Social Distancing in US Airports

Dr. John Reizer

I just returned home from Reno, Nevada, and the filming of The Target List movie. I will write and publish an entire article on that story soon. But first, I have to report on the ridiculous fraud taking place in the US airports concerning social distancing.

Notice the signs printed on the seats in the airport terminal. These seats are at the gate entrance to the aircraft. The authorities want people to sit in every other seat.
Here is a photo of the sign that instructs human zombies to stay six feet away from other human zombies while boarding the aircraft.
And this is how social distancing is practiced onboard the aircraft. Human zombies are packaged together like sardines in a can. What happened to the social distancing guidelines? After the flight, the airlines want the human zombies to carefully exit the plane, row by row, to ensure that social distancing safeguards are followed.




We Reject the Official Narrative About the COVID-19 World Pandemic



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After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack, only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

Screenplay by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

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The Target List Cast:

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The New Normal (Nonsense)

By Dr. John Reizer

We are still in the midst of one of the most significant psychological operations the world has ever witnessed. But that hasn’t stopped the powers that be from rolling out the next act in the fake viral pandemic screenplay.

The new normal (nonsense) that is currently being marketed by every mainstream media company in the world is all about mitigating the threat of future Covid-19 infections stemming from the initial outbreak as well as second and third waves that are expected (scheduled) later this summer and autumn.

Make no mistake about it, there will be second and third aftershocks that will be felt in the US and around the world. The secondary and tertiary wave of infections will not be any more real than the initial fraud that has been hyped up during the past five months. Still, the controlling powers will present false threats to the public as being legitimate health concerns that everybody will need to embrace.

The new normal (nonsense) will include more of the same: social distancing, washing hands obsessively, wearing face masks, using hand sanitizers, and other silliness. Of course, all these crazy guidelines have been put out by that big drugstore in Atlanta, Georgia — the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC is a government agency with direct ties to the CDC Foundation, which acts as an intermediary institution that collects monies from big pharma corporations and hands the funds over to the drugstore. The drugstore then promotes the hell out of big pharma’s drugs and vaccines and writes guidelines for American citizens to follow based on what the broad consortium of drugmakers have requested.

Everywhere you go, and anything you hear about has to do with the new normal (nonsense). The second phase of this fake viral pandemic is the most important one. The attention span of the average citizen concerning most things is short. If the powerbrokers running the show don’t continue to mass-market lies that claim there’s a genuine need for continued self-mitigation against the fake infecting agent, people will go back to interacting with fellow human beings in a short period.

Remember, the end goal of all this hard work that has been put in place by the medical-industrial complex is to introduce a three hundred billion dollars-a-year magical elixir (vaccine) that’s waiting in the wings. And for the vast majority of people who will voluntarily take this untested and potentially life-altering poison, I can only write that I hope you reconsider doing so. Because once you take the shot, there’s no undoing the irreparable damage to your body’s physiology.

The gatekeepers of this false flag event are not going to sound the “all’s clear” bell until a vaccine is readily available for public consumption.  All our lives have been interrupted and placed on hold because of a false narrative that reports there’s a coronavirus (the problem) people are terrified of (the reaction) that cannot be cured without a magical potion (the solution).

Don’t fall for the scam!

Human Compassion

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

I would suggest that most people on Earth have compassion for other human beings and have no problems living in peace and harmony with one another. People enjoy the company and fellowship of one another and the very interesting and diverse cultures of different groups.

Social distancing is a psychological barrier that has created a sense of fear and distrust that is a manufactured anti-human evil of unparalleled proportions. It is natural to shake hands, hug one another, kiss one another, and have close contact with one another. The idea of social distancing is to my thinking—diabolical and one of the greatest evils ever conceived by sinister sources upon humanity. Ditto wearing face masks.

No sane mind could possibly be the source of human suffering and therefore individual humans (if they are human) who express no conscience have to be psychopaths. It is not what humans in power say, but rather the fruit they produce that proves who they really are. By their fruit you will know them, is a Biblical saying and it is very true.

There are many evils in human life that are the inventions of sadistic minds, including war, false flag operations the world over, and much more.

Life on Earth could be and should be a beautiful experience, but it has been hijacked by thugs in power to a major extent. Their only motive in life is power, control, and super wealth. These are the people who make life on Earth—hell, for humanity.

They Say:

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

*Stay at home, when in reality you need to not stay at home.
*Social distancing, which is a moron mentality and anti-human.
*Wear masks so as not to spread Coronavirus, which is brainwashing.
*False statistics, pad and inflate Coronavirus cases, because $money fuels it.
*Pandemic, which is a massive lie.

On and on it goes with this outrageous false flag, draconian operation, skillfully designed to make $billions in profits for the extremely evil vaccine industry, all the while subjecting humanity to sickness and disease caused by the vaccine and flu shots.

Perhaps it is cause for the self-destruction of human beings with fake science and biology?

Social Distancing in South Carolina?

By NoFakeNews

The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster was on television in Seneca, SC today surveying damage to the local area caused by a tornado that touched down on April 13, 2020.

Notice how none of the state officials in the picture below, courtesy of a local Fox News Channel, are wearing masks, maintaining a distance of six-feet from one another, or practicing proper social distancing.

What happened to all the safety precautions for Covid-19? Do these safety measures only apply to state officials during scheduled press briefings?

Social Distancing: The Implementation of Psychological Warfare on Humanity

By Dr. John Reizer

Perception versus reality are three critical words to consider as you read this article. The understanding is that the world is in a war against a viral microbe called Covid-19. The reality is that this is not even close to being the truth. Germs do not make people sick. A weak immune system is a sole determinant in whether a person becomes infected from naturally occurring bacteria and viruses in our environment.

The perception is that a plethora of drugs and antiviral medicines can improve a human being’s chances of staying healthy in the presence of Covid-19. The reality is that these drugs rapidly weaken human immunity and predispose people to higher risks of infection from bacteria and viruses in general.

The perception is that vaccines strengthen immunity by introducing an attenuated version of a virus and that this helps the immune system to build antibodies against the disease. The reality is that vaccines weaken human immunity and are responsible for the proliferation of many diseases worldwide.

The lesson here is that what is often perceived by people to be reality is often far removed from the truth. And because many of the things we have long believed to be the truth have been presented to us by so-called trusted sources, it’s difficult for most of us to relearn the truth. Cognitive dissonance floods our brains and precludes us from challenging the lies that have been suffocating our minds since we were firstborn.

We have been instructed and aggressively encouraged by health regulatory agencies to practice social-distancing as a strategy to mitigate the perception of a rapidly spreading coronavirus across the world. We have been told that by remaining isolated from others, the virus’s expansion throughout the world community that cannot be contained, can, in fact, be slowed down.

In reality, the best way to get a nation of people protected against bacterial and viral germs is to let them be the social beings they innately strive to be. When people interact with one another, they become infected and recover. In allowing this process to transpire, the human immune system develops a memory against the infecting microbes and can produce lifelong antibodies. Through time the population becomes more robust and wholly resistant or not bothered by naturally occurring bacteria and viruses.

Natural herd immunity is the most efficient way to strengthen the human immune system. This is how microbiology should be taught to medical students. Unfortunately, this will never happen because the truth about this subject is an inconvenient scenario for the plethora of drug-makers that profit enormously from producing vaccines.

By practicing social-distancing, we are actually weakening the population’s ability, collectively speaking, to defend itself against naturally occurring germs. Once again, we are being instructed as a society to comply with prescriptive remedies that are perceived by the masses to protect us from Covid-19 when, in reality, they are accomplishing the opposite effect.

Social-distancing (Social-Isolation) has a devastating effect on the psyche of the human mind. In prisons and during times of war, prisoners are punished by being placed in solitary confinement. The lockdown and social isolation of human beings can cause severe depression in people and a general feeling of helplessness and despair.

Psychologists have known for many years that isolating people is harmful to the human mind and also from a physiological standpoint the body. There is also a much higher incidence of hypertension in people that are isolated from others, and there is also a greater tendency for people to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease when they are practicing social isolation. And there is suggestive evidence that self-isolation reduces the overall effectiveness of human immunity.

In my opinion, social-distancing is being used as a psychological weapon (psychological warfare) against the members of society, just as drugs and vaccines have been strategically used for years by big pharma as weapons against the human immune system.

We are all presently fighting something perilous. But our common enemy is not the coronavirus or any other naturally occurring microorganisms.