A website visitor challenged my position that the virus is fake

Yesterday, someone called me out on the website and wrote that I lose all credibility in various arenas when I claim that sars-cov-2 is fake.

Everybody is entitled to post their opinion regarding the pandemic and the fake virus. But when you do so, and your opinion attacks my credibility and the content I have spent 20 months and counting writing about, do not expect me to sit idly and not defend myself.

I am not trying to be a bully and discourage people from posting content. However, I do feel the need to educate persons on all things about this vital subject.

–Dr. Reizer

The Question?

“How can Reizer say Covid is not a real, tangible disease? Tell my husband and millions of other people that who suffered from it for 10+ days with symptoms he has never experienced before in 52 years with the flu and viruses including the continued loss of taste & smell. I believe it was created and many people are diagnosed incorrectly with it who do rather have the flu or a cold and that hospitals do falsely say people died of that when it was other factors, but covid is very real and you lose all credibility in various arenas by saying it’s not. Especially to the millions of families who lost loved ones to it.” — Janelle Duncan

My Reply:

Reizer can say that because the virus has never been isolated!

Janelle, let me also write that I am sorry your husband was ill for ten days and lost his senses of taste and smell. By the way, those symptoms are commonly associated with head colds and upper respiratory infections. In some cases, the sensory losses of taste and smell can be long-lasting.

Your husband and many others had infections. Their immune systems most likely created a plethora of symptoms, including fever and congestion, to combat and defeat the disorders.

Many people in the world suffering from similar infections pharmacologically suppress those symptoms and inhibit their bodies from eliminating the infections promptly.

I cannot tell you for certain what your husband’s infection was caused by, but I can tell you with complete certainty what did not cause the infection — sars-cov-2!

The sars-cov-2 virus has never been properly isolated using the rigors of scientific methodologies like Koch’s postulates. This is a scientific fact! This is not my opinion.

Your husband was confirmed to have Covid-19 by a lab diagnostic tool incapable of diagnosing sars-cov-2 or any other pathogen in human beings.

Additionally, all claims alluding to the fact that scientists have isolated sars-cov-2 fail to disclose the fact that such samples were all derived through computer modeling techniques.

Feel free to believe the virus is real and that my credibility is compromised when I write that the virus is not real.

However, I am comfortable with my position because that opinion is backed by actual science and not scientism!

–Dr. Reizer


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4 thoughts on “A website visitor challenged my position that the virus is fake

  1. tim August 25, 2021 / 4:53 pm

    Good job Doctor Reizer.
    Perfect way to treat haters and ones that are still ignorant to the truth.
    I could not have said it better myself.
    Hey guess what ?
    Human life is now worth in the USA, 400 dollars.
    I saw a post yesterday.
    It said that doctors in the hospitals get paid by big pharma, 80,000 dollars for every 200 people they double jab.
    So 80,000 divided by 200 ?
    So when a patient comes into the doctors office for the jabs, the doc sees 4 one hundred dollar bills stuck to their body, cause that’s what their life is worth.
    Doctors have been using big pharma drugs and chemo to kill people for a long time now, so killing people with vaccines is not that far of a jump for them. They sold their souls for money.
    If someone who had seen the future, told me 60 years ago of some of the stuff that would be happening today here on this earth, I would not have believed them. The insanity going on in this world, with the 1% murdering so many innocent babies, children and adults, is beyond understanding and too hard to fathom in my mind.

  2. Lisa August 25, 2021 / 6:09 pm

    In response to Janelle,
    I am also sorry that your husband went through an illness. Many people still get pneumonia and the symptoms are much like covid, including loss of smell and taste. Plus, there are other similar illnesses as Dr. Reizer has stated.
    My own husband was ill in the hospital on a ventilator and nearly died. He was in the hospital for 37 days. I was not allowed to visit.
    But during the entire time, I never believed that he had covid. I was running around town not wearing a mask, without fear. Of course, they claimed that he had covid. And I pondered many explanations for his being ill. But his being put on that ventilator when his breathing and voice had greatly proved (on phone). Plus, my not being informed by a medical doctor beforehand that they were going to put him on it, was very suspicious to me. My husband left me a phone message. That was it!
    The hospitals receive like $30,000 for patients on ventilators. And the ventilator does much damage to a person’s body.. Including killing them.
    Miraculously my husband did not die.
    But he had been very sick. And he was sick with pnemonia. His doctor even mentioned to me that he had pneumonia.

    I believe that many people are becoming more seriously ill because of weakened immune systems. And with that, they get worse symptoms. It could be for many reasons. It could be from flu shots, pharmaceutical drugs, fluorided water, pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies, chemtrails, artificial sweeteners, PCR Tests, and the list goes on. There are many ways that we are being poisoned.
    Thankfully, you must have a better immune system, as do I.


  3. Kenneth T. August 25, 2021 / 7:42 pm

    Obviously someone that’s been hurt by the make believe.
    You did say visitor, right? Too bad she is passing through and won’t stick around to learn anything

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