Dumb and Dumber!

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First of all, no one is going to Mars or the Moon anytime soon. There are no legitimate space programs currently in existence in the world.

Secondly, Bill Gates is not a medical scientist, and his obsession with vaccinating every human alive should be chalked up to him not being the brightest crayon in the box.

I believe that both Gates and Musk are front people purposely placed in the mainstream news by the powers that be to create talking points about polarizing subjects. I also believe that they are secretly funded by the same groups.

–Dr. Reizer


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Elon Musk is an Athiest but he believes in intelligent design

Dr. John Reizer

I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast last evening with Elon Musk. Rogan asked Musk at one point if he believed that there was more than one universe in existence. Rogan wanted to know if Musk subscribed to the idea that there might be multiple universes existing simultaneously — the multiverse theory.

Elon Musk paused for a few seconds before telling the host he believes there are multiple simulations taking place at the same time.

Musk believes that “reality” as we perceive it in our conscious mind is a virtual reality computer simulation.

I agree with Musk and have believed the same thing for several decades. Presently, I am more convinced of the simulation theory than at any other time in my current life.

Musk’s view of the world demonstrates his belief in intelligent design and that there is a prime Creator or multiple creators behind the scenes because, let’s face facts, simulations aren’t put together by accident.

Because a person rejects formalized religious beliefs about an all-judging God doesn’t mean that the individual believes life on Earth happened by accident.

I think this is why technocrats and people like Musk want to invest time and energy into perfecting AI technologies. Musk and others believe it is possible to hijack the simulation from the designer/Creator.

The few who control the many have figured out how to access and alter the computer simulation codes running the Earth game.

AI is a situation where the Avatars in a running game or program can learn and become smarter than what the original programming instructions allow.

If human beings are avatars within a grand simulation, we might be the greatest example of AI. Human beings might be tinkering with the game codes that make up our perception of reality.


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The Real Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter

By Ashley Hayes

Proud satanist Elon Musk recently purchased Twitter, but it certainly wasn’t to allow free speech to flow, uncensored, again. Well, it was and it wasn’t.

While, yes, he has unblocked previously-censored truth-tellers whose reporting could undoubtedly have changed lives — and quite possibly even altered history, — it’s not so much that he believes in free speech for freedom’s sake; but rather, he wants individuals to speak freely so their personal views (and the all-important data) can be tracked.

Healthimpactnews.com posted an article that expounds on this, and shows a video of Elon clearly stating, on camera, what he wants to do with Twitter: buy it and turn it into [China’s] Wechat.

Wechat is a surveillance tool (as are ALL apps) used for everything from ordering food to buying groceries to providing your biometrics and vaccine status. It’s the all-seeing/all-knowing app — practically an additional appendage to the citizens of China.

For a short video about it, go here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GXNszFai28Q

To see the article and video, go here: https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/freemason-technocrat-elon-musk-proudly-displays-his-allegiance-to-satan-on-halloween-beware-the-twitter-trap/


Since writing this article, news has come out that Musk is planning to charge $8/month for users to keep their blue “verified user” checkmarks.  He complains that they’ll have to pay their bills “somehow,” counting on his users to be ignorant about the value of their data, and the value of each and every tweet they post. (For more info on this, see

With over 396 million users, most of whom tweet far more than just once a day, he’ll hardly have any trouble paying bills, even if he made no changes.  Add to that his desire to include your biometrics, medical data, arrest history, credit card info, etc. and you’ll see that $44 billion pricetag was just chump change.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Understanding where electronics and advanced computer technologies came from

Dr. John Reizer

When you pause for a moment and examine the sophistication and complexity associated with modern electronics and other advanced computer technologies, it boggles one’s mind. It also becomes more and more evident that this stuff came onto the scene out of nowhere.

Go back in time 20 years; computers and electronics, in general, were a lot less sophisticated than they are in the present. Go back 30 years further and electronics and computers were even less impressive. Go back fifty years from there to the 1920s and, well, you get the picture. There weren’t any computers or sophisticated electronics in existence.

We turn on a Smartphone or television and don’t think twice about the technology behind the devices. How in the heck did all of these advancements in electronics and technologies suddenly appear?

Humanity crawled around relying on ropes and pulleys for thousands of years and then in a snap of time began rolling out one amazing invention after another. How is this even possible?

Our history is not what you and I have been taught during our short lives. There’s a completely different library of knowledge about all important subjects being hidden from the masses. A hierarchy of secret information about life and our existence on Earth provides, at the highest level, a very accurate understanding of human and planetary history for a select few.

So, where did all of the sophisticated technologies that we use in our lives come from?

I believe that the technology explosion we have all witnessed in the last eight decades has come about from off-world cultures (aliens) and was either reverse-engineered by humans under the direct or indirect supervision of said beings or was reverse-engineered by humans alone. I believe that the first answer (alien supervision) is the most likely scenario.

If an advanced alien civilization controls our world, it does so behind the scenes and out of sight of everyday humans.

For a few to effectively control the lives of many people, a high level of sophisticated technology must be introduced into the world. Additionally, people must become educated to use the technology competently. In other words, the process would take plenty of time to work.

If you are the controlling powers answering to off-world beings and want to track and surveil human citizens globally, you can’t simply roll out smartphones one day and get everyone to use them.

The gradual introduction of technological toys to children over time is necessary to get the globalists’ plan to come to fruition.

Then, how do you explain where the technology came from? You can’t just tell the members of the herd that someone found a crashed flying saucer, proceeded to take it apart, and figured out how the insides worked.

Instead, you must drip the technology to the public slowly and claim the products are the inventions of genius technocrats like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others. You provide the individuals with amazing cover stories and financing that allows them to appear larger than life and more successful than others. The illusion is an integral part of the plan that makes it seem reasonable for society’s members to believe that the sophisticated technologies were developed through time by smart humans.

Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg, and others like them are front people who are playing a key part in the illusion and living very lavish lifestyles in the process. These characters are the necessary players in a fictional story that gives you and me a plausible reason as to why we have such incredible technology available that was nonexistent a short time ago.


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