PLANDEMIC – A Novella by John Reizer (NOW AVAILABLE!)

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I wanted to let you know that my latest novella, PLANDEMIC, is live on the Amazon Kindle platform. The book is only $0.99, and I want to encourage everybody that visits NoFakeNews to please purchase a copy. More so than ever before, I need your support to push this book to the top of Amazon in its genre. We can do it! But people have to buy the book.

If I could give the book away, I would. But Amazon makes me charge at least $ 0.99. I need your help to make this book popular on the Kindle platform. BUY THE BOOK! We can only change the world if people know what is happening.

People who would normally dismiss the information I have written in a nonfiction format will read a fictional account of a similar story with characters. My novella will explain to those who read it what is taking place in the world concerning COVID-19.

Enough people are visiting this website to push PLANDEMIC  into the number one position on Amazon within its genre. And by doing so, you will be helping to change the minds of many people in society about the pandemic narrative. If we can get 500-1000 copies sold, which is not a heck of a lot of book sales in the grand scheme of things, it can push the title to a level where massive amounts of people will be exposed to the story.

I didn’t write PLANDEMIC to make money. One thousand, two thousand, or three thousand books being sold will not change my life, financially speaking. But it could set the stage to change the lives of countless others. People need to wake up, and I think this is a way to get this to happen. I hope you will help me get the job done.

PLEASE BUY THE BOOK, even if you never intend to read it. You can afford $1.00 to help awaken the minds of others.

Please leave honest reviews as well. Reviews help to encourage or discourage people from purchasing copies.

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Dr. Reizer


On December 31, 2019, a novel coronavirus was mysteriously contracted by several people at a food market in Wuhan, China. The illness rapidly spread to different countries and eventually across Europe and the United States.

After a short period, world health regulatory agencies warned the global community that nobody had a natural immunity to the mysterious virus, and there would be massive casualties.

Dr. Julie Reiner, a chiropractor, and Donald Barnes, a lab technologist both from New Jersey, meet in New York City at The Event in October 2019, a simulated exercise about a world pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. The two part-time crisis actors form a close romantic relationship along with a strong suspicion that a brand-new infectious disease rapidly spreading throughout the world is a hoax and mysteriously tied to the simulated event they worked.

While most people in the world remain paralyzed by fear from the nonexistent virus, a shadow government is busy at work, behind the scenes, preparing a diabolical vaccine for every living person on the planet.

Plandemic is a medical science fiction thriller about a global psyop that has the entire world convinced an infectious disease is killing the planet’s population. The fake event has the potential to permanently destabilize world economies and forever change social paradigms that have existed through the eons of time. Will the planet’s citizens wake up in time to figure out what is happening?

Aftermath Novel Receives Five-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite

By Dr. John Reizer

I am pleased and honored to announce that my novel, Aftermath, has received a five-star rating and review from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews.

Readers’ Favorite has become the fastest-growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers such as Random House, Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins, and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors.

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Aftermath by [John Reizer]

Reviewed By Eeva Lancaster for Readers’ Favorite

In John Reizer’s Aftermath, Kyle Wilson watched a bright flash of light from his window… a light so bright and all-encompassing that he felt its heat as he dropped to the ground. Next thing he knew, he was sitting at his office table. All electronic gadgets stopped working. There was no electricity. What happened? These are just some of the strange things he experienced that night. Rumored to be a terrorist attack, probably an EMP, Kyle and some of his neighbors, and a science professor from the local university, tried to discover the truth behind what happened that night. To add to the mystery, a strange fog had surrounded the city and was closing in on the small town. What is causing it… and what’s behind this barrier?

As I began reading Aftermath, my first thought was an alien invasion! But the mystery goes deeper than that. If you’re interested in alternate realities, particles and frequencies, and quantum mechanics, then you’ll enjoy this story. The theory that there are different realities with different frequencies, and that we are like antennas tuned in to these frequencies is the core idea behind Aftermath. It’s fascinating, and I would have loved a longer novel that delved deeper into this. But as it is, John Reizer managed to keep me entertained and wondering what’s going to happen next. Aftermath is an imaginative, well-written page-turner that science fiction readers would enjoy. I kept thinking about how awesome it would be if we could prove this theory. It will definitely change how we perceive our life, ourselves, and the world around us. Reading Aftermath was certainly worth my time.