Do You Believe in Quackery?

Dr. John Reizer

Quackery — a dishonest practice that claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine!

I want to tell you about a tiny germ that is constantly changing its shape and design. It’s so little that no one can see it without magical glasses.

The germ can enter your body, infect its cells and make you have terrible diseases that magical potions can only manage.

Humans have no natural protection against this nearly invisible structure. The only thing that offers people protection against the tiny terrorist is a special potion that needs to be put in your arm by an instrument called a syringe.

Sometimes the tiny germ won’t make you sick at all. Instead, it stays in your body quietly and waits for you to pass it on to your friends and relatives so that it can make them sick and have to be made well by magic potions.

The only sure way to know if you have the tiny germ in your body is to visit a special priest who wears a white coat. The priest has a magic wand they stick in your nose that tells them if you have the germ in your body.

If you follow the priest’s instructions and believe that the magic wand and potions work, you are praised by others who also believe the same things.

If you don’t follow the priest’s instructions and believe the magic wand and potions work, you are ridiculed by others who believe the words and wisdom of the priest.

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A large portion of modern medicine is based on quackery and unscientific principles that have been inserted into the profession and promoted by big pharma.

When your body’s natural immunity becomes compromised by too much stress, medicines, vaccines, and other toxins, naturally existing bacteria and fungi that usually would never harm you can make you ill.

The body’s natural immunity will write genetic instructions (genomic sequences) and pass them throughout the human system. The instructions tell the body how to create fever and other symptoms that kill or dismantle the infections.

The genomic sequences that deliver the messages throughout the human body to get people healthy have been mislabeled by big pharma and others as viral pathogens that can make you sick.

The false narrative described above is embraced by medical teaching institutions and passed on to the general public as science-based medicine.

Healthcare consumers have been the recipients of quackery and health disinformation for so long that they cannot separate fact from fiction.

What is perceived by most people to be science is, in fact, pseudoscience, and what is perceived by the same people as pseudoscience is, in fact, science!


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-Dr. Reizer

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13 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Quackery?

  1. Louise June 30, 2021 / 11:35 am

    Dr. Reizer do you have any info on vaccine shedding? A number of us have found we are ill when in the company of the vaccinated in close quarters. Also, I know that no one can predict when the vaccinated will become ill, but what are your thoughts about our future and the depopulation vaccine?

    • NoFakeNews June 30, 2021 / 12:21 pm

      Hi Louise,

      Viral shedding is allegedly what happens when viruses are introduced into humans or animals through traditional vaccines. There is scientific debate if this phenomenon occurs according to the same scientific community that claims sars-cov-2 is a real viral pathogen.

      During viral shedding, it’s alleged that the viral pathogens can be transmitted to other people who come into proximity with one another.

      I believed for years that viral shedding was possible and even wrote about the subject in the past on NoFakeNews. I no longer believe that viral shedding occurs. I believe the shedding claim is more fiction and part of a false medical narrative.

      I also believe that viruses are not pathogens and that people are getting ill in large numbers during flu season from the toxins directly injected into their bodies from traditional vaccines.

      The COVID-19 vaccines do not contain sars-cov-2 isolates according to the products’ manufacturers, so viral shedding from a traditional vaccine perspective is not possible.

      If you do not receive the COVID-19 jabs, I believe that you are not at risk for any of what is happening in the way of adverse reactions. This is my personal opinion on the subject.

      Dr. Reizer

      • Jim June 30, 2021 / 7:15 pm

        I agree with Dr. John. I think the shedding story is another lie designed to confuse and mislead.

      • Lisa June 30, 2021 / 9:09 pm

        The belief in this shedding business just seems like another gimmick for the demonic to use to divide and conquer over the people. It creates fear!


      • NoFakeNews June 30, 2021 / 10:13 pm

        The shedding narrative as it relates to traditional vaccines was floated out there as disinformation, in my opinion.

        Concerning the COVID-19 bioweapons, I believe that the same thing is taking place. The controlling powers are trying to make people afraid to commingle with one another. You are right again, Lisa. Divide and conquer the global population is part of the world government’s game plan. 🙂


    • NoFakeNews June 30, 2021 / 12:29 pm


      In response to your second question, I would think somewhere between one — thirty-six months. I think shorter than longer times for most people.

      Dr. Reizer

    • sandy edwards June 30, 2021 / 4:45 pm

      Hi Louise, I believe Dr. Reizer is right about there being no covid-19 virus. But, there were a lot of people that got sick at that time with something. I realize people were freaked out and the numbers were skewed, it was flu season, etc. but there were symptoms some had that were very unusual. 5G or something in the regular flu vaccine? I don’t know and still have no idea.

      But, I do believe that something is going on with the covid-19 vaccine that causes shedding or is somehow causing it to spread to the unvaccinated. The vaccine is a bioweapon and I’m not sure that most of us really know what it can do. I just don’t think people are making this stuff up. What would be the purpose of so many regular people saying this is happening? We can blame it on those that want to divide us and drop it but let’s remember they want us dead! I hope I am wrong but we will all see eventually.

  2. Lisa June 30, 2021 / 1:00 pm

    The Kary Mullis video always makes an impact!

    And you have an entertaining way of explaining the ” Quackery” that is occurring in our world, John. 🙂 It gets people to listen!
    Their magical potions are about as fantasy as one can get!

    But the following is further information on the topic, explained in another way, “The Truth About Contagion “, Thomas S. Cowan, MD. and Sally Fallon Morell

    ” HIV researcher James Hildreth, put it this way.

    “The virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word” Exosomes are completely indistinguishable from what the virologists have been calling “viruses”.

    Here’s how exosomes work: let’s say you have a poorly nourished organism, then you expose it to a common environmental toxin. The tissues and cells that are affected begin to produce, package, and secrete these poisons in the form of exosomes. This is a way of ridding the cells and tissues of substances that would do it great harm. The greater the exposure to toxic assauls, the more exosomes will be produced.

    Exosomes are simple, well-characterized features in the cells of all creatures, and scientists have carefully elucidated their functions.

    The only thing infectious in this scenario is the noxious belief that these small particles, dubbed viruses, cause disease. This false theory is the part that spread all over the world and is now threatening to kill us all.”


    • NoFakeNews June 30, 2021 / 1:12 pm

      Yes, Lisa, that explanation is a more scientific way to describe the functions of the genetic debris present in our bodies referred to as viral pathogens.

      Exosomes are produced by our immune systems to get us back to a state of proper health. These genomic sequences will not make you sick. 👍🙂


  3. Trust Me Folks June 30, 2021 / 9:56 pm

    Covid is the Osama Bin Laden of viruses. This sneaky and illusive little biological terrorist is always changing its stripes. It’s very different from any other known terro… I mean virus. This one does waves! And unlike all other viruses, it gets even more radic… I mean virulent with each sneaky mutation. But it’s out there, hiding in the deep recesses of our bodies. No one can isolate it or purify it, but the scientists assure us it’s real. General Fauci is not joking around.

    Just when Pfizer and Astrazeneca heroically deployed their mRNA vaccines to liberate your bodies from this terrorist threat, Covid pulled another trick and mutated into the feared delta variant. It probably mutated somewhere deep in the rugged metabolic terrain of an Afghani’s body.

    But do not fear. Bill Gates does not negotiate with biological terrorists. Pfizer will be developing even more strange vaccines, and they will be called the B-1 vaccine, the B-2 stealth vaccine, the all-in-one B-52 vaccine, and maybe a couple F-16 vaccines to bombard those pesky bacteriological wedding parties in your stomach.

    A WHO mandated surge will ensure you are getting these needles regularly deployed into your bodies until freedom and democracy wins in your body

    • NoFakeNews June 30, 2021 / 10:00 pm

      A great narrative — I love it! 👍🤣👍
      Dr. Reizer

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