, be slowed down.

In reality, the best way to get a nation of people protected against bacterial and viral germs is to let them be the social beings they innately strive to be. When people interact with one another, they become infected and recover. In allowing this process to transpire, the human immune system develops a memory against the infecting microbes and can produce lifelong antibodies. Through time the population becomes more robust and wholly resistant or not bothered by naturally occurring bacteria and viruses.

Natural herd immunity is the most efficient way to strengthen the human immune system. This is how microbiology should be taught to medical students. Unfortunately, this will never happen because the truth about this subject is an inconvenient scenario for the plethora of drug-makers that profit enormously from producing vaccines.

By practicing social-distancing, we are actually weakening the population’s ability, collectively speaking, to defend itself against naturally occurring germs. Once again, we are being instructed as a society to comply with prescriptive remedies that are perceived by the masses to protect us from Covid-19 when, in reality, they are accomplishing the opposite effect.

Social-distancing (Social-Isolation) has a devastating effect on the psyche of the human mind. In prisons and during times of war, prisoners are punished by being placed in solitary confinement. The lockdown and social isolation of human beings can cause severe depression in people and a general feeling of helplessness and despair.

Psychologists have known for many years that isolating people is harmful to the human mind and also from a physiological standpoint the body. There is also a much higher incidence of hypertension in people that are isolated from others, and there is also a greater tendency for people to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease when they are practicing social isolation. And there is suggestive evidence that self-isolation reduces the overall effectiveness of human immunity.

In my opinion, social-distancing is being used as a psychological weapon (psychological warfare) against the members of society, just as drugs and vaccines have been strategically used for years by big pharma as weapons against the human immune system.

We are all presently fighting something perilous. But our common enemy is not the coronavirus or any other naturally occurring microorganisms.

Mr. President: It’s Time to End the Lockdown

April 10, 2020

Dear President Trump,

It’s time to end the lockdown of our country over the coronavirus pandemic. It’s becoming more and more apparent each day that you and 330 million other Americans have been fooled by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the doctors that have been advising you about Covid-19.

The pandemic is a brilliantly crafted piece of fiction that has been used by a group of magicians to scare Americans and people in other sovereign territories into believing that a killer virus is on the loose causing tremendous loss of life.

All the testing you have authorized is producing false-positive results in approximately 20-25 percent of the population. And the reason for this is because that is the same percentage of the country’s population that has encountered coronaviruses either presently or at some point in their lives.

The case numbers and deaths being reported in real-time are not reflective of COVID-19 cases, they’re a reflection of the population’s experiences with other coronaviruses (common colds).

The people dying have been plagued by other respiratory illnesses and by chance have tested positive for Covid-19 because of the test kits being flawed. The case numbers are being incorrectly input, from a statistical standpoint, into the wrong disease column. This is fraudulent medical reporting and it’s being done intentionally.

And even if you want to believe in the false narrative being fed to you by various medical authorities, the raw numbers associated with the virus pale in comparison to influenza cases we have dealt with on an annual basis for many decades.

The time has come for you to display superior leadership skills and order your medical advisors to stand down. Your country is being destroyed right in front of your eyes by a common cold virus and the only person that can stop what is happening is you, Mr. President.

The entire coronavirus scenario has been introduced to the world to sell healthcare consumers more drugs and a new vaccine.

People don’t need a coronavirus vaccine and more antiviral medicines. They are sick enough already from years of taking poisonous products manufactured by big pharma companies.

We are all counting on you, Mr. President. Please don’t let the American people down. It’s time to wrap up this farcical story and start rebuilding the country’s economy and the people’s faith in the American government.


Dr. John Reizer

Certain Death For You – A Satirical Article

By Dr. John Reizer

You’re home watching television, and every fifteen minutes, the network programming is interrupted by a drug advertisement. The products vary greatly, but they all share one commonality that cannot be overlooked. They’re all potentially dangerous to human physiology and can make you sick and even die.

According to any given ad spot, CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU was approved by the FDA and has undergone years of rigorous medical research. And this is what the scientific geniuses that are paid by the medical-industrial complex and performing the analysis on CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU discovered:

CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU can cause the human immune system not to work correctly predisposing persons taking the drug to a large number of serious diseases; it can cause various forms of cancers; it can halt the body’s natural abilities to defend itself against cancerous tumors; it can cause serious, irreparable complications in the body; it can cause coma; it can cause death.

After the long list of adverse reactions is painfully read, the narrator goes on to suggest that the viewing audience should ask their medical physicians if CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU might be beneficial for their specific health condition. Keep in mind that the entire commercial’s narrative content is being performed by an actor with a pleasant-sounding voice. Children are playing in the background, and a middle-aged woman is jumping rope.

Who the hell writes this garbage? And more importantly, why does the FDA routinely approve synthetically made poisons for healthcare consumers that are thousands of times worse than the diseases they’re supposedly managing?  And why are the products being directly marketed to healthcare consumers through television ads?

Why hasn’t the American public demanded that the FDA be held accountable for approving poisonous products in the first place? Obviously, something is terribly wrong with the governing system that’s in place. The FDA seems to have lost its ability to be objective when examining and evaluating research associated with products like CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU.

Perhaps someone needs to evaluate the FDA. They’ve been approving drugs like CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU for a long time and still regularly approve similar products for public use despite the horrific problems they can cause for human beings. Doesn’t the FDA realize that by approving CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU, and similar toxic medicines, they are sentencing millions of innocent healthcare consumers to — certain death?

Americans need to wake up and hold their government accountable. We cannot afford to sit back and take an apathetic stance on such an important topic. It’s time to become proactive and get involved. This is especially true considering the fact there’s a proposed vaccine for the coronavirus that’s being developed and rushed to market. Are people seriously going to risk their lives by taking this untested drug?

Don’t let drug companies get away with killing innocent people through the poisons they manufacture, which are broadly marketed and disingenuously presented to look like beneficial solutions to health problems. And finally, don’t let the FDA, that’s supposed to be protecting our citizens, get away with fast-tracking toxic drugs and vaccines into the healthcare market. And don’t let the FDA allow the manufacturers of said products to have liability immunity. Zero accountability for drug-makers equates to even more unsafe products being produced and inserted into the marketplace.

It’s because the FDA allows this type of activity to take place that it continues. American citizens need to stand up and be counted. We need to become committed to the cause of making the FDA operate with integrity and fulfill its mission to protect all citizens against dangerous foods and drugs, as was initially intended by the United States Government!

How We Get The Government’s Attention:

We are going to have to organize nationwide with large numbers of people who are willing to take part in public demonstrations. But first, people must overcome their fear of germs. We have to demand from our government that they reopen the country.  Letters to representatives will not get the job done!

Covid-19, The World Government, and The New World Order

By Dr. John Reizer

The Covid-19 world pandemic is being used by the powers that be as a means of reaching an end goal — a New World Order.  It’s all part of the United Nations’ master plan of sustainable development, which translated into simpler terms, equates to planetary slavery for the masses that is ultimately run by big corporations.

Concerning the fake coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that a significant tentacle of the United Nations is the World Health Organization, which writes the policies and sets the directives the CDC and other health regulatory agencies are following. There are also a plethora of biotech corporations and pharmaceutical giants inside the mix of corruption taking place.

The United Nations is in the process of implementing strategies that will reeducate (indoctrinate) the world’s children in such a way that they systematically fall in line with and embrace specific goals that have been designed to usher in a completely different looking world.

The strategies I am writing about were created by a think tank that believes there’s a genuine need to deal with a planet that is overpopulated and using up natural resources at a quantity and rate of speed that is considered by experts as being unsustainable.

The goals of the New World Order are to:

  1. Transfer the world’s wealth to the super-rich at the expense of the middle-class.
  2. Increase the numbers of genetically modified crops and foodstuffs to create more deficient nutrition, which will lead to human immunity challenges and more diseases.
  3. Mandate vaccines for every living person on the planet, which will cause the proliferation of diseases around the world.
  4. Brainwash young children to follow NWO ideas and discourage them from critically-thinking about important world issues.
  5. Blur the lines between sexuality and gender identity.
  6. Allow mega-corporations to control the planet’s water supplies.
  7. Create taxes on household goods and limit their availability.
  8. Establish minimum wages for employment opportunities and not reward jobs to the most qualified applicants for specific trades.
  9. Make unnecessary changes to existing infrastructure that will increase taxes and financial burdens on the citizenry worldwide.
  10. Create international trade agreements that are beneficial to big corporations and harmful to individual citizens.
  11. Relocate citizens into large urban communities with heightened security and increased surveillance.
  12. Restrict or limit the use of power and energy consumption and impose penalties on offending citizens.
  13. Create carbon taxes to combat alleged global warming issues.
  14. Create additional licenses and fines for fishermen that exceed published fishing limits.
  15. Limit citizens’ use and enjoyment of natural resources.
  16. Create tracking technology for all citizens and increase the size and density of the police-state already in existence.
  17. Gradually blur the lines of national sovereignty and dissolve individual countries and replace them with world territories.

Source Material

The current world pandemic is simply another problem-reaction-solution scenario that has been launched by the powers that be. It’s an attempt to nudge the herd in a pre-determined direction that is necessary to achieve the world government’s ultimate plan of establishing a New World Order.

Yes, there is a MATRIX, and we are living within the construct of its borders.

Covid-19 And The World Government

By Dr. John Reizer

There are multiple agendas taking place concerning the coronavirus world pandemic. This event that has, for all intents and purposes, shut down the world is being orchestrated by a world governing body that remains hidden from the public.

The powers that be running the Earth show are altering the way they manage the herd with respect to economic, social, political, and healthcare standpoints. This is why we are in the midst of a fake viral pandemic.

Most people will be unable to comprehend the fact that a world government is already in place and writes the policies of individual sovereign territories. But it’s true, and the Covid-19 fakery illustrates the strength and influence this governing body possesses.

Regardless of where you are living, you have been impacted by a plethora of draconian policies that have been implemented by a world government. The mandates have been handed down to the leaders of different nations, and those managers have obediently followed the orders. This is the way of the world whether or not you believe in or understand the hierarchy of control that currently exists.

In this article, I will briefly discuss the medical objectives the world government has demanded to be implemented by all nations.

From a healthcare standpoint, this pandemic has everything to do with introducing broadly a new coronavirus vaccine that will be used and marketed similarly to already existing seasonal influenza vaccine products.

Because of the pandemic, tremendous gains have already been made with regard to crushing anti-vaxxer organizations. Religious and philosophical exemptions that have traditionally protected human beings from being forced to take drugs against their will now have a much harder road ahead of them with respect to being able to survive future planned legislation to remove said exemptions.

The tracking of all medical records by different governments is well underway, and this technology will make it easier for vaccine and drug compliance mandates to be monitored for individuals and updated in real-time by certain authorities.

Traveling, attending public schools, obtaining a driver’s license, and other things we need to be able to do to live healthy, happy lives might be restricted if people are not current and up to date with what will become known as minimal medical compliance standards. Electronic compliance certificates will probably be issued or withheld, depending on people’s willingness to obey or disobey the world government’s wishes.

What is currently happening also has a lot to do with the world government’s desire to make a powerful statement. They want the public to know that their lives and livelihoods can be brought to a halt at any given time they want to roll out another fake virus. And you can be sure, the powers that be will be flexing their muscles often in the future.

Covid-19 Testing, Event 201 and Fact Checking Websites

By Dr. John Reizer


The coronavirus world pandemic and the theatrics associated with the circus-like show are getting more ridiculous by the day. People are being forced to stay in isolated locations and are watching nonstop mainstream news coverage of a purported virus that has affected society.

The most significant indicator of the disease’s continued rise is real-time statistics being offered by health regulatory agencies. And those statistics are the product of positive lab tests that are, for all intents and purposes, useless because of the fact that the tests register positive results for common cold viruses (also coronaviruses) in addition to the primary infection they have been supposedly designed to identify.

I repeat, the test kits being used to identify positive Covid-19 cases are useless. That means the test results are giving inaccurate data to health regulatory agencies. This also means that the numbers we see being reported each day are incorrect and extremely misleading.

Event 201 and Fact-Checking Websites

The Event 201 dress rehearsal for what is now occurring worldwide (Event 202) took place back in October 2019. Johns Hopkins University, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Economic Forum were involved with this novel coronavirus simulation that without question mirrors the current world pandemic and coronavirus that has the world in lockdown. The similarities are so blatantly obvious that it’s embarrassing that nobody in the mainstream media ever addresses the giant pink elephant situated in the middle of the proverbial living room.

But wait for a second, there is a fact-checking website (USA Today) that has come to our rescue. They have done their due diligence and have carefully examined the situation and the concerns about Event 201. After close inspection, here’s what the fact-checking people at USA Today have concluded about the dress rehearsal for Covid-19:

“Although Event 201 was a real event affiliated with high-profile medical professionals, business leaders and government actors, the claim that the event predicted the current pandemic, or is tied to it directly in some way, is unfounded. We rate this claim FALSE because it is not supported by our research. There is no reason to believe that the current pandemic will resemble the Event 201 simulation, despite coincidences in the modeling and timing of the simulation.”

And the USA Today fact-checking geniuses came to their above-listed conclusion by asking the people who designed the simulation if there was any connection between Event 201 and Covid-19.

USA Today’s Fact-Checking Sources:

Well, that settles it, readers. Now we know for sure, Event 201 was not a simulation for Event 202 (what’s taking place presently) because USA Today fact-checked everything and there’s absolutely nothing to see there.

Have a good day, everybody, keep watching the news, and keep track of those real-time statistics that are being generated by completely useless lab tests.