Is it life that imitates art or art that imitates life?

Dr. John Reizer

Oscar Wilde said, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” Wilde’s famous quote may or may not be perceived to be accurate depending on who you are speaking with.

I disagree with the notion that in most instances life imitates art. I have always believed that most artistic expressions/stories are the direct product of real-life events.

Writers write about the things they know about or the life experiences they have accumulated over time.

In many situations, it is the fictitious stories that are based on some real-life events that end up having the most profound effect on the members of society.

Written words can be powerful tools when used in works of fiction. They can broadly influence large groups of people to react in specific ways.

Never underestimate the power of written fiction that has its roots deeply embedded in the truth.


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