The Medical Sickness Care System is Rigged: You’re Going to End Up on Drugs!

Dr. John Reizer

As a natural healthcare provider, I regularly read the case histories of new practice members. Many of the case histories I review report people taking 8 – 10 different prescription drugs at a time. Most of these people have been on the same drugs for years and have no specific timetable to stop taking said products. It’s a completely bizarre practice, but it’s the current standard of care within the medical culture.

Medical curricula taught in medical schools, for the most part, have been written by pharmaceutical companies. The researchers performing the research regularly used to help create the new medical protocols in modern medicine are paid by Big Pharma.

When people suffer heart attacks, it’s common for physicians to place them on several heart medications for the remainder of their lives. Nobody even questions this illogical practice because it has been accepted by professionals and sickness care consumers as a normal standard of care.

I will not get into a big philosophical debate on this forum with medical professionals about why this is necessary or unnecessary. Instead, I will tell readers straight out that the current practice of placing people on drugs indefinitely after suffering any significant sickness has been written into medical protocols by drug companies. And the reason they have done so is that it’s extremely profitable.

It is not logical, nor is it healthy to remain on prescription drugs indefinitely. The chances of people believing the veracity of this statement is slim to none. As a society of sickness care consumers, we have been thoroughly brainwashed by medical marketing campaigns. We have collectively bought into the ridiculous idea that we need more and more drugs as we progress through life.

You start off as a young person taking no drugs. You’re encouraged to visit the medical man or woman regularly. When you do, you’re coerced into taking toxic vaccines that weaken your immune system and make you a prime candidate for serious illnesses down the road.

As people progress through life, they will undoubtedly encounter health challenges. Most of us will visit medical doctors who will write lifelong prescriptions to manage the various conditions. By the time people reach age 50, they’re taking 5 different medications. The number of drugs people will consume only increases from that point forward.

The system has been rigged by Big Pharma, and eventually, most people will take an alarming number of drugs until the day they die. These drugs interfere with human physiology’s true expression throughout the body and ultimately make people in the population unhealthy and more at risk for other diseases. That’s exactly what the drug industry wants.


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5 thoughts on “The Medical Sickness Care System is Rigged: You’re Going to End Up on Drugs!

  1. Lisa March 11, 2021 / 2:54 pm

    It is sad the way so many people are taking the poison that the Big Pharma dishes out, especially the elderly. I am so glad I had the strength to call it quits with the white coats over ten years ago. Herbal supplements are much healthier for you.

    Also, some people are more sensitive than others with these concoctions they push. I have witnessed the damage their drugs have done to my son with autism (vaccine -injured). He had taken Dicyclomine for a couple of years to relieve pain for his celiac disease. It seemed to work great for a time, but then the nightmare began. His zombie-like behavior began .
    When experiencing stomach pain, my son can become angry and lash out violently. But the behavior on this drug was a completely different kind of aggession. There was never any anger in his expression. He would push you out of chairs (He would get behind you and push you out with his feet) He would bang on the bathroom door with objects or his fists and feet (sprained his ankle doing this). He would unplug theTV. He refused to wear a jacket in sub zero weather. He would grab steering wheels. He could not make up his mind about anything.
    The list goes on, but the bottom line is that his brain was fryed!
    Through my own research I learned that many drugs are anticholinergic. Dicyclomine is one drug that is highly anticholinergic. The behaviors from this are delirium, a disturbed state of mind, illogical thoughts and confusion. These symptoms sounded very much like the behaviors he was exhibiting.

    Anticholinergic drugs have also been known to contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. The more drugs a person is on and the longer they take them, the more likely they may suffer from this.
    For most people, it would probably take a sufficient amount of time before exhibiting these behaviors. But for a fragile (vaccine-injured) mind like my son, it did not take long.

    The good news is that after completely taking away all drugs (we had tried a few others for a short time in hopes that they would help with the negative behaviors) he regained his sanity. He was not on the Dicyclomine for long and it was reversible.
    He is still by no means, normal. We definitely still have many challenging behaviors. But at least this extreme behavior has diminished.
    I will end this by saying that when my son, Kyle, is feeling okay inside with his body, he is a very sweet, people pleasing person.
    The vaccines destroyed his immune system, his gastrointestinal system, and detox system. Life is a daily struggle for him. Eating and digesting food is a daily struggle for him.

    That can make life a struggle for me sometimes, as well!

    This is not a neurological disorder called autism. It is a vaccine-injury.

    My book, “Subtle Sabotage”.


    • NoFakeNews March 11, 2021 / 2:59 pm

      Thanks so much, Lisa, for sharing your experiences with our website visitors. 🙂


      • Lisa March 11, 2021 / 3:06 pm


    • tim March 12, 2021 / 9:37 am

      I always love your comments and input Lisa. Thank you for that. 🙂

  2. Lisa March 12, 2021 / 1:47 pm

    Likewise Tim. Thank you. I appreciate that! 🙂


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