There is no virus, there is no virus, there is no virus… (Just in case you forgot)

Dr. John Reizer

I couldn’t care less who gets credit for driving home the point that there is no Covid-19 virus in existence. There are numerous healthcare professionals out there, spreading the truth to people worldwide that sars-cov-2 is not real. The more individuals that are able to convey the real facts to the general public, the better the chances will be for society to comprehend the full extent of the medical psyop taking place.

David Icke recently put out an important video on November 13 that hopefully will get broad exposure. Watch the video below:

If you have more than a few functioning brain cells, you should have been able to deduce by now that the official narrative being disseminated by the controlling powers makes no sense whatsoever.

The Biggest Flaws in the Covid-19 Official Narrative:

  1. Sars-cov-2 has never been isolated by scientific methodologies as a fully intact viral signature. The structure that has been claimed to be Covid-19 was manufactured using computer modeling and is mostly based on information coming from already known coronaviruses that have been previously isolated and identified.
  2. Because sars-cov-2 has not been isolated by scientific methodologies, it could not have passed through the scientific rigors of Koch’s postulates.
  3. Since no sars-cov-2 virus exists, it’s impossible to design diagnostic tests to identify the microbe in humans.
  4. Since no sars-cov-2 virus exists, it’s impossible to design a vaccine that can produce human antibodies against the virus.

Do You Remember The Medical Doctors Who Spoke Out On Capitol Hill?

Although they were brave to speak out against the fakery concerning the coronavirus several months ago, the doctors on Capitol Hill, who publicly called attention to “disinformation” attached to the world pandemic, were themselves unknowingly spreading more disinformation.

Their scientific minds precluded them from understanding the truth — there is no virus to treat.

As long as people believe that the PCR tests are legitimately confirming positive cases of Covid-19, the fakery will continue to circulate in the public domain.

As long as people believe that sars-cov-2 has been legitimately isolated and identified as an intact viral structure, the virus will remain a real entity in the minds of the public.

The Doctors Speaking Out on Capitol Hill — Sent the Wrong Message!

The physicians were all speaking about treating people compromised with pneumonia and upper respiratory diseases that also happened to test false-positive for the fake virus. Just like there are plenty of people who test false-positive for Covid-19 that are healthy, there are people with actual illnesses from other diseases not named Covid-19, who will trigger a false-positive PCR test. These people may be sick, but they do not have Covid-19. The tests are rigged and are being developed in a laboratory setting in such a way that creates false-positive results. I have covered in previous articles on this website how this process is achieved concerning the PCR test kits.

The antimalarial drug the doctors were promoting is also a dangerous product that is known to cause severe side effects, like hallucinations and death.

In the staged dress rehearsal, back in October 2019 (EVENT 201), actor doctors discussed the benefits of treating the simulated novel coronavirus with two anti-HIV drugs. The same scenario that took place in the dress rehearsal has been thoroughly discussed in the current screenplay. The only difference between EVENT 201 and what we have now (EVENT 202) is that the drug they are promoting is an antimalarial product. The mitigation of the fake virus by an antimalarial drug is part of the current psyop and designed to bring people back into the false narrative.

Finally, big-name personalities, like David Icke and some others are blowing the lid off the scam. They are saying what I have been writing about for most of this year–there is no damn virus. That message is gaining ground by the day, and the controlling powers want to intercept that message and redirect people’s understanding of the narrative back into another direction.

When the medical doctors stood in front of Capitol Hill with their magic white coats and stethoscopes, the hypnotized sheep paid attention. It’s a reflexive action because the white coat is something that most people respect because of years of psychological conditioning.

The doctors, although brave, believed the Covid-19 virus was a real entity because they had faith in a PCR test that, for all intents and purposes, is unable to do anything other than confirming the presence of a nonexistent disease.

The doctors were giving the fake disease legs, and that narrative is not valid.

The video of the doctors speaking out on Capitol Hill was allowed to circulate and get plenty of views before being pulled off the YouTube platform. Why? The doctors were being used to advance the psyop in the eyes of the public.  Although this demonstration might have been designed to look like it was providing valuable public information that was later censored, it was really nothing more than disinformation.

I have written plenty of times in the past that as long as the public believes the sars-cov-2 virus is a real microbe, the controlling powers can continue to promote the psyop. As long as the virus is perceived to be real, vaccines, antiviral products, isolation orders, shutdowns, face masks and a lot of other mitigation nonsense remain on the table.

As soon as the Covid-19 virus is revealed to be nonexistent, all of the above are removed from the playing field. If the virus doesn’t exist, there’s no need to mitigate anything from a medical standpoint.



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Additional Thoughts on Doctors’ Capitol Hill Speak Out

By Dr. John Reizer

The more I look at the “speak out” by the doctors that stood on Capitol Hill publicly voicing their concerns about Covid-19, the more I believe they were being used by the controlling powers or were knowingly throwing out disinformation to sway the gullible public into a preconceived direction.

First of all, the fact that the Capitol Hill “speak out” was allowed such broad coverage is a red flag for me. Actual censorship would have intercepted the message and removed it from public consumption. In my opinion, the story was intentionally allowed to gain traction so that millions of people could talk about it and forward the video. Once it was “censored,” there were still a lot of mainstream products discussing the content. If the powers that be wanted it censored, the event wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

I think people have to understand that Covid-19 is not a real virus. If people have been paying attention, they should know at this point, the testing procedures are terribly flawed and reporting fake numbers.

Any storyline that tries to breathe life into the idea the pandemic is the result of a real virus should be dismissed by critical thinking people.

There are no cures for viruses outside of the inborn abilities of human immunity. Our immune systems are the only way to dismantle and destroy viral microbes.

It doesn’t matter what type of drug a doctor prescribes, it gets in the way of the innate logic of human physiology when it comes to mitigating the expression of viral infections.

What do these drugs really do? Do we want to introduce a pharmacological product that artificially lowers a fever that is designed by the body to stop genetic replication of the viral agent in the human host? No! Do we want to introduce a drug that inhibits other immune system responses, commonly mistaken for annoying symptoms by laypersons, that cure a viral infection naturally? No!

When I hear people speaking about an antimalarial drug as a panacea for Covid-19 and other viral infections, it tells me that the individuals speaking lack a real understanding of health, microbiology, and human physiology. This is somewhat tolerable when it comes from laypersons, but utterly unacceptable if coming from professional health experts wearing white coats and standing in front of the US Capitol.

What the speak out did was to misinform people that the virus is real. When the public swallows that narrative, medical mitigation procedures remain in play. This includes all types of drug products and vaccines.

As soon as the false narrative taking place is exposed, and people embrace the fact that the Covid-19 virus is fake, all the medical mitigation options are immediately thrown out the window. This is the reason the white coats were allowed to speak out in front of Capitol Hill. They were trying to beg people to stay in the current narrative that speaks of a real virus that is being misunderstood by the vast majority of people. They wanted to send a message that the medical profession can manage the virus with a less dangerous and very affordable drug that has been around for many years.

One of the white coats stated in the speak out that the antimalarial drug in question was so safe that it is given to children and elderly people. These are the same idiots that dole out 50 or more poisonous vaccines to children and claim they are safe. These are industry lies, and people should stop believing the liars.