This Could Be Huge! (Video)

Watch the video!

The legal case referenced in the above video could become a precedent-setting one that marks the beginning of the end of the COVID scam!

We must keep an eye on any developments that have to do with this legal action.

–Dr. Reizer


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12 thoughts on “This Could Be Huge! (Video)

  1. Lisa August 4, 2021 / 4:02 pm

    Totally awesome!!! What the power of determination can do. I hope this man’s backbone will be an example for all. And that the word of this will get spread far and wide. 😀


  2. Ed Stenerson August 4, 2021 / 4:14 pm

    I saw this yesterday evening and it put a smile on my face 😁. Now then I ask Everyone- What does it take to show that these Evil lying people are putting on the Grand Master of All Hoaxes and there have been Tons of them throughout the centuries but this one is right up there( more to follow I’m sure) so IF the Court Systems are (Honest 🤮 and Fair 🤮) this is a BIG NO-BRAINER 👍. I actually told my wife this wayyy back when they wanted to give tickets out in the beginning. I said they can give me all the tickets they want all I will do is ask them to PROVE that this made up “Virus “ is proven 💯 % in the courts. God as my witness I told her that and then I showed her this interview and she remembered what I had told her 🙏🙏. Boom- that’s all someone had to do is CHALLENGE it. How can Get out of this one? I’m sure they will try and wiggle out of it. ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  3. sandy edwards August 4, 2021 / 4:39 pm

    We should have known that most of the lawyers would be in on this or would be by the time their case got anywhere close to being legit. The key is to go to court and represent yourself. This needs to be shared far and wide.

  4. tim August 4, 2021 / 6:49 pm

    Just don’t get to excited, we have seen this type of truth get out there, to no avail because again, if it does not happen on MSM then it did not happen, And if somehow it does get to MSM, “they” will cover it up and call it a conspiracy theory. And then when it becomes truth that a lot of people know they will continue to lie with pseudoscience from pseudoscientists and pseudodoctors.
    So don’t get to excited.

    • NoFakeNews August 4, 2021 / 7:10 pm

      It seems legitimate, Tim, but you have a good point about being cautious.


      • tim August 4, 2021 / 7:23 pm

        Yeah, I’ve gotten my hopes up to many times just to be knocked down, so I’m keeping a low profile. Thanks Doctor Reizer.
        Did you know it’s a normal part of the “torture” procedures of Guantanamo prisoners to give them a drug that they know has a really bad side affect like nausea, vomiting, dry heaves, and so on ? When your stomach and digestive track is upset like that, life really sucks. And they give this to the prisoners on purpose so they feel this way all the time.
        The ones they framed for 9/11 are tortured everyday and everyone knows 9/11 was an inside job but the ball just keeps on rolling.

    • sandy edwards August 5, 2021 / 6:10 am

      Tim, I think the main thing here is that if we can all share this to everyone especially the right people it could be a game changer. There are huge groups of people that have signed petitions and have Attorneys representing so that in itself could make a difference. They all need to drop their attorneys and go for it on their own. I emailed several people that have large groups that should drop their attorney. We’ll see what happens but it is hopeful. sandy

      • tim August 5, 2021 / 8:53 am

        Agreed Sandy, there is always hope, but I believe what the Scriptures says about our future, There will be a one world government with one world leader, etc, etc, etc. Everything else that has been prophesied has come true.
        But who’s to know for sure if the future is set, or if we can change it. ? Only time will tell for sure.
        Stay strong, keep the faith.
        tim 🙂

      • NoFakeNews August 5, 2021 / 8:57 am

        Tim, I believe that a one-world government already exists, albeit in the shadows and hidden from plain sight. But, this governing structure is firmly in place and running the show and has been for a while.


  5. tim August 4, 2021 / 8:34 pm

    Perfect plan. Kill all the US military with the toxic vaxxes, so we have no line of defense. Then Russia or China come in with their army and take over the US. That’s what they always say in those books about war, defeating the enemy from the inside ? Looks like it’s about to happen.
    BREAKING: Biden admin expected to make vaccination mandatory for all active duty soldiers

    • sandy edwards August 5, 2021 / 6:06 am

      I don’t think all the military will go along with taking the vaccine mandatory or not. They were already having a hard time getting them to take the shot. I can see real problems for them making it mandatory.

      • tim August 5, 2021 / 11:03 am

        When I was in the Navy, young and naive, they told me to inject 1000’s with their “vaccines” and I did not question it for a second and received the shots myself. (Corpsman)
        If the military tells you to stand in line for this shot, you do it in the Navy especially if your on a ship.
        The Navy sends it’s personnel on what are called Westpac’s. It’s usually a 6-9 month voyage around the world and we go to many different ports. They use this as an excuse to inject us with their “vaccines” and so on.
        Just to go to the Philippines we had to receive about 10 shots because they said it’s easy to get an infection or whatever overseas so we stood in line and received those also.
        If that’s the case today, they may NOT even ask the Swabbies if they want it, they will just order them to stand in line, and that’s what you do. You are programmed to do what they tell you to do, because that’s basically what they do anyway whenever you are working.
        They tell you what work to do, when to eat, when to sleep, when to do a Watch, when to shower, when to …. and on and on.
        So many may get the injections of death just because they were told to do so by the powers to be.

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