FBI Futurist Marc Goodman, Joe Polish, and The Hacking of Mankind – The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 6

By Ashley Hayes

In my September 30th article here at NoFake News (https://nofakenews.net/2022/09/30/will-the-next-smedley-butler-please-step-forward/), I discuss one of the first government whistleblowers of our time, Major General Smedley Butler.

Butler was responsible for stopping the well-planned coup d’etat to replace our government and enslave the majority of humanity because he made public the plans of these dark artists.

In that article, I beseeched someone with the knowledge of the plans — and players — involved in the current attempts to enslave humanity through transhumanizing technology covertly being imbedded, injected, and swallowed, unknowingly by, and without the consent of, the global population to step up (players who, incidentally, are directly related to, and affiliated with the original criminals). I specifically implored Marc Goodman to be that person.

Marc Goodman is futurist-in-residence for the FBI, senior advisor to Interpol, former LAPD officer, the author of the 2015 book, “Future Crimes,” founder of Future Crimes Institute, and Faculty Chair at Singularity University for Policy, Law and Ethics. He also works with the UN Counterterrorism Task Force, NATO, and the U.S. Government, and has worked in more than 70 countries.

I’ve read his book several times, read his articles, and watched his TED talks. He is a very likeable guy and one his fellow Singularitarian, self-proclaimed “god” Andrew Hessel, states is terrified about what our future holds, once the transhumanist agenda they are striving for takes hold.

There is no way he isn’t acutely aware of the plans of his friends and associates. So if he is so terrified why isn’t he speaking out — forcefully — about them? Why is he not warning the innocent, oblivious masses?

In “Future Crimes,” he discusses how organized crime is always WAY ahead of the general population when it comes to technology, and the ability to abuse it to commit invisible crimes.

He also makes clear that our world is run by computer code, warning “those who control the code control the world.”

I couldn’t fully appreciate what this meant five years ago, but I do now.

If you listen to tireless warrior Dane Wigington’s 60-minute Saturday-night geoengineeringwatch.org reports — and I encourage you to do so — you’ll hear each podcast open with a 1960s speech by Lyndon Johnson proclaiming how we now have weather satellites “that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layer; and he who controls the weather controls the world.” Computer code — ones and zeros — controls those satellites. Ones and zeros. In fact, ANYTHING with a computer chip the size of a speck of dust is able to be remotely-controlled, hacked, and altered — instantly — whether it’s a plane, a ship, a car (older cars through their telematics, and most definitely electric cars), a computer, a phone, a watch, a pacemaker, a drone, a TV, an a/c unit, a gas pump, a billboard, a traffic light, or a human.

This isn’t science fiction; it’s science fact. It’s technological truth.

Goodman goes on to state how the world became much more dangerous when “In God We Trust” was replaced by “In Screens We Trust.” And since the majority of the population has no idea that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are tools of government-funded organized crime and criminals who scrape, save, sell, — and, in many cases, even weaponize — every tiny detail about every moment of their lives, they unwittingly have taken part in their own destruction of privacy, and planned-for enslavement. (Brainwashing citizens into thinking narcissism was cool and acceptable was just another piece of their insanely profitable control puzzle. “Selfies” were — and are — continually pushed, so that, through the AI in every smartphone, your location can be tracked, your face can be scanned, what you’re wearing can be notated, who your friends are, whether you’re happy or sad, etc. . . All just data to be sold over and over again.

Goodman stresses on P. 166: “We are being penetrated, digitally probed, spied upon, robbed and virtually manipulated day in and day out, and most of us remain blissfully unaware of the threat.” The manipulation takes the form of propaganda weaved into the dialogue of our favorite show, in commercials, social media — especially social media, — advertising of any kind (of course), and through the mouths of paid TV liars — all of which can lead individuals to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise done (like rush out and beg to be injected with an unknown substance whose ingredients, side-effects, and long-term implications we know nothing about, for instance). That’s psychological manipulation. And while that’s what ALL advertising is, the difference now is that that psychological manipulation can now lead to your physical manipulation by bad actors.

But being injected with something is only one way this manipulation is made possible. Cell towers play a HUGE role. Their frequencies combined with the technology around — and in — you means your movements can be altered, your speech sped up, your thoughts read (and controlled), and more.

This isn’t science fiction; it’s science fact. It is technological truth.

While most of us are at least somewhat familiar with Moore’s Law, I really like Goodman’s way of explaining it: “It is the persistent doubling of computer processing power stipulated in Moore’s Law that makes it so deeply significant. It means that all computer-based technologies are exponential in their growth curves– not linear. In other words, these technologies benefit not from the power of mere addition but from multiplication. It is the difference between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. . . . To put the concept in perspective, taking 30 steps linearly, one might walk across the living room. But taking 30 steps exponentially — doubling the distance with each successive step — would be the equivalent of traveling the distance from Earth to the moon. The fact that today’s technologies are exponential in their growth curves, not linear, is absolutely fundamental to understanding the next plane of human evolution. We are now living in exponential times.”

I didn’t fully understand what he meant by that last statement when I initially read his book (six years ago). But things that are unprecedented are, in fact, difficult to understand. Only with continued study, following the truth-tellers (and the money), learning about nanotechnology, genetics, robotics and AI, was I able to finally comprehend what he meant by “exponential times.”

Innocent citizens and whistleblowers who have been targeted by law enforcement and their [surveillance/data] fusion-center buddies have been the test subjects for this technology for some time now; abused by those in power with technologies they have denied. (Imagine the awful show “Impractical Jokers” but with sadistic government agencies, contractors, and friends behind the screens — THAT immature, but with the technological capability to watch, hear, hack, manipulate, and record EVERYTHING their target does, plans, pray or thinks.) Because this kind of [remote] control and power has been unknown to the general public and the technological capabilities are not only hidden but unprecedented, the abusers have been able to deny its existence. And while the capabilities of 21st-century technology are hard to fathom, the evil present in its abusers is equally unfathomable (until you realize this sadistic group of individuals who perpetually retaliate against, slander, and harm their targeted prey, are the same affiliates who abuse children in a myriad of ways, just one of which is by putting subliminal messages, and brainwashing language, into children’s games, suggesting to them that God may have made a mistake in their case, and perhaps they were born in the wrong body. That is evil, psychological abuse of a child meant to further a very sick agenda. But that abuse can also be implemented simply by aiming specific frequencies at their heads, or by manipulating the code that controls the technology their parents unwittingly allowed to enter their bodies via injections. (I again urge readers, and their friends and family, to watch the videos of Dr. James Giordano, including “The Brain is The Battlefield of The Future:” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N02SK9yd60s, as well as those of Barrie Trower, a British physicist and microwave-weapons expert, who worked for the Royal Navy and more.)

Goodman not only illuminates [then] new technologies, but stresses there is never a shortage of bad actors willing to implement them [or who can be brainwashed, or ordered, to use them]. And if you’re old enough to remember when America at least seemed like it was free, and that you determined your own path, it’s practically impossible to comprehend how a relatively small group of men, who belong to a secret society that spans the globe, could hi-jack your life, interfere in your plans and dreams, and attempt to determine your fate. But targeted innocent citizens have been shouting this reality from the rooftops for years, to mostly deaf, confounded ears. Now, Goodman, Hessel, and friends make it crystal clear that that’s exactly what is happening. Waking up to this fact is vital. Please share what you know, wherever you can.

Finally, pictured with Marc Goodman is Joe Polish. Joe owns Piranha Marketing in Arizona, Space University, is a friend of Marc’s, and has been a part of Singularity University since its inception (and a part of Google, Facebook, and Twitter since their inception).

His marketing customers include Tony Robbins, Huffington Post, Paula Abdul, and many other big names you’ve heard of, and he is the top fundraiser for Richard Branson.

He and his affiliate network came into my life (overtly) in 1998, as entrepreneur “helpers,” when I was starting my web business(es), years before I knew I was targeted, but at the same time that bizarre, stress-inducing, costly, hurtful interferences I have reported began to occur. He and his affiliate network encouraged [the then very gullible] me to make everything I could digital, buy as many domain names as I could (“for they’re the new real estate”), put everything online that I could (“for efficiency”), and buy as many of their products as I could possibly afford. I spent 15 years doing just that, and just when I had had the most extraordinary year of my life, everything I owned and had built was hacked and stolen — and all attempts to rebuild blocked . . . to this day. Attacks on my car, and body, ensued, as well. Marc Goodman tells us how all of that is not only possible, but that it’s been happening for decades.

It’s a small, small world. Technology has made it infinitely smaller — and, unfortunately, much more dangerous. And while I have reported the active involvement of Singularity University members in the stealthy implementation of global, perpetual bio-surveillance, their crimes against humanity couldn’t have happened without a little help from their friends, as Ramola D’s mind-blowing report reveals:


Please share this far and wide.


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3 thoughts on “FBI Futurist Marc Goodman, Joe Polish, and The Hacking of Mankind – The Singularity Cabal Series – Part 6

  1. lhakes12 October 18, 2022 / 1:50 pm

    A transfixing article, Ashley.

    As well as the video “The Brain is the Battlefield” with Dr. Giordano.
    He uses key words such as Access Assess Accept
    And “Novel Neuroweapons” Bugs Drugs Toxins

    And he explains how the controlling powers can get leaders to sway the people, and how the powers that be can influence people’s moods whether it be for good or evil. They gather the data they need to manipulate.
    Plus, he tells how one toxin the size of a pen could kill a room full of people. And how that could then start a panic and spread like wildfire!


    The passages from the following book are informative about the human mind and its consciousness:

    “The Physics of Consciousness in the Quantum Field, Mineral, Plants, Animals and Human Souls” by Ivan Antic

    “The attitude of science regarding consciousness is that is is a result of the functioning of neurons, the ability to take on and process huge quantities of information as well as the ability to perceive, memorize, and study. Mostly, science deals with consequences of consciousness, rather than its essence.

    Everything the quantum physics has discovered so far can be reduced to two facts: The first one is that at the base of the overall nature there is electromagnetism, everything is energy, and the second one, in reality it is an information field, which automatically goes to suggest that is is a conscious field. As a result of this find, scientists have begun to operate with terms such as quantum consciousness or the quantum mind.

    It is as though there are two sciences, one esoteric and secret, only for the enlightened elite which keeps hiding all the evidence, and the other public one, otherwise known as the mainstream science for the common folk which instead of the facts and evidence offers monkeys and childish names (Big Band, quantum soup), built entirely on convictions and not proof. To cut a long story short, it appears as though SOMBODY IS TRYING VERY HARD TO HIDE THE TRUE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and keep it away from the public eye.

    The real nature of consciousness is impossible to be separated from the nature of our soul. That is why we will speak of consciousness of the soul here. The issue of the soul is inseparable from the issue of consciousness. If we set them apart, we automatically set ourselves apart from the issue of the purpose of existence. It is the main reason why the answer to existence, consciousness, and soul, is hard to come by. UNDERSTANDING CONSCIOUSNESS , EXISTENCE, AND OUR SOUL CANNOT BE SEPARATED.


    The human is unconscious only because they do not live the reality in which their consciousness and existence are realized as a unified phenomenon, To the degree they are unaware of themselves, they are unaware of existence, hence their destructiveness. ONLY THE MIND SEPARTES CONSCIOUSNESS AND EXISTENCE, AND ONLY IT IS THE ONE THAT CAN REGOGNIZE THEIR UNITY.

    Somebody is trying hard to keep people in virtual reality at all times, in simulacra and simulation, constantly keeping the human in the mind which is aware of the body only and the logic of material survival, in the mind that is constantly preoccupied with false values and fear, detached from the true meaning of consciousness and soul, from the existence itself.

    The relationship between the body, brains, and consciousness can be explained by the analogy of the brains and a radio set that conducts vibrations coming from outside, if it is broken it cannot do so. When the brain is damaged it cannot conduct consciousness and the body is unconscious. We are in comma or deep sleep then.


    Consciousness always overcomes or transcends every form of existence because every form of existence happens as a manifestation of consciousness.”

    • Ashley October 18, 2022 / 7:06 pm


      Your reply was, as always, so informative and educational! You state, “Everything the quantum physics has discovered so far can be reduced to two facts: The first one is that at the base of the overall nature there is electromagnetism, everything is energy, and the second one, in reality it is an information field, which automatically goes to suggest that is is a conscious field.” That is exactly what Ray Kurzweil states. Everything is information. We are all just data. Once “they” figured that out, they couldn’t move fast enough to begin creating software with which to manipulate that data.
      They can, from a remote location, create injuries diseases, ailments of all kinds, then (of course) offer the “solution.” Just one big ol’ [inner] circle of crime.
      In my article yesteday on The Singularity Cabal, I mentioned Joe Polish who is known, he states as “the most connected person on the planet.” When he (overtly; I don’t know when he actually entered) came into my life, in the late 1990’s, he was part of an “affiliate network” that continually marketed to me, and sent me multiple emails each day, for over a decade. They had programs called “Magnetic Marketing” and also started the “Info-Marketing Asspciation.” I find that very interesting. Also, HuffPost is one of his customers. That is the paper in which his friend and fellow Singularitarian, Andrew Hessel, published his desire to hack/write the human genome. I find that very interesting, as well.

      • lhakes12 October 19, 2022 / 12:26 am

        Thank you, Ashley.
        And although it does seem crazy to think of ourselves as being data to be scrutinized and dissected like rats, technology really has become incredibly perilous and threatening to our well being. Despite any of the benefits or entertainment it might bring us.


        “”Your mind is programmable and if you’re not programming it then someone else will program it for you.” – Elite Revolt

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