Zoonotic diseases are everywhere waiting to infect humans and create more plandemics (YAWN)

Dr. John Reizer

According to mainstream science, diseases like EBOLA, AIDS and COVID-19, are zoonotic in nature.

Officialdom has the world believing that animals in the wild are nothing more than disease carriers waiting to infect humans. It’s only a matter of time before the next plandemic is unleashed.

Have you ever looked up zoonotic diseases on a search engine? Give it a go and be prepared to be inundated with a never-ending amount of propaganda.

It’s nearly impossible to stop the monster known as science-based medicine (AKA – big pharma) from distributing pure bullshit to the public.

When I write that microbiology has been hijacked by the pharma industry and that the narratives coming from mainstream medicine are based on illogical concepts, I am not exaggerating.

Understand what I am writing and understand it well. Most if not all of the scary viral plagues, epidemics, and pandemics are byproducts of scientific fraud.

Diagnostic testing is a multi-billion dollar industry in charge of pumping up disease case numbers to create a public perception that menacing pathogens are always present.

The zoonotic disease narrative that states animal pathogens regularly jump from bats, monkeys, unicorns, and whatever else the science-minded people claim to humans is more science fiction.

Big pharma and big medicine vaccinate the hell out of people and animals. Vaccines don’t make people healthier and the same thing applies to animals.

If you read the mainstream science about zoonotic diseases, it will claim that what I am writing is nonsense and a conspiracy theory.

The research and mainstream science that supports and endorses the zoonotic diseases narrative are the same institutions embracing and endorsing the COVID-19 baloney.

Stop believing the lies you have been told are science because they are the farthest thing from it!



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Written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

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Medicine Has a Serious Credibility Issue with its Infectious Disease Narrative (It’s based on fraudulent practices)

Dr. John Reizer

The world plandemic (global genocide operation) has been nothing short of a massive crime against humanity. There’s no way for me to write about what has happened and continues to happen in the world without experiencing a terrible feeling in my gut.

Having written that piece of truth, let me also write at least one good thing has come out of the COVID-19 hoax.

When the studio writers got together to create the science fiction narrative, sars-cov-2, and introduce the docudrama as a real-life event, they had to realize that doing so came with significant risk.

In the unveiling of a fake disease process caused by a nonexistent viral pathogen, the writers of the science fiction script also accidentally exposed to the public one of the biggest deceptions in medicine — all viruses may be fake!

I know a claim that professes all known viruses may be fake might seem to some people visiting this website as a nutjob statement. But so did my assertion that sars-cov-2 is a fake viral pathogen appear weird to many people less than a year ago.

It is now considered common knowledge that the late Dr. Karry Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning chemist who invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique, went on the record stating that his invention was never intended to be a diagnostic tool for detecting the presence of alleged viral pathogens in animals and human beings.

Dr. Mullis came right out and stated that anything could be made to appear present using PCR because of the way the tool amplifies specific genetic materials. However, while PCR is beneficial in non-clinical laboratory settings, Dr. Mullis made it very clear it has no place in a clinical environment because it can and does deliver false-positive results on demand.

EBOLA, SARS, MERS, ZIKA, HIV, and all childhood viruses are tested for and diagnosed in humans by a PCR test incapable of detecting a viral infection in animals and human beings.

We are looking at the tip of a gigantic, proverbial iceberg, and most people aren’t even paying attention. This finding is earth-shattering bad news for organized medicine, and a storyline I suspected had some truth tied to it for a long time. I hesitated, in the past, to write about this topic in great detail because I believed it would turn many people away from the website. I felt that NoFakeNews was helping to teach people about the fake world pandemic, and I didn’t want readers to lose focus on the more critical issues at hand.

But now I know that people visiting our website have a more than cursory understanding of the frauds taking place in the world — I think they can handle a little more sauce.

More than likely, everything the general public and medical doctors have been taught about infectious diseases and microbiology is based on disinformation and lies. Therefore, the entire science centered around infectious diseases should be revisited to edit the disinformation that has been considered in reaching the current paradigm and false understanding of how human immunity works and interacts with natural microscopic flora in Earth’s atmosphere.

In the very best case scenario for medicine, all reported statistics ever recorded concerning infectious viral diseases must be thrown out and wiped clean from the record books. All those disease statistics were procured through a PCR test that is incapable of delivering credible diagnostic results.

All alleged viruses are nonexistent frauds in the very worst-case scenario because there are zero positive cases, and none of them have been isolated in totality from an animal or human host. Furthermore, these genomic sequences purported to be imaginary viral pathogens have been computer-modeled for decades. Thus, we could be witnessing the uncovering of outright scientific fraud that would undoubtedly be the biggest story of modern-day Earth had there not been a world plandemic and global genocide taking place simultaneously.

What most people have been getting ill with for many years are more likely bacterial and fungal infections and not viruses. And then again, the people infected by these microbiological entities have weakened immunity from taking over-the-counter and prescription drugs and many immune system-killing vaccines that aren’t protecting people from anything other than having a properly functioning immune system.


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EBOLA: A Worldwide Problem-Reaction-Solution Strategy?


By NoFakeNews

The few that control the majority like to use fraud and deception to misinform the general population.

One of the oldest tricks that’s been used repeatedly by the powers that be on the general public was the introduction of a fake crisis of some sort followed by the mass reaction of the same general public to that fake crisis which was then followed by the implementation of an already established solution to the original problem. This entire scenario is commonly known as a problem – reaction – solution strategy.

Let’s pretend that the powers that be wanted to launch a worldwide vaccination campaign on the general public. How many people do you believe would stand in line, roll up their sleeves, and stick out their arms to receive said medicine? Not too many!

Now let’s pretend that a very nasty hemorrhagic virus that is not well understood by laypersons and medical specialists alike was reported to be the next great world pandemic. Keep in mind that this hemorrhagic virus had been portrayed by the mass media and perceived by the general public as something that could bring about the deaths of many innocent people worldwide.

Finally, let’s pretend that a certain pharmaceutical company had an already patented vaccine waiting to be unveiled in a laboratory that could  supposedly neutralize or prevent the spread of the nasty hemorrhagic disease.

How many people in the general public do you think would demand that health officials make available this miracle vaccine? Oh so many!

Could the Ebola Virus be a worldwide problem – reaction – solution campaign in progress? Is it possible that the Ebola virus is not even real?

Will a vaccination campaign be announced and prepared for worldwide distribution in the future?

It’s important to observe and understand the game being played. It’s been used repeatedly throughout history by the few controlling the many. There’s always some big, bad monster hiding in a vault, waiting to be unlocked and unloaded on society.

It could be a hemorrhagic virus, a deadly bacterial microbe, an imaginary biological weapon, an imaginary nuclear weapon. Take your pick; the monster always serves the same purpose. It pushes or influences the people to move in a direction those in control desire. All of these deceptions are nothing more than smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand theatrics; it’s an incredible magic show.

What do you think about this subject?

EBOLA: Eugenics Based Operation Leaving Africa?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

The powers that be absolutely believe there are just too many people living in the world. Is it possible that a new genetically modified virus (Ebola) is their viable solution in managing this problem? Is it also possible that this is why we are currently witnessing nonstop mainstream media coverage about this subject matter?

You know that the vaccines to manage this virus are coming. It’s only a matter of time before the mass perception of the world’s population will be that Ebola is running rampant in Europe, America, and the rest of the world. These are the targets and the vaccines will be touted as the only solution to protect said targets.

EBOLA (Eugenics Based Operation Leaving Africa) has all the personality traits associated with a genetically modified virus. It has all of the signature characteristics of a man made monster that could potentially cull the world’s population.

The mode of transmission appears to be consistent and similar to AIDS which has also been long suspected, by many in the know, to have been a genetically modified virus that was borne inside a laboratory and unleashed on the world through vaccination campaigns.

What do you think about this new world pandemic?