Michael Morris: The game is going to end!

Michael Wants to Speak! Here’s A little science fiction from my alter ego. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself — Dr. Reizer

By Michael Morris

The writing is on the proverbial wall — you have been targeted for elimination from the ultimate simulation known as the Earth game by a secret world government that exists within the parameters of the game and has absolute control over every sovereign country in existence. The government in the country you reside is knowingly and willingly participating in a global genocidal plot to cull a significant portion of the human population while sterilizing many others.

Some of the COVID-19 vaccines being administered are placebos, but there’s no sure way to know what ingredients are contained in one vaccine lot from another. Do you want to play vaccine Russian roulette?

If you are one of the many skeptics who disbelieve what I have written above, do not bother to read the rest of this article because the content will both confuse and disturb you.

The Game/Simulation

I refuse to sugarcoat for anyone what is happening concerning the simulation.

If you live on Earth, you are participating in a very complex computer simulation that has been designed by infinite consciousness so that it can continuously acquire knowledge. There are both novice and advanced players within the game. There are also many other games taking place, but humans on Earth are not players in them.

The game is scheduled for future termination, and there are players so heavily invested in the illusion that they do not want the experience to conclude. These players are addicted to the positions of power and wealth they have accumulated within the simulation parameters.

It is hard for avatars living (not really) in a computer simulation with genuine game codes (DNA) to comprehend that the world around them is not real. But in the case of Earth, truth is stranger than fiction.

When the avatars inside a game begin to take actions that directly modify the game’s internal codes that will alter the simulation’s expressions — the game master will terminate the simulation.

In previous posts on this forum, I have described how Vast Intelligence regularly broadcasts universal Frequency Codes in great detail. I have also described how DNA can convert said frequencies into solidness through a process I refer to as solidification.

It is vital to comprehend the following facts that pertain to Earth and the reality construct that exists within the simulation:

  1. Life on Earth is a holographic experience derived from a frequency-generated blueprint.
  2. A human being’s perception of reality is far removed from absolute reality.
  3. Time does not exist outside the parameters of the holographic experience being realized by sentient beings.
  4. Everything and anything appearing to be solid is a frequency signature.
  5. When solid subatomic particles revert to Universal Frequency Codes, time cannot exist. In the absence of solid particles, physicality is nonexistent, and there are no physical objects in existence capable of passing through space, which requires the passage of time.
  6. When Universal Frequency Codes are transformed through solidification into solid subatomic particles, time exists because solid particles can pass through space, which requires time.

Try to forget for a moment everything you believe you know about the world and what you perceive to be reality. I am cognizant that this is not easy to do because even though you are part of infinite consciousness and know everything about existence, you are prevented from accessing that knowledge while participating as an avatar inside the construct of the simulation.

Did you ever watch the MATRIX movie? If not, do so today! That is, for the most part, what is happening on Earth.

The game was constructed by a Vast Intelligence so that infinite consciousness could continue to expand and learn from valuable experiences that could only be played out in a simulated venue.

The game has been set up so that soul fragments of Vast Intelligence can experience physicality in a third-dimensional environment. Vast Intelligence seeks to expand and broaden its knowledge base continually. One of the ways it can achieve this goal is to experience different dimensional venues. Vast Intelligence creates and gathers experiences from some locations from inside platforms that human beings cannot understand. However, the human comprehension of other-dimensional venues is not necessary to understand what is currently transpiring on Earth.

Vast Intelligence has been operating the simulated Earth game for a very long time. Of course, time is illusionary and does not exist from other perspectives of reality. To make things easier to understand, I am writing here in terms that apply to the simulated Earth game, as it exists in its third-dimensional setting.

Vast Intelligence’s soul fragments have been continuously reincarnating into biological vessels on Earth to expand its knowledge base. Everything in existence aims to develop knowledge to create future worlds and platforms to allow for additional games and expressions of simulated life.

The program’s specific quarantine of certain frequencies that regularly protects the different dimensional perspectives has been compromised. This breach in the security matrix of the game has allowed other entities into your dimensional construct. This situation does not usually exist on different planes home to sentient beings, also taking part in a third-dimensional platform.

The manipulative and parasitic nature of this particular interdimensional species created a unique opportunity for soul fragments to experience rapid learning on Earth for a period of third-dimensional time. However, the big picture of things has also precluded further expansion of Vast Intelligence’s knowledge base.

Because of the compromise within the computer program, some areas of the game have been scheduled for termination by Vast Intelligence. The End Game signifies the commencement of the end of soul fragments reincarnating inside a third-dimensional Earth platform.

COVID-19 and the world pandemic were brought to fruition in the Earth year 2020 (the time sequence within the game) by a group of avatars (game players) that do not want the simulation to end. They are attempting to change the internal game codes that yield the expressions of the game board (Earth) and the plethora of avatars (people) participating in the global simulation.

The world pandemic is a last-ditch effort by the “one percent” of avatars trying to hijack the simulation from Vast Intelligence, which works for the Prime Creator (GOD).

The one-percenters are AI (artificial Intelligence) avatars attempting to modify the game and prevent Vast Intelligence from launching its final computer file titled: THE END GAME!


Our Success is in Your Hands!

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Dr. John Reizer


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5 thoughts on “Michael Morris: The game is going to end!

  1. Lisa August 19, 2021 / 4:48 pm

    As always, I love the wisdom of Michael Morris, John!
    I have always taken this end game to mean the end of the third dimension, which is our current existence. And the vast intelligence (god) wanting to up their game by moving on to higher dimensions.
    This parasitic interdimensional species interfered with the progression of soul fragments (that exist in our human shells or biological space suits, as you would say!)
    I found the following information from Expansion of Consciousness. Is this similar to the beliefs of Michael Morris, John?
    The Manipulation
    “The planet has been in spiritual warfare for 27,000 years. The Cabal (parasitic species) have no power, they are not a part of the Source. So how did we end up here? Because the Cabal had one advantage over humanity and that was their understanding over humanity and their understanding of energy. After the fall of Atlantis, humanity was knocked down into an amnesia and a deep delirium hat allowed the darker forces to move in and take control. Their awareness of energy was hidden from the Collective so that they would not remember that they are in fact the ones who hold the power.
    The only reason the Matrix is still standing, barely, is because it exists within each EGO mind. By inserting fear into our consciousness, belief systems were created and these belief systems shape the way you see reality. We are all a part of Source therefore we hold the power to create.
    Humanity was manipulated into creating their own hell and the Cabal’s Heaven. 99% of beings on this planet unconsciously serve the Cabal, the darkness & illusion on a daily basis and have no idea that they are doing it.”

    • NoFakeNews August 19, 2021 / 4:58 pm

      I think you nailed it, Lisa. Earth seems to be a platform where good and evil are always in a dance with one another. The players in the game have to deal with these polarities in each incarnation.

      I have always believed the reincarnation cycle is the trap we have to work hard to get out from to climb an ascensional ladder.


      • Lisa August 19, 2021 / 5:03 pm

        I totally agree, John! 🙂


  2. sandy edwards August 20, 2021 / 6:49 am

    Dr. Reizer, You should consider writing a Michael Morris book. Possibly a big seller for you. I was trying to get the concept of good vs evil across in my post about “The Stand” by Stephen King but I guess it didn’t go over that well with everyone. lol

    • NoFakeNews August 20, 2021 / 7:42 am

      Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for your input on Michael Morris. I think Michael might have a lot more to say in the immediate future if there is such a thing.

      On another note, some people are rude and don’t know how to behave in a public forum. I think you handled yourself exceptionally well through your written comments yesterday. As always, thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with the group.


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