How did we get suckered?

Dr. John Reizer

How did we get suckered into…

…believing the lies of for-profit pharmaceutical companies?
…following the recommendations of the CDC and other health regulatory agencies?
…believing that an imaginary cold virus could be a threat to the global population?
…listening to and following the draconian directives of different government leaders?
…following medical science which has never eradicated one disease including the common cold?
…taking untested, unsafe, and unapproved vaccines that aren’t vaccines?
…putting on facemasks for twenty months?

How did we get suckered into…

…believing in the reliability of a rigged lab diagnostic tool?
…shutting down our businesses and socially distancing ourselves from other people?
…policing and coercing others to follow ridiculous public health policies?
…abandoning common sense?

We got suckered into doing all of the above by watching television and mainstream media productions.

Turn off your TV and break the hypnotic trance! Do it today! Do it before it’s too late!


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5 thoughts on “How did we get suckered?

    • NoFakeNews August 4, 2021 / 7:52 am

      Thank you, Shiro! 🙂

  1. sandy edwards August 4, 2021 / 10:03 am

    off topic: I have been reading a lot about kids going back to school and they are already having problems with positive covid testing?? What’s the deal? I thought the CDC fessed up and said the pcr tests weren’t accurate and would discontinue use the end of this year. They certainly didn’t include that they would continue using inaccurate testing until they come up with another lie. It makes 0 sense to be using this test on school children and then say they have found clusters. I know they are crazy but this is just over the top to me. And why can’t people see this one thing that makes absolutely no sense especially the Teachers.

    • NoFakeNews August 4, 2021 / 11:51 am

      Yes, that confession, Sandy, was put out there only to address some of the bad press the test has received that has managed to get through the heavy censorship of big Internet platforms.

      They will continue to use a rigged lab diagnostic tool that can be manipulated to yield whatever results they want to be generated.

      It won’t matter if they pull the current test or not. It will be replaced with another version that produces false-positive results.

      There’s no valid test in existence that can diagnose a real case of COVID-19 because the virus is nonexistent! 🤣


  2. tim August 4, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    Yeah I saw that video about the autopsy. Wow, found in every organ, and it’s probably systemic. I bet they find the nano graphene oxide poison in EVERY CELL of the body.

    And Sandy, it does not matter to “them” what the truth is and there are sheeple who will not see the truth even if you slapped them in face with it.

    I mean come on, as soon as they announced that the PCR “test” is not a test and does not test for a virus (or even a fake virus) and ALL the millions of so called positive tests for covid ARE FAKE and are ALL false positives, THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN OVER WITH.

    But as I have said many times, the 1% are to powerful, and they will have their new world order, probably by force. It’s inevitable.

    We might as well face the facts now, there will be a new world order with one world religion, one world leader, and so on just like prophesied, so the sooner you come to peace with that the better, then let God and let go.

    The truth has come out about the killeries, and they are still free and living, after all that they have murdered.
    Ex, so called presidents have gotta busted for sex charges and more but were not prosecuted and are still free and alive.
    Millions of pedos get let off the hook and are walking around free and alive.
    Thousands of politicians guilty of so many crimes against humanity, all free, and alive, walking around like they are innocent.
    None of them are innocent, they are protected by the 1%.
    Those who are protected by the 1% are above the law and can get away with murder, even if it is the murder of the whole human race. The proof is in the pudding, they are getting away with global genicide right now even as we speak. They have been getting away with it, that is murdering the human race, since man has walked this earth and created all their wars, GMO, Geo-engineering, 5G, and on and on and on the ball just keeps on rolling down the hill.
    Stay strong, keep the faith.

    ps, what do you think about these subjects Doctor Reizer ? The nano stuff and the possibility of a NWO ? thanks

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