Targeted Injustice: Games Cops Play (A True Story)

By Ashley Hayes

In my recent article, Targeted Injustice (Part 1): How Law Enforcement Stalks and Harasses Women Then Calls Them Mentally Ill To Get Away With it, I discussed a deeply cruel, malicious game corrupt members of law enforcement (at all levels) are playing with innocent citizens’ lives – particularly women – who have been blacklisted and targeted for life sabotage by someone in their law enforcement/military/DOD-contractor network.: Spreading false rumors that a perfectly sane, successful, healthy, loving parent, and productive member of society, is mentally ill.

They do this so that their daily abuse, theft, interception of mail, stalking (including stalking-by-proxy, something Neighborhood Watch and similar groups have taken part in for years), property damage, holes cut into new clothing (or in crotches of underwear), animal cruelty, falsification of records, illegal entry into targets’ homes and cars will be ignored when their target begins reporting it.

Per my previous article, they use (and incentivize) individuals trusted by the friends and family of the target (whether it’s an actual law enforcement employee, an Infragard member, a hired non-law-enforcement proxy, etc.) to slyly spread this horrible rumor meant to destroy the target’s reputation and, as I said, make her appear “crazy” when she begins reporting their hard-to-believe, immature antics. (This happens to men, as well. But for simplicity purposes, I am focusing on women for this article.)

When the highly-coordinated antics (the massive groups of individuals suddenly stopping in front of her house to take pictures, the groups of cars that follow her to the store, the items moved around in her house when she’s away, etc.) begin, a concurrent gaslighting campaign begins, as well. (The slander campaign, spread out to any possible distant friend, childhood friend, distant relative, relative, etc., is happening at this time, as well.)

When the target – having no idea she is, in fact, a target of coordinated group bullying and life interference – decides to call law enforcement to report some of the events, the officers who respond are game players and gas lighters. They take the report and libelously put in the report that the woman may be “possible 315” (or whatever the code is for the mentally ill). Then they put that code in the system so that any officer in the future who comes into contact with the [perfectly sane, gang-bullied] woman will see that code in the system and behave accordingly. Everything she says at that point is colored by that planted, false implication. Most officers would never doubt that their system would give them false information. But it’s happening all over America. And it has happened to me. (And after 9/11, thanks to fusion centers, this false information is shared with every law enforcement agency in the nation.)

From 2015 to 2018, the aggressive law enforcement stalking, daily harassment (by land and by air), interruption of life and business, etc., that happened was off the charts. The public would be horrified to know that members of law enforcement not only participate in these sick games with people’s lives (single women, as I said in my previous article, are a favorite target – particularly when they have no family nearby who can see them every day and know the entire slander campaign is B.S.).

One memorable occurrence was in March 2015. Multiple terrifying events happened that month, on top of the intense cyberstalking I was enduring (culminating in the theft of my 15-year-old business): I had reported two separate times to one officer who had come to my house. I found multiple discrepancies and wanted to get them corrected. But rather than go to the precinct, I called and asked for the officer to come to my home, as I had a small child, etc.

A different officer came and met with me on our front porch. Due to all the recent bizarre activity, I asked to see his ID. He showed it to me and made a comment about his military haircut in the picture. His name was Steve. Steve discussed the reports with me for 10 or 15 minutes, then said he would take them to his car to call his supervisor for directions. (While he was gone, a flower delivery came, in an unmarked, plain truck, for my child from my mom. Pink roses had specifically been requested, but no pink roses were included. This kind of thing happens over and over and over when you are a [fusion center] target. Every target reports this.) Officer Steve returned, gave me the reports back, and left. (He did not take a report of his own.)

The next day, as I sat looking at the reports, I noticed Officer Steve had done something to them; they had been altered. While I have had many records (of all kinds) altered during the course of the years of this crime, as complicit officers (directly or through proxies) attempt to cover up evidence of their brothers’ crimes against me, I don’t know why Steve altered those reports.

Two weeks later, I called the local cops again (having endured multiple instances of coming home to have had someone in our home while we were out, where evidence of their intrusion was always left behind). This time, I was reporting tax fraud (an ongoing issue). I had just opened my mail and discovered the two strangers I had found online (a married couple) had committed multiple instances of fraud against me (costing me over $3000 in money I was due, among other things).

As I sat on our front porch swing with a friend and my child, an officer arrived. His name was William, and I had never seen or met him before. As we spoke, he started pretending like we had met, pretending that it had been him who had stood on my front porch (rather than Steve). I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about; we’ve never met.” He then condescendingly says, “Ashley, I was here a couple of weeks ago.” I said, “No, you were not. We have never met.” (My young child, who, like so many young children, missed nothing, blurted out: “No, you weren’t.” She had met and spoken with Steve and knew this guy was lying.)

In addition to the gaslighting he was doing on me, he was also slandering me in front of my friend, a friend (like most of the public) who was unaware that law enforcement participates in psyops games like this. The Officer’s words were meant to make me question myself (which I didn’t) and to also make my friend question me. (Most folks are under the impression that cops don’t lie, and they certainly could never fathom that they would – and do – participate in coordinated mind games meant to hurt women.)

Prior to this disturbing visit, I went to the precinct to meet with “Sergeant Mike,” whom I had met before. He was the “COPS” (Community Oriented Policing Services) coordinator and had fake-cried in front of me on one occasion, demonstrated a taser for my child, and sent me to an empty field on another, pretending he was giving me the address of one of my cybercriminals. I was addressing the altered reports given back to me by Steve: Sergeant Mike looked at his computer than at me, and said with a straight face, “Ashley, we don’t have a Steve in our precinct.” I said, “Well, that was his name; that was what his ID said.”
Sergeant Mike continues with the mind game, “We don’t have a Steve anywhere in our precinct or at the main precinct.” He was, literally, attempting to try to make me believe I had dreamed I had met with Steve! It was ridiculous!

Then, that meeting was followed by the visit from officer William, who attempted to try to convince me it was he, and not, Steve I had met with for a good 15 minutes just a couple of weeks prior. Not only did they look nothing alike. But, again, Steve had actually stated his name and shown me his ID – which did say “Steve.” (It actually showed his full name, but I am just using first names for this article.) Yet, here were two separate officers, clearly colluding in this sick game, lying to my face, attempting to make me question myself.

Importantly, this was years before I was aware that law enforcement agencies throughout America use proxies in their dirty work, allowing them the use of cars and uniforms. This lack of knowledge is taken advantage of by the corrupt players involved. (Please see my previous article, which discusses the privatization of law enforcement:

Finally, I had mentioned to Officer William that there had been what appeared to be an undercover FedEx truck in front of my house a couple of weeks prior. It was there the day after Steve had been to my house. The driver of the truck had left the side door wide open, so I could see the equipment – which anyone who has watched any one of the syndicated crime shows would recognize as surveillance equipment. Prior to this, I had never thought about the fact that undercover surveillance is done via trucks with known brands on them. “Bob’s Plumbing,” sure, but not FedEx. Yet there it was.

When I mentioned this to Officer William, he smirked and mocked my statement; again implying I was “seeing things,” pretending that undercover FedEx trucks didn’t exist, and if they did, then there was no way I had seen one in front of my house. (While I did have, for years, strange vans and cars outside my house, with blackened windows – like they would do with criminals! – the FedEx surveillance truck did not stay parked there. The driver did, in fact, deliver something to my neighbor and left the door open, and since I had a perfect view of it from my living room window, I could clearly see it wasn’t a typical delivery truck. Yet my mentioning it gave Officer William another opportunity to mock me, as he pretended those converted trucks didn’t exist.)

Not only do they exist, but, as it turns out (something I discovered much later), the very man who was part of the tax-preparer team that had defrauded me was the vice president of a company who customized FedEx trucks, Mobile Command Units, SWAT trucks, etc. for law enforcement.

Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction at times.

Innocent women (and men) are enduring these crimes by those in power every day. Exposure is key. Please share this article wherever you can.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Targeted Injustice (Part 1): How Law Enforcement Stalks and Harasses Women Then Calls Them Mentally Ill To Get Away With It

Ashley Hayes

Every day I leave my house, I am psychologically gang-raped, and ritually abused, by law enforcement no matter what state I am in: South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Delaware, Virginia California, etc.

I experience this in the form of violent, daily (or multiple-times-daily) remote car hacking that terrorizes my child, locking our car doors; slowing down our car, leaving me unable to accelerate; turning off our a/c when it’s hot outside; turning off our heat when it’s cold outside; locking our windows; turning off our lights at night, etc.

When I begin to drive and they hack my car, it is as if one officer is personally kicking me in the face, while another holds me down, all while yet another looks on, and laughs. It’s gang-bullying; government-funded group bullying and domestic terrorism.

Working directly with the FBI and fusion centers, sheriffs, cops (and other first responders) have aggressively, intentionally, terrorized my child and me for 15 years, all the while participating in a truly sick slander campaign to discredit and misrepresent who I am. (A campaign I wasn’t aware of until a couple of years ago, but which is the crux of this organized crime.)

Nearly a decade ago, I went to a class reunion, having never been to one over the many decades because I lived too far away. I arrived feeling great about myself, my life, my business, my family and looked forward to catching up with everyone.

Everyone was complimentary and sweet, but something was “off.” Along with the gushing, the smiles, and the hugs, I sensed something I only (years) later recognized as pity. But there was nothing about me, on the surface, to pity. My life was great, my dress pretty, and, importantly, I was having a good hair night.😊

Several years passed before I discovered what had happened — and why the FBI affiliate (an Infragard member) who graduated a year before us had been there: the FBI had spread a horribly malicious lie about me to my classmates prior to the reunion. They told them I was mentally ill!  Since I am not, and never have been, and since there was absolutely nothing about me that would make someone think I was, the FBI (or their proxy) apparently, said things like, “Oh, she’ll seem normal and fine, and happy as always, but here’s the truth…(!).”

Unbeknownst to me, I had been blacklisted. I was being retaliated against for a lawsuit I had filed many years earlier against a man who is connected to every level of law enforcement, military and intelligence agency.

There I was at my reunion feeling good and happy, having no idea all of my classmates were carrying around a secret about me — a secret that was a completely made-up lie, told to them by someone they thought they could trust.

I was being humiliated without my knowledge.

This malicious slander campaign (which was also spread to my relatives in distant states, childhood friends, former co-workers, former boyfriends, etc.) was only one — but a very crucial — aspect of their coordinated life-interference campaign.

What the FBI was doing — and this is how they operate with regard to their coordinated targeting of blacklisted individuals — was laying the groundwork. They were paving the way for the next phase of their targeted abuse.

Protocol dictated that the next phase would be the highly intense, extraordinarily coordinated, aggressive, and unceasing overt stalking and harassment: verbal abuse by everyone from postal workers (who changed almost daily) to baristas; constant entry into my home, where items would be moved to different locations; a fresh pot of coffee would be waiting on my counter when I arrived home from a long trip; a freshly-painted wall would have a different color paint in one area. . .

Additionally, my dog’s head was shaved (and she was repeatedly injured and, eventually, murdered); holes were cut into my clothes; newly-bought items were stolen or replaced by something else; my yard was dug up in places and the grass ruined; groups of cars would follow me to appointments; groups of strangers would walk in front of our home throughout the day whereas, previously, very few had; cops would wait down the street, turn their blue light on as my car approached, and then  turn it off as I passed (this happened repeatedly); ambulances would slowly drive by with their flashing lights on; participating neighbors would repeat, verbatim, portions of private conversations I had had in my home; teachers at my child’s school began psychologically abusing her (with one telling her — in order to intentionally make her, a born pitcher, lose a throwing contest — that she was left-handed, and should throw with her left hand, even though she is right-handed! She was six years old!).

Vans with darkened windows would park outside our house every night; a drone (which I, at first, thought was a star until it changed locations) would hover outside our home each night; someone would walk their dog by our driveway, no matter what time of day or night, the moment — the very moment — we would exit our car (if you’ve seen The Truman show, you get the picture); everywhere my child and I went, people would take our picture; and intense sabotage of my web business began.

When this phase of the targeting is happening, it is happening unceasingly.  It is coordinated with military precision:  one feature is that a car, often a white or red one, would pass our home the second I would open the door, whether it was 3:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m or 7:12 p.m.  This is something that may seem innocuous or coincidental.  But when I realized it had been happening for 90 days, consecutively, without fail, no matter the hour, I realized it was not coincidental.  (Importantly, this happened no matter where I was — at home, or visiting a relative — and would continue for years.  It also proves I could be seen inside my home.)

The intensity of this phase of the FBI/fusion center psyop (which, for many folks, lasts decades) is hard to accurately describe because of its sophisticated nature, and because there are no bruises (yet; though I have been physically altered in multiple ways, which I’ll share at a later time).

Since the “mentally ill” groundwork had been laid, my distant friends and relatives had been primed for what was coming: my reporting of the crazy, nearly unbelieveable events that began happening, and my panic, not knowing where to turn. They (without being aware they had been lied to and “played”) would hear (or read) my reports online and, essentially, nod their heads in a “They-said-she’d-say-things-like-this” sort of way. “Poor thing.”

This slander campaign — complete with false records, deepfake videos, altered documents, etc. continues to this day, as I have previously reported. It is deeply cruel and serves to destroy any and all relationships, old and new.

It is nearly impossible for people who get to live their lives normally, without outside interference in their every outing or plan, to comprehend the fact that, not only does this happen, it happens to untold thousands, in multiple countries, every single day. (Single women are prime targets.)

A man calling a woman who calls him out on something “crazy” or “mentally ill” has been happening since women learned they had a voice. Weak men do that sort of thing. Fine. Whatever.

When that man is an FBI agent, a sheriff, or someone affiliated with them, it is dangerous and life-altering — particularly when they continue the made-up, malicious slander year after year, deeply disrupting the lives of women, and families, all over the world.

They continue the abuse and concurrently continue the slander so that they can get away with the abuse. It is a vicious, never-ending cycle.

They hold the power. And they believe they are above the law. They have the badges, the expertise in lying, gaslighting, and covert hypnosis; they have the technology to falsify anything and everything (and have used it!).

Given that this has gone on for so long, they can’t afford for the truth to be known — or for those they have long lied to, to realize they have been lied to, — so they will continue the aggressive interference in my life — and the lives of so many other women similarly targeted. They will continue the false stories, the theft of evidence, the deep fake videos; the interception of my phone calls and mail (my longtime customers have been unable to reach me for seven years, and I, them); and the interference in my ability to get legal help for as long as they possibly can.

This is a crime affecting thousands of women throughout the United States — but one you won’t hear about in mainstream media, and I am grateful to Dr. Reizer for allowing me the opportunity to share some of my stories, to help expose these invisible atrocities.

For stories from other targeted women, see:


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Targeted Justice files $1.3 Billion lawsuit against the DOJ, FBI, & DHS For Their Sadistic Abuse of Innocent Citizens

Ashley Hayes

No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.” William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower

Targeted Justice is a non-profit that was formed in Texas several years ago as a place for individuals who are being maliciously, sadistically stalked and harassed by the deeply corrupt FBI, DHS, DOJ and their fusion center affiliates — including sheriffs and local cops — to be able to come together, share their stories (and evidence) and, together, seek some kind of redress for the extrajudicial, purely evil abuse they, and many of their family members, endure on a daily basis.

While there is a general protocol for the abuse, which has been honed and perfected over the years, i.e., virtually every FBI/fusion center target has his/her mail intercepted; is surveilled in their homes 24/7; has all their calls listened to or intercepted (both directions); is maliciously slandered to friends, former friends, relatives, associates, neighbors and new aquaintances; has their employment interfered with or their businesses stolen or destroyed; has their home continually entered with personal items stolen (or just moved to a different location in the home); has evidence stolen; animals abused (or killed); false, slanderous police reports made; false medical records created, and on and on.

Directed energy weapons are also regularly used against FBI/fusion center targets, causing both invisible damage and very visible damage. (See the devastatng images of Midge Mathis, who is part of the lawsuit, along with her story, here:

Midge Mathis

Ritual abuse (a consistently-occurring abuse) is the name of the game and every target awakens wondering how they’ll navigate the abuse that day, and, in many cases, wonder if they’ll even survive it.

The recent murder of Tyre Nichols by five out-of-control police officers in Memphis has [rightfully] horrified the nation.  Those who are horrified the most are those who have bought into the decades of propaganda of law enforcement as protectors.  However, to an FBI/fusion center target, there is nothing surprising about their maniacal behavior for those targeted have long known law enforcement as predators.

As someone who has been sadistically stalked, targeted, abused, slandered, remotely raped, and had my daily life (and that of my child) constantly interfered with by FBI, sheriffs, cops and fusion center affiliates for decades, I long ago stopped seeing any law enforcement as a “protector.” (If there are some who are, you know who you are, and this is not directed at you.)

The Complaint filed by Targeted Justice and attorney Ana Toledo is, apparently, one of several they intend to file. In reading through it, it is obvious she has kept this first one very narrow, but it does highlight the Havana Syndrome that all of the plaintiffs have endured — and continue to endure, — the systematic abuse, the weaponry used, etc.

Ms. Toledo would have to keep it somewhat simplified, for now, I would imagine, because each individual’s story is so extraordinary, multi-faceted, and overwhelming that to “lay it all out there” in the beginning would be just too much. (This is just a guess on my part as to her methods, but it does make sense.)

Everyone walking this earth has their worries, and we can never judge or pretend to know what someone else is going through without having walked in their shoes. But I can tell you, as one who is targeted, surveilled, car-hacked, psychologically tortured and interfered with constantly by FBI/fusion center affiliates, it is a special kind of sinister.

If the country really understood the truth about our law enforcement and fusion centers, and how innocent citizens — for reasons unknown to them– are put on a terrorist watchlist so that the FBI/fusion center affiliates can, with FISA court approval, legally stalk, surveil, and invade their privacy, you’d be seeing a lot more “defund the police” protests.

Mike German, a former FBI agent and whistleblower who wrote Disrupt, Discredit and Divide – How The New FBI Damages Democracy confirms how the FBI puts innocent citizens on watchlists with “no predicate needed.” He further states that when the FBI surreptitiously meets with friends, family, or aquaintances of their target (to slander them and create false suspicion), they have them sign illegal “National Security Letters,” enforcing their silence and preventing the family members or aquaintances from so much as acknowledging they ever spoke with the FBI.

The Targeted Justice Complaint can be downloaded here. I hope you’ll take the time to read through it, share it on social media and with your contact lists. Among other anecdotes, you’ll read where Winter Calvert aka Richard Lighthouse was near death from blood clots but two sheriffs wouldn’t let the ambulance in, yet walked into the house and claimed they had to “secure the area” because they were told a terrorist lived there. Winter/Richard lay there for an hour, writhing in pain, while they played a game with his life.

You’ll read about the parents who are targeted and tortured, along with their young child; the woman who has been ostracized by her [misinformed] family while being tortured daily; and many other heartwrenching stories.

We have been silenced, mocked and discredited through massive, coordinated abuse of power for so long.  Your sharing this Complaint and information about the lawsuit will help shed some much-needed light on this dark and sinister crime being perpetrated by those who feel they are above the law.

Invisible weapons, invisible crimes, abuse of power under color of law, collusion and conspiracy to stalk and terrorize men, women and children.  It’s all in a day’s work for the FBI, DOJ, DHS and the hundreds of fusion centers throughout our nation.

Please share this information widely.  Thank you.

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Fraud at The Fusion Centers:—fraud.html


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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A Targeted Victim’s Plea for Help

Dear Dr. Reizer,

Thanks for all you do.

A while back, you published an article of mine on car hacking:

Various sites are now claiming they believe both Jackie Walorsky’s and Anne Heche’s cars were hacked (and it is entirely possible that they were, perhaps probable given their involvement in exposing child trafficking.  Perhaps as tragedies like this come to light, it will begin to wake people up to what can happen when invisible, remote-access technogy is in the hands of bad actors.

While my previous article illustrates the very obvious conspiracy/joint effort/teamwork involved in my car hacking,  — with the violent hacking of my car happening as I tried to exit one city and then was “hit,” losing control of my acceleration, my lights, my a/c, my windows and door locks -at EVERY state line from NC to MA, EXACTLY at the line, both up the coast and back down,  — it still may be easy for others to dismiss as just an “annoyance.”  But it is much more than that.

This is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

But it does not just happen when my child and I are traveling out of state, it happens in my daily life, to and from work, to and from the grocery store, to and from the library….

And it happens in EVERY state I am in, particularly violently in SC, NC, VA and DE (Rehoboth Beach, especially).

It is violent and it happens to my child and me daily, multiple times daily. (They even often remotely turn our exterior lights off at night, and keep my turn signals from working –proven when I was pulled over one night, a little over a month ago for not using my turn signal, even though it briefly came on inside (as I had turned it on). When the (uninvolved) cop came to my window, he was able to see my darkened dashboard, and even watch it come back on. He then just said to get it checked out (which I have done, multiple times, in more than one state).

The daily car hacking can be likened to a bully poking you, over and over again, while your hands are tied. Or tripping you, with a string you can’t see, repeatedly, as you walk.

It is extraordinarily cowardly and sadistic. And it is just one of the many invisible crimes occurring in plain sight, sadly at the hands of those sworn to protect us via the many secretive fusion centers, filled with not just law “enforcement,” but wealthy, private citizens, and fellow freemasons and/or their proxies, with access to this technology.

I need an attorney, and have needed someone to come to the defense of my child and me for a long time. Yet, again, with their ability to track my/your/everyone’s every move, they are able to use their connections, abuse their power, and keep anyone from stepping up.

I know this is a bit atypical, but if you would post my story (this brief part of it, anyway), my hope is that perhaps one (or some) of your readers will share it, or will reach out to someone who fights for the civil (and human!) rights of women and children.

(See also,


Ashley Hayes


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