Useful Resources Readers Might Like — CENSORED!

I received the information below from a patient in my office. Unfortunately, some of the links have been censored and removed from their platforms. Once a wealth of information that people could access about deadly vaccines and other toxic drugs — this list has been shamefully edited by big tech companies.

The fact that the controlling powers have censored/removed any of this information speaks volumes about the mass genocide taking place worldwide. What YouTube and other social media platforms have done over the past year by censoring vitally important health information from a broad range of credentialed healthcare practitioners is equivalent to a totalitarian government burning books and defacing historical records.

These companies have methodically and systematically silenced anyone — layperson and health professionals — offering a dissenting opinion or narrative about sars-cov-2, COVID-19, and the bioweapon vaccines practically forced upon all citizens globally.

–Dr. Reizer


“Someone wonderful has put together this list of resources. Anyone who wants to learn more about why vaccines are not safe nor effective, check out these doctors and documentaries! It’s about time the biggest fraud in the history of pharmacology gets exposed. Vaccines are literally nothing more than poison masquerading as medicine:”

1. Dr. Nancy Banks –
2. Dr. Russell Blaylock –
3. Dr. Shiv Chopra –
4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –
5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries –
6. Dr. Larry Palevsky –
7. Dr. Toni Bark –
8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield –
9. Dr. Meryl Nass –
10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin –
11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot –
12. Dr. Robert Rowen –
13. Dr. David Ayoub –
14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD –
15. Dr. Rashid Buttar –
16. Dr. Roby Mitchell –
17. Dr. Ken Stoller –
18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein –
19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD –
20. Dr. David Davis –
21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych –
22. Dr. Harold E Buttram –
23. Dr. Kelly Brogan –
24. Dr. RC Tent –
25. Dr. Rebecca Carley –
26. Dr. Andrew Moulden –
27. Dr. Jack Wolfson –
28. Dr. Michael Elice –
29. Dr. Terry Wahls –
30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff –
31. Dr. Paul Thomas –
32. Many doctors talking at once –
33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz – censored
34. Dr. Jane Orient –
35. Dr. Richard Deth –
36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic –
37. Dr Chris Shaw –
38. Dr. Susan McCreadie –
39. Dr. Mary Ann Block –
40. Dr. David Brownstein –
41. Dr. Jayne Donegan –
42. Dr. Troy Ross – censored
43. Dr. Philip Incao –
44. Dr. Joseph Mercola –
45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet –
46. Dr. Robert Mendelson –
47. Dr Theresa Deisher
48. Dr. John Reizer

Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, in these documentaries….

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
2. The Greater Good –
3. Shots In The Dark –
4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –
5. Vaccine Nation –
6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –
7. Lethal Injection –
8. Bought –
9. Deadly Immunity –
10. Autism – Made in the USA –
11. Beyond Treason –
12. Trace Amounts –
13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –

9 hour court case


1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic(2013)


2. The Greater Good – (2011)

3. Shots In The Dark -(2009)

4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth -(1998)

5. Vaccine Nation – (2008)

6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –

7. Lethal Injection –

8. Bought – (2015)

9. Deadly Immunity – (2005)

10. Autism – Made in the USA(2009)


11. Beyond Treason – (2005)YouTubeNancy Banks on VaccinesNancy Banks speaks out on the problems with vaccination.

See more in-depth conversations and investigative reports at


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14 thoughts on “Useful Resources Readers Might Like — CENSORED!

  1. sandy edwards June 18, 2021 / 9:43 am

    A lot of good information. Thanks Dr. Reizer. Btw, great video discussion from yesterday.

    • NoFakeNews June 18, 2021 / 9:50 am

      Thanks, Sandy! I appreciate your taking the time to listen to the interview. 🙂


  2. Dr-Artaud June 18, 2021 / 10:25 am

    By #10, three of the linked videos are either Unavailable, Unavailable Due to Private Account, or Account Terminated. All YouTube.

    I was going to visit the entire list and provide the active links, but it would take more time than I initially perceived.

    Nonetheless, the existing links are valuable in and of themselves to gain insight into perspectives the Media and Govt have and will continue to fail to provide.

    I understand today, 18 June 2021, is the day the CDC is having an Emergency Meeting on the use of “covid vaccines” in children due to the occurrence of Myodarditis in Children. Can we predict the outcome of the meeting? “The Benefits Out Weigh the Risks” they’ll say.

    My family doctor thinks I should get the vaccine, despite a history of vaso-spasm events, leading to brief loss of vision, almost loss of consciousness, and more. American Medical practices, and those of much of the world, have been thrown to the wind and doctors are willing to see their patients injured and killed rather than investigate the truth in various matters, including vaccination.

    • NoFakeNews June 18, 2021 / 2:11 pm

      Some medical people (not all) have fallen hard for the psyop — even more so than some laypersons.


  3. Lisa June 18, 2021 / 12:32 pm

    It is great that your patient has joined us our mission, John. I have listened to a few of the links. A lot of important knowledge. But it will take time to go through.

    From the past, I found the following to be interesting.

    In 1961, Alexander Langmuir, MD, the “father of epidemiology”, described measles as a ” self- limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality.”.

    In 1958, A children’s book titled”Have a Happy Measles, A Merry Mumps, and a Cheery Chickenpox.”:

    “And just about everybody gets measles, mumps, and chicken pox, sometime or other. They don’t always come at the handiest time. They might interfere with Christmas or birthdays or the circus, BUT once you have had them you almost certainly will never have them again. SO have a happy measle, a merry mumps, and cheery chickenpox, and grin and bear whatever else comes along.”

    The attitude back in those days was completely different!


    • NoFakeNews June 18, 2021 / 12:52 pm

      Yes, Lisa, there are more and more people waking up. It’s a good sign.

      And yes, there was a different attitude towards health and sickness years ago.

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. tim June 18, 2021 / 1:39 pm

    I dare ANYONE to actually look at this huge amount of information, then look me in the eyes and tell me they believe “vaccines are safe and effective. ”
    They won’t be able to do it, unless they are the .00001%, delusional lunatics, or both.

    • NoFakeNews June 18, 2021 / 1:57 pm

      Exactly! I have made this information available on a new page that can be accessed from the website’s menu titled: DOCTORS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST VACCINES


      • tim June 18, 2021 / 2:10 pm

        PERFECT, thank you sir. It’s hard to deny just how horrible “vaccines” are after seeing all this.
        The .00001% will say ” it’s CONSPIRICY THEORIST, don’t listen to them ….”
        The problem is, even with this mountain of proof, if it DID NOT happen on MSM then it is fake news.
        That’s our problem. They have MSM to program the people, we have … ??? … nothing really, because again, IF IT DID NOT HAPPEN ON MSM IT DID NOT HAPPEN.
        We have got to figure out how to get the worlds attention WORLD WIDE, like they do.
        I think if enough good people with money were to BUY a tv station and BUY the licenses, etc, etc, and then show the truth to the people, that would make a big difference with the programmed sheeple. But as long as the only tools we have are mom and pops web sites, etc, that’s not going to do it. We need a program that is world wide on every tv in the world if we want to make a difference and have a chance at stopping the .00001%.

  5. jim June 18, 2021 / 2:16 pm

    It’s so obvious that vaccines are poison and their real purpose is to cause disease.
    But unfortunately, most people will read this info and still not believe it. I don’t understand how they cannot see the obvious when presented with evidence, but they cannot overcome their life-long conditioning.
    My Wife is getting the “vaccine” today. I cannot stop her. She thinks I “might’ be right about the entire covid fraud, but she says “I only read one side of it” (Alternative news). Which is not true at all. I’ve read everything the mainstream has had to say about it since day one.
    She REALLY, REALLY believes that the virus is real, and nothing I say or do can convince her otherwise.
    Besides myself, my daughter is the last one in my life who is unvaccinated. And she is being pressured by friends and future college roommates to get the jab, even though her college is not requiring it.

    • NoFakeNews June 18, 2021 / 2:21 pm

      Have her call me at 1-864-494-0121. I will speak with her if you want.


  6. tim June 18, 2021 / 2:35 pm

    Man Doctor Reizer. Can you believe what this poor man is going through. Because of the fake covid, he’s going to lose his job, for non compliance to illegal mandates and ordinances, he’s gonna lose his wife, to the vaccine, and his daughter is hanging on by threads !

    And this is just one man, in one position, where there are millions of , wash, rinse, and repeat.

    Jim I feel for you sir. And short of tying her down to a chair and keeping her from taking the jabs, what else can you do ? If your wife looked at the info / dangers of them maybe she would change her mind.

    And I’m sure our good Doctor can talk her out of it. If he can’t then no one can.

  7. Jim June 18, 2021 / 3:22 pm

    Yes, Tim. This is a nightmare from hell. Words cannot describe what I am going through.
    Thanks Dr. John for offering to talk with her. I will tell her, but I doubt she will be willing. She made up her mind. She says I have caused her so much grief and anxiety by warning her about all of this. She would have gotten the vaccine long ago if it weren’t for me. She is blaming me for all of her anxiety.
    Another problem I am having is that her kids (young adults) have already been injected.
    So If I give her anymore information, she is going to completely freak out and lose it.

  8. tim June 18, 2021 / 4:30 pm

    Wish I had an answer for you Jim. But I don’t think anyone does. There’s no easy way out of this. Not as long as so many sheeple are brainwashed, programmed, and jaxxed. As you know, they do so thinking they are doing it to save lives and protect their loved ones, and if you don’t get vaxxed you are a monster and deserve to die.
    They believe it’s best to think about the whole tribe, rather than the individual (marxism.)

    All you can do is make sure you do not take the jabs, because you know that may be a death sentence, and the rest you have to let go and let God.

    Then do what you can to keep your family together with love and understanding.

    We’re here if you need an ear to bend. And you have my daily prayers bro. And need I remind you to hang in there, the good guys win in the end and the evil will be burned from this earth. God will have his justice.

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