The Constant Glorification of War

By Dr. John Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

Uncle Sam just celebrated his 240th birthday, and as usual the national festivities were centered more on the glorification of war than America’s independence.

Whether you were watching baseball games, movies, or mainstream media news propaganda, the promotion and constant glorification of war and murder were in full swing on our nation’s most recent birthday. Military flyovers by jets and helicopter gunships drew huge applause from millions of people attending or watching professional sporting events. Cinemas nationwide, courtesy of Hollywood and handsomely funded by US Intelligence agencies, were busy as usual glorifying war, murder, and the killing of human beings.


On one hand we have an American government that is constantly telling its citizens that guns are dangerous and not to own one. Yet, on the other hand, we have thousands of movies and television shows that are being produced and marketed to people that feature the portrayal of senseless, endless killing by handguns, assault rifles and other weapons of mass destruction. It’s a very schizophrenic message( Psyops Agenda) being delivered to the masses by elite globalists. Hollywood is behind a disgusting industry that has helped to brainwash an entire population base into thinking that the snuffing out of human life is an acceptable form of entertainment. Americans are addicted to violence and war and all of those shenanigans were taking place on America’s most recent birthday.

Dear reader, we have all been sold a false bill of goods with regards to our military and its presence in various international conflicts. America’s military presence around the world is always portrayed by the corporately controlled MSM as something noble and necessary to defend its borders. In reality, the American military and its long history of wars is more about expanding the globalist’s banking empire, making it richer and more powerful.

If another country comes along and threatens America’s borders, I’m all for kicking their collective ass back to where they came from. But don’t get on a soap box, via the MSM, and start telling me that foreigners in distant locations are a threat to America and need to be neutralized by our military. We don’t belong in these foreign countries and we certainly shouldn’t be creating and funding terror cells in an effort to destabilize existing foreign governments in an effort to influence the outcomes of certain events.

Global intelligence agencies, under the control of powerful elitists, have helped create and fund terrorists. They have given them catchy sounding acronyms that can be marketed to Americans and her allies. They have created false flag terror events in America and other international locations and blamed said attacks on innocent people living in territories that are desired to be invaded by the globalists. Once strategic locations are selected, troops move in and destroy certain governments that are not cooperating with the elite’s agenda. New puppet governments are then installed that will cooperate.

America’s military is being used to advance a globalist agenda. We have been hoodwinked into believing that militarism is the same thing as patriotism. It most certainly is not. As citizens we need to break our addiction to the glorification of war and murder. We’ve been hypnotized and it’s time to snap our fingers and wake up.

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The Joysticks of War

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

 reizer3A joystick is a tool that is commonly used to operate video games, vehicles, aircraft, instruments, and other pieces of technology that are too numerous to list in this short article.

In the case of video games, a joystick is routinely used by players to navigate through computer, simulated worlds. The joystick allows the player(s) to be able to move simulated entities and machines through a make-believe, virtual world. Now, more than ever before, a large inventory of video games have war and killing as their central themes. Entertainment in today’s world equates to children and young adults sitting in front of a video screen while attempting to blowup and kill different virtual characters and targets.

It is not an accident that so many video games being released today are centered on players operating military aircraft and deadly weaponry in simulated combat scenarios. It is also not an accident that these games are designed to be operated by players using a joystick or similar control module that requires a certain degree of eye-hand coordination in order to succeed in accomplishing specific game objectives.

The joystick/video game products are cleverly crafted training tools specifically designed for young people. They are being placed into the marketplace under the direct orders of the powers that be. In the eyes of the Military Industrial Complex, our children are future warriors that will need to develop special skill sets required to operate expensive and very technical military equipment later in their lives. The truth be told, there are lots of wars planned in our planet’s future. You can count on it! Many of the video game products, which are being offered to young people for entertainment purposes, have been designed specifically to train them for a future life inside a military arena.

Video games that feature battlefield platforms or similar concepts desensitize players from the fact that they are engaged, while playing the products, in the simulated acts of killing people and destroying property.

In the construct of a video game, no one really dies. The perceptions realized by players involved with specific games are that the activities are merely innocuous forms of entertainment. When the same players join the military, later in their lives, they will operate real joysticks while carrying out legitimate mission activities. They will already be conditioned from previously playing video games to perceive the real life mission activities as being innocuous as well. When they eventually kill someone in a live, military combat scenario, it will register inside their brains as a simulated kill of a virtual world character within the confines of a game.

A society of young and very impressionable people, that are regularly encouraged to grow up playing with joysticks attached to certain video games, are easily transformed later in their lives into killing machines. Individuals addicted to playing video games of this disturbing nature are being neurologically hardwired, from a psychological standpoint, to kill and destroy simulated targets without feeling any remorse from their actions. It is an ingenious way to train, develop, and program future killers. In fact, the act of simulated killing becomes something that gives many players a sense of satisfaction or even enjoyment. Perhaps, this is why these tools are referred to as joysticks?

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