The Deagel Website Predictions — A Foretelling of Humanity’s Imminent Extermination or its Methodical, Genetic Reorganization through a Eugenics Operation?

Dr. John Reizer

The information written on the Deagel website has raised tremendous interest from people all over the world. Is it disinformation designed to confuse the members of society or an accurate foretelling of what will come to fruition?

One particular source I have spoken to believes the current COVID-19 genocide will likely reduce human population numbers to around three billion people. My source also believes that what is currently in play (COVID-19) is more of a eugenics operation versus an attempt to exterminate the entire human race.

Have the controlling powers created different vaccine recipes that can specifically target folks from other regions of the world?

Things to think about:

  1. Are some of the vaccines harmless placebos?
  2. Will some of the concoctions sterilize people?
  3. Have specific groups been identified and targeted for elimination?

A eugenics operation would be one where the plan designers would have figured out a practical way to allow future reproduction within the human population so that it increases births featuring the heritable genetic traits predetermined by the scheme’s architects.

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Although Deagel has removed any reference to the statistics displayed above in the screenshot taken from my earlier article, the fact remains this data was on their website for years. Some people reported the statistics in the chart that appeared on the website as early as 2014.

According to VAERS, which has a 99 percent underreporting efficiency level, deaths attributed to the COVID-19 vaccines are around 9,100 people as of this writing. That would mean nearly a million people may have already died from the experimental vaccines in only a few months. Applying the same underreporting math to severe adverse reaction statistics, around 44 million people have already experienced life-threatening reactions from the COVID-19 shots.

Did the people at Deagel have prior knowledge about the genocidal/eugenics operation currently unfolding worldwide? What else would cause such a significant decrease in population over eight years?

Whatever the controlling powers have decided — it’s very obvious to anyone paying attention that the bioweapons being heavily pushed by every sovereign government on the planet have plenty to do with transforming the human genome into something different than nature intended.




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5 thoughts on “The Deagel Website Predictions — A Foretelling of Humanity’s Imminent Extermination or its Methodical, Genetic Reorganization through a Eugenics Operation?

  1. Lisa July 11, 2021 / 2:18 pm

    I found this article on Extraterrestrials & Ufos Only:


    “A group of divers recently plunged into the Sak-Aktun cave system in the Yucantan Peninsula. There, they found some 12 thousand-year old human skeleton.

    An specialist archaeologist Guillermo de Anda, believed that a human skull wrapped in limestone was discovered in one of the caves. Rainwater, according to scientists, is to blame.

    Many of the those bones, according to many historians, belong to Maya Indians who went down there looking for water.

    Researchers found the above-mentioned skull to be incredibly interesting, but after further study, they decided to avoid talking about it.

    Furthermore, a Mexican journalist named Pedro Sanche alleged that he received confidential details from an informant, claiming that the skull, in fact, had an artificial implant.

    While experts initially assumed it was just a normal metal plate embedded in the brain, it turned out to be something entirely different. It was a microchip inserted more than 12 thousand years earlier according to Sanche.

    Because the entire matter is known as top secret, no one understands who inserted the microchip in the Mayan’s head or what the consequences of this revelation are.”

    By AncientFiles/ May 30, 2021

    It would seem that for quite some time, extraterrestrials or a controlling power has been trying to manipulate and dominate humans. It makes you wonder about the people currently walking around the earth today. Has the human genome already been affected by otherworldly forces and how far are they planning to go?


  2. Dr-Artaud July 11, 2021 / 9:05 pm

    My respectful opinion on Deagel.

    At work, in 4 year cycles, the Contract would expire. I was a Union represented employee, and actually was appointed to a Union Representative Position for 8 years.

    But the contract would be voted on by the Membership. The company would make promises they never intended to keep, and we’d vote on those improvements we’d never see.

    But the company had a different route too. The bird with the wounded wing shtick. Birds, protecting their nests, would act like they were injured to lure away a predator, and then, hopefully at the last second, take flight and escape.

    One year, we were told that the company was doing so poorly that it was to be sold. We were lucky we were even getting a contract, but with some concessions, the company might fight off the purchaser and our jobs would be secured. I seriously doubt there was any company trying to buy our company, it was deception. They achieved a cost savings by concocting a storyline.

    Though the motivation of the Deagel website is obscure to me, I just can’t trust an amorphous source making predictions based on unstated data. Society is not going to be downsized peacefully. To imagine that the Experimental Drug commonly referred to as a Vaccine would cause the theorized losses one has to realize that the Police, Military, Medical Field, and much much more would be impacted. No one that participated in the plans to depopulate would be saved. Society would collapse. The planners and their families killed (in civic unrest in the absence of Police and Military).

    I think with the insanity of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, at their advanced age, that a suicidal aspiration that includes depopulation would be possible that could result in devastating loss, but I don’t think that Deagel would be privy to it. I do think that Big Pharma could be part of manufacturing such a substance, but think that someone, in the three U.S. Manufacturers of the “vaccine”, and the foreign manufacturers of similar products, would understand that it is immoral, untenable, and that their loved ones would likely be subject to violence and worse just by being a citizen in the affected countries.

    I expect to see early deaths from Inflammatory Disease and Sterility from the “vaccine”, but I’m not sure they would come close to the numbers and time frame of Deagel’s predictions.

    I am incredulous with the things we are seeing, though, completely abandoned by people that we pay to protect us because they are aligned with communism, globalism, etc, and they are allowing this harm to happen. I have no doubt that the VAERS is up to 99% Unreported, I have yet to speak to anyone with bizarre symptoms post vaccine that their doctors feel is a result of the “Vaccine”.

    • NoFakeNews July 11, 2021 / 9:08 pm

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Trust Me Folks July 12, 2021 / 6:25 am

      The science is settled, mRNA vaccines save lives. If it makes you sick, it means it’s working. The sicker you get the gooder the vaccine. Extreme thrombosis, fatal blood clots, and myocarditis are just mild and rare side effects. It may kill you, but that’s normal. It’s never the vaccine’s fault. The benefits outweigh the risks. If anyone says different, they’re just right-winged science-hating violent extremist conspiracy theorists. Conspiracies don’t exist, everything that has ever happened has been random chance and purely coincidental with no planning or forethought whatsoever. And remember to wear triple masks, socially distance by at least one mile, and no eye contact. Covid can spread and mutate through vision. We’re all in this together. Do your part. Choose SCIENCE!(TM)

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