A Difficult Truth That Must Be Acknowledged: Evil Exists, Conspiracies Are Real, and Deaths Are Multiplying

By Ashley Hayes

Dr. Reizer’s March 1 article, The Vaccines that I Repeatedly Refused for 95 Days illuminated not only the idiocy present in so many medical professionals, but the unprofessionalism that now permeates the “healthcare” system.

Dr. Reizer’s doctor was incredibly out of line — not to mention ignorant and arrogant — to offer his personal feelings about NoFakeNews. And I am pretty sure he wasn’t asked for his opinion on the matter! (Correct me if I am wrong, Dr. Reizer.)

We have all heard of the massive amounts of money hospitals have received for government “Covid” dollars, and how hospitals are financially incentivized, on multiple levels, to intentionally misdiagnose and treat patients now. Hundreds, if not thousands, of whistleblowers have come out of the woodwork proving this. It is a racket like no other.

Additionally, Dr. Reizer’s being offered the “vaccine” after having said, “No,” and then having staff ask him, for 94 days after that, consecutively, if he wants it is nothing short of intentional harassment.

“No” means No!

Finally, regardless of any other facts, vaccines have historically been marketed as being able to prevent infection. This is the angle used to sell parents on the idea, causing them to inject their perfectly healthy children, possessing natural antibodies, with multiple toxic concoctions. And it was the angle used with “Covid.”

This begs the question: If the doctors and staff were stating Dr. Reizer had “Covid,” why would they want to inject him with something to prevent him from getting something he already, ostensibly, had?

Dr. Reizer, I think I speak for all the readers here that we are grateful you had the strength of character — particularly when your physical body had been so weakened — to follow your heart and what you knew to be true.

The courage you exhibited under such torturous circumstances is remarkable and, I am sure, has inspired, and opened the eyes of, more people than you could ever imagine.

Eyes are being opened, and the truth is becoming more and more difficult to hide.

Fake news and endless propaganda spread by complicit media/social media has caused millions of deaths, and will, surely, continue to do so. But data — truthful data — cannot be denied.

To that end, Edward Dowd, a former, extremely successful, Wall Street executive (whose job was nothing but data and trends) decided to compile the data that would prove what he had begun to suspect: that the massive deaths occurring worldwide have been a result of the “vaccines” promoted through Operation Warp Speed, and which continue to be pushed.

He has done many interviews about this (including an excellent, extensive one with Tucker Carlson), and has released a book entitled, Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.

Cause Unknown

(Source: Simon and Schuster)

He works for no one and has taken this on, on his own, because he is a father, because he knew data didn’t lie, and because he had asked God to use him. He has heeded the call and is doing everything in his power to share data-backed, undeniable truth, hoping to save lives in the process.

I encourage readers to watch (and share!) his videos and book information, and, of course, to continue to share the evidence-supported truth provided here at NoFakeNews.

Finally, for the record, I agree with your contention, Dr. Reizer, that you were hit with some kind of nefarious technology meant to severely injure you, or worse. Cowards with access to invisible (but deadly) weaponry have been hurting truthtellers in this way for decades, hoping to shut us up (attacks which intensified, and multiplied, with the creation of “fusion centers”). I have written about it multiple times, but curious readers can find extensive information on some of the remote weaponry used at http://www.targetedjustice.com and http://www.everydayconcerned.net.

Pass it on . . .

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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Old News for our visitors, the MSM is finally broadcasting truthful information about COVID vaccines after billions have been jabbed

Dr. John Reizer

The same criminal news corporations that encouraged, shamed, and coerced people to take the deadly bioweapons, are now reporting some truthful information about the global genocide. At least one of them is reporting truthful information for a change.

Too Little Too Late?

Billions of people around the world have been jabbed with a vaccine that is transforming the human genome into something completely different.

Do people honestly believe that Tucker Carlson went to work one day and just decided he would begin telling the truth about the COVID vaccines being deadly? This is the same subject matter that others have been forcibly prevented from speaking about on social media platforms. It’s the same subject matter that people have been assassinated for disclosing. Wake up!

Someone very high up the food chain wanted Tucker Carlson to disclose the information he presented about the COVID vaccines. Everything broadcast by the MSM has a strategic purpose!

Tucker Carlson — Fox News

Salary: $35 Million per year

Net Worth: $420 Million

Monthly Income: $5 Million

Financed by: Blackrock

John Reizer — NoFakeNews

Salary: $0 dollars

Net Worth: 🤣

Monthly Income: $0 dollars

Financed by: Nobody

How is it still possible that so many people trust the mainstream media, to tell the truth about world happenings?


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In Fifteen Minutes of Shocking Truth, Tucker Carlson Addresses the COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths on Mainstream Television

By Dr. John Reizer

Thousands upon thousands of people worldwide are dying after taking COVID-19 experimental gene therapy vaccines that have been rolled out globally under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) by different sovereign governments. The reported deaths come from official government statistics obtained in the United States through the VAERS reporting system and in other countries by similar official data reporting systems.

All social media platforms immediately censor anyone who attempts to write or speak about these official statistics to warn fellow citizens about the extreme dangers of taking the COVID-19 vaccines. There has been a concerted effort by the controlling powers and by mainstream media outlet platforms to censor the truth concerning the risks linked to the COVID-19 global vaccine agenda.

In the video below, Tucker Carlson blows the lid off Pandora’s box. He spills the beans about the thousands of people getting injured and killed by simply taking a bioweapon that was allegedly designed to protect people against a cold virus that has never been fully isolated from an animal or human host.

In only a few short months, there have been more recorded deaths from COVID vaccines than all the other reported vaccine deaths spanning decades. Keep in mind that all vaccines are deadly and that all vaccine injuries reported through the VAERS system are vastly underreported. Some experts estimate that the number of vaccine injuries reported through the VAERS system only represents one percent of the actual injuries occurring in America yearly.

Watch the video below:

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