Stop feeding the monster; eight reasons not to become a medical doctor

I received this post from an anonymous reader. Here’s what she wrote to me:


Hi Dr. John,

I have been a medical doctor for more than two decades and am sickened by what I have seen during the last several years.

Many of my colleagues feel like me. We are trapped in a medical system that seems to be injuring and killing more patients than saving lives.

I have believed for some time that the pandemic is a hoax. I believe that the virus is fake. I am not alone in my thinking.

If I speak out against the crimes of my profession, I will lose everything I have worked so hard to get. Yet, I am continually haunted by the fact that my silence is allowing a lie to continue to influence the world about the alleged dangers of a fake virus and the harmful covid vaccines.

If I could go back in time, I would choose another career. I hate working as an MD!!!

I admire the candidness in your writings and your willingness to tell the truth about important health issues.

I am attaching an article I wrote about becoming a medical doctor. Please feel free to edit and publish the content on your website. Maybe it will help others avoid the mistake I made many years ago.

Dr. Aimee


I am going to piss off plenty of people who are in love with the profession of medicine by writing this post. I don’t care about doing so because it is time that young people in school wake up and stop feeding a monster that is killing millions of people every year.

Do you remember how everyone wanted to become a medical doctor when they were a child?

Becoming a medical doctor was a big deal for many youngsters. It was for me, too. There was a certain amount of prestige associated with that iconic image of a man or woman wearing a white coat with a stethoscope draped around their neck.

It’s cool stuff until you grow up and realize that becoming a tool for pharmaceutical companies isn’t such a fantastic job after all.

In this article, I am going to tell you why it is not a great idea to pursue a career in medicine. Pay attention and save yourself and society a lot of pain and suffering.

1. Going to medical school is very expensive. You are going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for over 20 years or longer.

2. Going to medical school requires a ridiculous amount of studying that places tremendous stress on your health.

3. Medical doctors nowadays are salaried employees who work for hospital corporations that are paying less and less to their indentured servants and making medical staff work more and more hours. The days of owning a business and running a private practice are no more.

4. After you have invested years of your life in studying for a medical career, you discover that the profession you believed was backed by science is entangled in scientific fraud. What can you do at this point? Nothing! You will be forced to work in a profession that you know in your heart is based on a lie.

5. You want to help people, but you know that the license you have been issued, allowing you to practice your professional objective, is harming millions of people every year.

6. Your health is put at incredible risk. To go to medical school you have to take dangerous vaccines and continue to keep taking these drugs for the rest of your life to work in hospital centers.

7. You have to perform many procedures when “caring” for patients that are dangerous and jeopardize people’s health.

8. If you voice an opinion about anything that is in opposition to current medical practices, you will be disciplined and lose your medical license. For all intents and purposes, your career will be over.

Whatever you do in life, think it over carefully before pulling the trigger. It’s easy to change your mind about a career before you invest the time and money to make your dream come true.

Make sure your dream doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare.


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Millions of people schedule yearly “wellness” examinations with medical doctors

Why do people continue to trust MDs?

Dr. John Reizer

Most people don’t know that medical lab tests are rigged in favor of big pharma. It’s like walking into a casino and believing you will come out on top. It is not going to happen! The house (casino) is going to win most of the time.

When I was going to school decades ago, many of the normal lab values were higher than today. For example, let’s examine cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure:

The 1980s – 90s

Normal cholesterol: 250-300.

Normal glucose: 80-120

The 1970s

Normal blood pressure was considered 100+ your age over 80-90.

In today’s medical narrative, normal cholesterol is a reading of below 200.

In today’s medical narrative, a normal glucose level is between 70-100.

In today’s medical narrative, high blood pressure begins at 120/80. For example, a blood pressure of 119/79 is within the normal range, but a blood pressure of 135/85 is stage 1 (mild) hypertension.

How has so many normal value ranges for labs and medical tests changed through the years?

To be perfectly honest, the normal value ranges for labs and medical tests have been purposely changed over the past four decades to sell more drugs. It’s as simple as that!

Blood pressure norms are achieved by taking the blood pressure readings of millions of people in hospitals. Those readings are then used to create a statistical average.

Patients in hospitals are not going to have high blood pressure readings because most patients in hospitals are on high blood pressure medications. Because of this fact, the statistical average of blood pressure readings worldwide has become lower and lower over time.

The same can be said for blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Millions of people who have contributed to the statistical average of these lab categories were medicated to lower their readings. Therefore, national and international normal ranges have been artificially lowered.

All of these lower normal lab value ranges found in today’s medical world have been achieved by drugging patients and using them in studies to get more people on prescription drugs.

Organized medicine and big pharma are criminal enterprises that have been over-medicating humanity for a long time.



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Imagining Human Life 100-Years From Now

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Virtually every human being on Earth alive today will be dead 100-years from now. What then?  There will be no Anthony Fauci, current heads of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, leaders of the vaccine industry, the medical mafia, or the diabolical pharmaceutical drug industry.

What will exist in 100-years are the clones and human programmed robots of the current crop of crazies. There will be a new breed of psychopaths who will continue the same programs and who will be a scourge upon human life on Earth.

Somehow, someway, humanity has to find a way to get this medical monkey off the backs of human beings. The medical industry is not now and never has been the guardian of human health. Medical doctors have, for the most part, become pharmaceutical drug pushers. That is not to say that emergency care is invalidated because we all know that many doctors have rendered life-saving service to trauma patients.

There has to be a return to freedom of practice by alternative doctors and health practices.  Lockdown control over doctors is diabolical. Raiding the facilities of successful alternative doctors by medical marshals is nothing short of terror and tyranny, and it has happened many times. No one but idiotic thugs who are paid to do so would terrorize alternative doctors.

It is most unlikely that a medically brainwashed doctor or medical mafia thug is going to ever see the light of day, and so, the battle between light and darkness never ends.