My Take On Exosomes and Viruses

Dr. John Reizer

I have been inundated with private emails asking me to explain my theory concerning viruses and exosomes in greater detail since I published an article on June 30 titled, Do You Believe in Quackery?

So here is my explanation!

While it is true that I am not a microbiologist, virologist, medical doctor, or molecular biologist — it is also true that I do have an extensive background and understanding of the subjects I regularly write about on this website.

I earned a doctor of chiropractic degree 35 years ago and am a licensed healthcare provider in South Carolina. During my professional education, I sat through and passed close to 5,000 hours of coursework in basic and clinical sciences — many of which dealt with the biological sciences.

After graduating from college, I studied microbiology and other health-related subjects I discuss in this forum in even greater detail. Let’s say that I have a better than a cursory understanding of health sciences and feel qualified to comment on the materials I publish on NoFakeNews.


The conventional viewpoint concerning exosomes is that they are tiny membranous structures manufactured inside different body cells. These structures are reported to contain mRNA and other genetic components. Most scientists in the mainstream think that exosomes are probably involved with intercellular communications.

When the exosome structures eventually come into the proximity of other target cells, they are absorbed by the recipient cells through a process known as phagocytosis. Once the exosomes have been absorbed, they can deliver their genetic components to the new cellular structure.


Conventional, mainstream science maintains that a virus is simply a microscopic parasite. In other words, it requires a host cell to survive, replicate and do its magic — make people and animals sick. A viral particle contains RNA or DNA protected by a protein that surrounds the main structure.

Mainstream science would have us believe that viruses are the most plentiful pathogens on Earth. These tiny terrorists are allegedly lurking behind every corner — waiting to infect the next unlucky person to come their way.

Dr. Reizer’s View on Exosomes and Viruses

I have written many times on this website that I do not believe viruses are pathogens. I do not think any viruses have ever been adequately isolated in totality from animals or humans. I do not believe the genomic structures of viruses have been procured without the help of computer modeling techniques. I also do not believe that viruses have been proven through the rigors of science that they can infect animals or human beings.

Additionally, viruses purported by mainstream science to be a menace to animal and human life throughout the years have been confirmed or diagnosed in living beings through Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and or similar technologies that are incapable of delivering accurate tests results. This fact has been admitted by the technology’s inventor, the late Dr. Karry Mullis.

I believe that what scientists and medicine have been incorrectly identifying as viruses for decades are the genomic sequences better known as exosomes. I am not alone in this belief that viruses are, in fact, exosomes. There are microbiologists, molecular biologists, and other doctors claiming the same thing.

But I have a bit of a different take on the exosome theory than some of the alternative theorists you may have read. Like some of the other alternative doctors, I believe that the exosome is not a pathogen or virus. I don’t think that exosomes, however, produced by cells are poisons being excreted.

I think the innate logic of human immunity regularly writes genetic codes and genomic sequences (specific instructions to heal the larger organism) that are then strategically released throughout the body so that other cells can absorb them and read the genetic codes. This communication system allows various physiological expressions throughout the animal and human systems to purge or cleanse bacterial and fungal infections that have imposed their damage on a given animal or person which has become immunocompromised.

In Summary:

When your body’s natural immunity becomes compromised by too much stress, medicines, vaccines, and other toxins, naturally existing bacteria and fungi that usually would never harm you can make you ill.

The body’s natural immunity will write genetic instructions (genomic sequences) and pass them throughout the human system. The instructions tell the body how to create fever and other symptoms that kill or dismantle the infections.

The genomic sequences that deliver the messages throughout the human body to get people healthy have been mislabeled by big pharma and others as viral pathogens that can make you sick.

The false narrative described above is embraced by medical teaching institutions and passed on to the general public as science-based medicine.


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-Dr. Reizer

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7 thoughts on “My Take On Exosomes and Viruses

  1. Lisa July 1, 2021 / 6:15 pm

    Thanks for the thorough explanation, John.

    And sorry, I feel like I opened a can of worms! 😂


    • NoFakeNews July 1, 2021 / 6:25 pm

      You are welcome, Lisa. And never apologize for asking questions and bringing to our attention the work of others.

      My explanations are my opinions and may not be completely accurate. It is the conclusion that John Reizer has come to concerning this subject matter.

      As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀


      • Lisa July 1, 2021 / 6:32 pm


  2. tim July 2, 2021 / 6:11 am

    So a war against china, or world war 3, is just what ‘THEY” need to finish THE GREAT RESET ! on the world. World war 3 may be right around the corner.

    • Ian July 4, 2021 / 12:06 pm

      I was recently reading – redirected from iceagefarmer, I think – that while the rest of the world is facing grain shortages, China is stockpiling…

      As if expecting a siege perhaps?

  3. Dr-Artaud July 2, 2021 / 5:37 pm

    In a Sane World, in a Real Pandemic, they’d rush to find the cause of the death of these birds (see below), and they’d spare no expense. But yet, they aren’t doing much about this that I can see.

    My Forum Post as I posted it, with a few edifications:

    “So, in a variety of states, birds are inexplicably dying. Indiana to DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and elsewhere. Birds are found sick, the won’t even fly away from people, they twitch, and their eyes are coated or covered with some substance.

    Remember, a Wet Market, we’re supposed to believe people eating bats caused a virus to jump species, and covid resulted.

    Jumped species. Sick birds.

    Jumped species, Avian flu. But in these birds, they ruled out Avian flu, and West Nile Virus. Phew! Thank God. We can all rest.

    Oh, wait, no we can’t. In order to be safe, we need to know what’s killing the birds, there’s that jumping species factor. But the govt that showed you a computer rendered image of covid, one that created a faulty covid test – hey, the test works, but the significance of the test is dispute. It’s a research tool, it was never intended to be used as a test.Too many cycles of the test will show things that may be of no significance.

    During a pandemic caused by a virus jumping species, I’d think a sane society would send their best to determine what’s killing the birds. Heck, they can use the PCR process, they can make computer models of the offending virus, for if they can’t, how’d they do it with covid? Either we can isolate viruses, or we can’t. If we can, isolate the bird virus.

    Yet, maybe they already know what’s killing them. Is the govt releasing pathogens? Is the govt using Chemicals to do weather modification? 115 degrees in Portland (above 110 for 3 Days). Heat wave killing hundreds in Canada. Areas of England suffering. Billy Gates, he’s a guru of vaccines and weather modification. He comes from a family that was obsessed with family planning, and his vaccination drives have purportedly killed and maimed thousands.

    I’m sorry, if they can’t figure out what’s killing birds how did they figure out covid, and if they’re not trying to find what is killing birds, with massive allocations of resources, it doesn’t sound like they think covid jumped species.”

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