Canadian surgeon fired by College of Medicine for voicing safety concerns about Covid shots for children

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From the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms

SASKATCHEWAN: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms represents Dr. Francis Christian, Clinical Professor of General Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and a practising surgeon in Saskatoon. Dr. Christian was called into a meeting today, suspended from all teaching responsibilities effective immediately, and fired from his position with the University of Saskatchewan as of September 2021.

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Dr. Francis Christian was suspended from all academic and teaching privileges at the University of Saskatchewan because he warned parents not to allow their children to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Christian recorded his meeting with school officials, making the recording available here on NoFakeNews.

The administrative staff doctors at this medical university should be ashamed of themselves, their actions, and for the censoring of a brilliant and well-credentialed healthcare professional who had the guts to stand up for innocent human beings that are being victimized by the medical profession and a world government that has a relentless desire to cull the entire global population.

Please note that the interview begins at 4:52 into the recording.


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