Big Pharma Companies Couldn’t Care Less About Protesters

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Thousands of people stood outside of Pfizer’s headquarters demanding that the company be held accountable for crimes against humanity. The protest happened on a Saturday when no one was working. In a nutshell, the protesters were speaking to a brick wall.

Pfizer and other big pharma companies couldn’t care less about committing crimes against humanity. From a legal standpoint, they are fully protected from liability or any accountability whatsoever. They are free to manufacture and distribute the deadly Covid vaccines without fear of being prosecuted for the murders they are committing.

What Pfizer and other big pharma vaccine makers are doing is making billions of dollars by helping a hidden world government depopulate the planet.

If we want to blame someone or something, we should look to our US government that gave the vaccine makers total immunity against criminal and civil actions.

Screaming at a brick wall on a Saturday is a waste of time and effort when it comes to getting justice served against Pfizer or any other criminal organizations that are behind the global vaccine genocide.

If you want to bring big pharma to its knees, stop consuming its poisons. Stop taking Covid tests and stop making appointments to take their vaccines.

I am all in for fighting back against tyrants and big pharma corporations as long as the efforts are done so in an intelligent manner. We need to stop acquiescing and following medical recommendations coming from the CDC and other global health regulatory agencies. We know the Covid vaccines are a means to our demise. We need to stop complying with the madness!

–Dr. Reizer


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