The Dimming: Exposing the Global Climate Engineering Cover-up

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In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List movie will begin filming on April 10, 2021. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

Screenplay by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

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6 thoughts on “The Dimming: Exposing the Global Climate Engineering Cover-up

  1. Louise March 16, 2021 / 8:39 am

    Thank you so much for providing the documentary The Dimming!! I faithfully follow Dane Wiggington and his tireless efforts to wake up others on the horrors of Geoengineering also known as chem trails.

    • NoFakeNews March 16, 2021 / 9:46 am

      You are welcome, Louise! 🙂
      Dr. John

  2. tim March 16, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    I’m soooooooo glad someone finally put it out there. Thank you Doctor. Day after day, we seen “them” forming “prison cell bars,” on our skies, and no one was saying a word.
    I feel so helpless, “they” keep spraying that crap for us to breath, barium, strontium, lead, particularized heavy metals, and so forth, so good for the lungs (tongue in cheek,) and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.
    (wonder why your having memory problems ? It’s the heavy metals in chem trails , If you take one tablespoon of pure, untouched by man, organic coconut oil in the morning, orally, let it melt in your mouth,it will make a substantial difference in your memory / cognitive abilities. Some may want to repeat one tablespoon in pm also , FYI )
    Why do “they” always attack out lungs, and our air ?
    Vaccines that cause “allergies” that cause breathing problems.
    Elderly killed by respirator.
    Combustible engines were obsolete a 100 years ago but we’re still burning oil. They want us to breath the toxic carbon monoxide, then “they” make carbon dioxide the fall guy for air pollution. Yep, the same substance plant life CANNOT live without. I guess they don’t remember Science 101. We breath, plants live, plants breath, we live.
    Air, water, food, etc, etc. Why do they attack our lungs in so many ways.
    5G blocks the bodies ability to process oxygen / energy. Think that’s just by chance ?
    So now what ? How do we stop the 1% from continuing to kill us with “their” so called geoengineering for “their” fake global warming ?
    That’s the million dollar question. I’ve seen groups formed, petitions signed, protest thrown, talks, and talks, and talks, but … nothing. Is there no one on this earth that can stop the 1% ? Anyone ? Maybe the answer is in the mirror ?

    • NoFakeNews March 16, 2021 / 1:49 pm

      You are welcome, Tim! 😀

  3. Lisa March 16, 2021 / 3:56 pm

    This geoengineering in this video is startling! I have always know about the poisonous chemtrails, but not to this extent. Again, it comes down to us all being loaded with aluminum nanoparticles and connected to the WI Fi. The controlling powers have been very creative in their ways to achieve the their goals through multiple methods.

    After watching the video, I looked for further information. I found some new information that blew my mind away!

    Another man’s opinions on the terrorism of the world. He is on the same page as us in many ways, but has an additional perspective on the matter.

    “Planetary Recon/ A scouting on today’s threats” By Bob Shroyer

    “Here is what I think will happen in 2021 and beyond;

    The Sun Simulator will continue to slowly increase the temperature on the Earth and there will be a push to spray more and more chemicals into the atmosphere which will cause further biosphere destruction. The particulates in the atmosphere from the spraying will lower the temperatures, however, the chemicals will cause increased respiratory illnesses in humans and specie die-offs of marine life, insects, birds, and even mammals.

    The Sun Simulator is the Primary cause of Global Warming – This is the critical point from all my research. It will eventually kill the planet if not turned down or off.

    As a result of warmer temperatures and problems with the hydrological cycle, farming will be in distress. Plus, large landowners such as Bill Gates may not grow food and may actually restrict croplands from being used.

    Water will become extremely valuable as the geoengineering will continue to damage the natural hydrological cycle. The government will eventually restrict water usage.

    A movement to switch to lab-based foods and recycled water may then occur. all of this will have a devastating impact on the human species.

    Additional illnesses may be created from the increased spraying and by the consumption of these toxic foods.

    We may even see more man-made illnesses for which they will develop more and more vaccines. Everyone will have to be vaccinated and be tracked for “public safety”. People may actually beg to be vaccinated when they see how many are dying.
    Lisa -(This is where I we have a disagreement. He thinks the virus exists, as so many other confused professionals)

    In the meantime, 5G will be used everywhere and the combination of EMF from the 5G and vaccine ingredients (as well as the lab-made foods and water)

    There will be a simultaneous movement to do a Great Reset of the financial world and to organized all countries under a New World Order which will be a centralized world-wide government structure.

    A strict surveillance grid will be used to enforce everything for the NWO. Freedom of choice, travel, and speech will be restricted.

    By then, Nibiru (A planet 6X bigger then the earth) will be making its ways toward Earth. The ability to survive on the surface of Earth in a post fly-by era will be severely diminished because of the reduced crop production, toxic water supply, and a generally bad environment caused by the fly-by event.

    The powers-to-be will be safe in their underground bases and cities. They will have everything they supposedly need to last for some time. Some may have even been transported to the secret Moon and Mars bases.

    Some people will survive on the surface of the Earth but their futures will be uncertain.”

    Lisa- (This man’s ebook can be checked out on kindle unlimited. He put’s a whole new twist on the matter with this Sun Simulator and Nibiru planet, and does believe that aliens may have a hand in all that is transpiring in the world.)

    Food for thought!


    • NoFakeNews March 16, 2021 / 4:22 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing this with the forum, Lisa! 🙂


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