How to create the perfect infectious disease psyop without an actual pathogen

Dr. John Reizer

The biggest infectious disease psyop ever pulled off on the world stage began at the end of 2019, but the planning of this operation had been in the works for decades.

Most people in the world embrace and believe what they are taught about life by their parents, teachers, and other respected sources of information they trust.

In the case of organized medicine and general medical knowledge, most people rely almost entirely on what mainstream science has to say about health or the presence of disease in the human body.

What most people don’t understand is that there are many trusted sources of information that regularly hand down disinformation to the masses. This is especially true in the professions of medicine and microbiology.

The infectious disease paradigm we have been exposed to and led to believe is accurate for decades is based to a large extent on outright lies.

Microbes don’t make people sick. When people cannot adapt to the presence of microbes adequately, they become ill. It is always a breakdown in immunity that causes sickness versus the presence of a pathogen.

If the mere presence of pathogens made us ill, life would not be possible on Earth. What science has identified and inappropriately labeled as pathogens exist everywhere at all times. If mainstream science’s infectious disease paradigm was accurate, healthy human beings could never exist.

If someone wants to make humans sick, the key to doing so is by weakening human immunity and not by introducing naturally occurring or genetically modified microbial pathogens into the Earth’s environment.

Creating the perfect Psyop

1. Announce the discovery of a mysterious illness in a specific location of the world that causes similar symptoms in people to already known diseases.

2. Provide massive amounts of media coverage around the clock about the new illness.

3. Create the narrative that medical experts are baffled by the presence of the new illness.

4. Report that the novel disease is spreading to new areas and has not been contained.

5. Add to the narrative that a few scientists have isolated a few genomic sequences of the new pathogen that look similar to other already known microbial troublemakers.

6. Create a distinct genomic signature of the new disease by feeding data into a supercomputer about a few of the genetic materials scientists believe represent the novel pathogen.

7. Publish the computer-generated signature of the novel pathogen in science journals and pretend the sequence was isolated in entirety from a live patient.

8. Create a lab tool from existing PCR technology that can identify common genetic materials in all humans and make sure the reported results are amplified to a ridiculously high level so that a high percentage of test results come back false-positive.

9. Mass produce the diagnostic PCR and antigen test kits and ship them to every country in the world.

10. Keep reporting through mainstream media outlets that more people are getting ill and the disease is spreading and out of control.

11. Have health regulatory agencies announce that reliable tests are available at testing centers and that people should get tested to be safe.

12. Build fake case numbers by the millions courtesy of the rigged lab tests and create the illusion that multiple epidemics have begun worldwide.

13. Have the World Health Organization declare a global pandemic so that Emergency Use Authorizations can be implemented in every country on the planet.

14. Roll out “experimental vaccines” that were designed in advance to weaken human immunity, sterilize large segments of the population, and murder others.

15. Indemnify or hold harmless all vaccine makers, medical facilities, and affiliated medical personnel from legal consequences stemming from injuries and deaths directly caused by the medicinal products.

16. Create and release several false narratives that claim the virus escaped or was released by a gain of function laboratory in a hostile foreign country.

17. Poison people in select locations worldwide via electronic and biological technologies that can simulate what people have been taught are airborne pathogenic diseases.

18. Under no circumstances whatsoever admit publicly that the pathogen and its related disease are nonexistent entities.


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