Stop blaming inflation on everything but the truth!

Dr. John Reizer

Americans want to blame inflation on everything under the sun except the real reason it occurs.

Inflation (the decreased buying power of dollars, or the increased cost of goods and services) is caused by the Federal Reserve System’s printing of currency not backed by precious metals.

Every time another dollar is printed by the Fed, it decreases the value of the other dollars already in circulation.

Federal notes are backed by nothing!

American cash used to be as good as gold. Do you know why? Because American dollars used to be backed by silver and gold stored in a government vault.

The serial numbers printed on US currency years ago identified the precious metals backing the currency.

After the Federal Reserve came into existence, the gold-backed currency was removed and replaced by monetary notes/loans. The serial numbers on US dollars today represent promises by the government to back the value of the money.

When the dollar was backed by precious metals, there was no inflation. The government couldn’t print more money than it had in gold and silver.

In today’s world, the U.S. government can print as much money as it wants. This is called a fiat currency system. In a fiat currency system, the money is not backed by anything of substance. It’s a Ponzi scheme that is legal for banks to run because the Federal Reserve System says it’s legal.

If you or I printed money and distributed it to society, the authorities would throw us in jail. The Federal Reserve System does this practice every day.

Fractional Reserve Lending

Have you ever heard of the words Fractional Reserve Lending? You would be surprised to know how many Americans never learned about this subject in school.

For every dollar a person deposits into a US bank, the bank can create ten dollars out of thin air, and lend those dollars to bank customers. This is outright fraud, yet it is legal for banks to do.

Most of the dollars people believe they have in bank accounts don’t exist. The banks don’t have enough dollars in their inventory to satisfy the accounts of all their customers. If more than a few people went to a bank and asked to have all their dollars withdrawn, the bank would have to close its doors or deny the withdrawal requests.


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World Banking System Not Religion Behind Terrorism

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

When you watch and listen to what transpires around the world through the eyes and ears of the corporately owned media, it’s very easy to become confused and hoodwinked into believing that terrorists are at every corner just waiting to wreak havoc on unsuspecting citizens.

Remember this key fact; the powerful forces that control the media and public perception, ultimately, control the world. And this is exactly what we are witnessing today. There are a lot of sleight of hand operations being executed by magicians all over the world.

The powers that control world order continue to run aggressive campaigns that have the common goal of making people in the United States, Europe and other select locations around the world believe that radical Islamic terrorists are everywhere and waiting to strike at a moment’s notice. All of these terror cells are, without a doubt, funded and trained by the military industrial complex under the approval of the powers that be.

We have all become very aware of the buzz names: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. There appears to be a religious war in progress between the Judeo-Christian nations of the world and radical Islamic types. It seems as if everyday there is another horrible attack that is being carried out by radical Islamic terror cells. Why is this happening? Is Islam a religion based on hatred like so many people have claimed or is there something else behind all of these attacks?

Prior to the 911 terror events, which were officially blamed on radical Muslims in 2001, there were a number of countries in the world that operated currency systems through their own independent central banks. In the years prior to the 911 attacks, these same countries were systematically targeted, by the powers that be, for elimination and a reconfiguring of their banking systems.

It is important to note that the countries I am referring to have traditionally been able to avoid problems with monetary inflation as well as any other forms of national debt. Unlike the debt free countries, the European Union member countries, the United States, and other locations throughout the world have always been submerged in constant and uncontrollable debt. In addition, inflation has always been a major obstacle for citizens in these respective territories.

The World Banking System, which is also controlled and operated by the powers that be, desperately wants to add the financially independent countries into its very real game of Monopoly. That game of Monopoly, by design, will permanently enslave every country on the planet that it does business with.

The World Banking System will never stop its efforts to enslave the entire planet until it has achieved its ultimate goal of taking down all countries not participating in its incredibly devious monetary system.

When a given country is tied to the World Banking System’s fiat currency trap, either directly or indirectly speaking, it and its citizenry are permanently shackled to uncontrollable debt and inflation. Simply written; place a country into hopeless debt and you will own and control that nation and its people forever.

Prior to 911, the powerful banking cartel that controls the World Banking System placed in its cross hairs the countries of, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, and Syria. Fast forward to 2015 and it is a fact that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have already lost their currency systems or have had them reworked in such a way that they are directly or indirectly managed through a system of debt and inflation under the control of the World banking System.

The countries of Syria and Iran are the next big targets that have been selected for a reconfiguring of their banking systems. You can pretty much be assured that recent and future terrorist activities happening around the world will be blamed on radical Islamic people that will be conveniently tied to the countries of Syria and Iran. This will allow the military industrial complex to invade Syria and Iran under a false pretense of eliminating dangerous terror cells.

In conclusion, the war that is supposedly being waged against terrorism is not really about a difference in opinion over Islam and Judeo-Christian philosophies. It is a war being waged on independent countries that oppose the World Banking System’s desire to enslave them and their respective citizens. It is a war that is being unleashed on the remaining countries in the world that do not wish to take part in a one world currency system that is based on fiat money. It is a war that, if goes as planned, will allow the most powerful families in the world to completely control the entire world’s population.

What do you think about this subject?