Human Compassion

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

I would suggest that most people on Earth have compassion for other human beings and have no problems living in peace and harmony with one another. People enjoy the company and fellowship of one another and the very interesting and diverse cultures of different groups.

Social distancing is a psychological barrier that has created a sense of fear and distrust that is a manufactured anti-human evil of unparalleled proportions. It is natural to shake hands, hug one another, kiss one another, and have close contact with one another. The idea of social distancing is to my thinking—diabolical and one of the greatest evils ever conceived by sinister sources upon humanity. Ditto wearing face masks.

No sane mind could possibly be the source of human suffering and therefore individual humans (if they are human) who express no conscience have to be psychopaths. It is not what humans in power say, but rather the fruit they produce that proves who they really are. By their fruit you will know them, is a Biblical saying and it is very true.

There are many evils in human life that are the inventions of sadistic minds, including war, false flag operations the world over, and much more.

Life on Earth could be and should be a beautiful experience, but it has been hijacked by thugs in power to a major extent. Their only motive in life is power, control, and super wealth. These are the people who make life on Earth—hell, for humanity.

One thought on “Human Compassion

  1. tim May 11, 2020 / 1:47 pm

    Well said Van. I personally think they are “trying” real hard to make my life hell, but I refuse to feel that way. I going to exercise my God given right to be, , , happy ,,, And then, when the rest of the world is ready to stand up and fight for freedom, I’ll be there. , , ,and In the end “they’ will pay.

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