There are two types of governments in play

Dr. John Reizer

I believe many people are unaware of the fact that two types of governments exist within the simulation.

Different sovereign governments throughout the world are made up of selected or elected individuals that supposedly represent the people who voted them into office.

Such individuals are temporary government residents who come and go. These people have no real power other than the public’s disillusionment that political candidates and their parties can help to affect change in the world which of course they can not.

Then there are the permanent members of a world governing construct that remain in power year after year and hidden from the public sector that they broadly influence and control.

These individuals are not elected by the public members of society they manage, they are born into the positions of leadership they have assumed.

Temporary government figureheads are what people vote for every few years in ceremonies called elections. Regardless of their political party affiliation, temporary government figureheads are not in office to write or create policies that will bring about changes that will dramatically impact society. Temporary government figureheads are in office to maintain and enforce the policies written and handed down by the permanent members of a world government that prefer to hide in the shadows versus face the light of the day.

Please remember the difference between the two different types of governments so that you won’t waste your time every few years participating in useless ceremonies.


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Wake up before you are living in a totalitarian state of existence.

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

It is natural to fear being harmed. No one wants to encounter government enforcement.  If the mayors or governors demand that citizens wear masks in public, it is not possible to enforce if 100% of the citizens refuse to comply.

People in enforcement should also refuse to enforce compliance.

Wake up people before you are living in a totalitarian state of existence.

Every mayor and governor who embraces the Covid-19 scam is either an idiot, who has no comprehension of truth and reality or is on board with mass deception.

No mayor of any U.S. city has a right to be a dictator, nor does any governor of any state. I suspect that most of these people are being influenced by fake and false narratives, and they lack the intelligence to investigate alternatives to the propaganda “news” media and influence that are cause for their wrong-headed decisions.

Truth is readily available, and every mayor of every U.S. city should have the intelligence to investigate on their own and not rely on television “news” or input from indoctrinated sources. The same applies to the governors of every U.S. state.

Politicians are not necessarily intelligent human beings, and many of them are bought and paid for by special interests. No wonder that society is screwed.