“Persecutory Delusional Disorder”: The Made-Up Term That Allows Corrupt Law Enforcement To Get Away With Extraordinary Cruelty

By Ashley Hayes

If you’re a regular reader of NoFakeNews, you may have seen my previous articles related to targeted innocent citizens (aka “fusion center” blacklisted targets); surveillance capitalism; the scam of psychiatry; and the extraordinary 21st century technology that the general public has no idea is even possible, much less that it exists and is being used, every day, by bad actors.

You may have also seen my articles referencing the man who is arguably THE expert in neuroweaponry, Pentagon/DARPA advisor, Dr. James Giordano, as well as articles referencing FBI futurist and INTERPOL consultant, Marc Goodman.

If you haven’t read these, the links are provided below, and I invite you to revisit them, as when you combine the info provided therein, along with my (somewhat lengthy) article on the militarization and privatization of law enforcement today, as well as my articles on the Digerati;” and the “Nanomafia,” it will, I hope, create a crystal-clear picture of the very different world in which we are now living, a world your newspaper, local or mainstream news will not tell you about.

If you were born before 1980, as I was, then you were blessed to have grown up in a world that, at least felt free. I have great memories of playing kick-the-can until the sun went down; taking the shortcut through the woods to get to Mr. Gray’s little store for my footlong banana-flavored gum, my candy cigarettes and edible necklaces; singing into my hairbrush on my front porch to my imaginary packed-house of adoring fans; or just . . . skipping. Ah, the joy of skipping!

Freedom and pure innocence. It was awesome. And it breaks my heart that most kids today will never know that — not in the way that we did, anyway. Because kids today are growing up in a world where they are being taught that it is normal to have others watch everything you do.

Kids today are being brainwashed (as are their parents) to believe that it is okay to have strangers watch you in your bedroom — that it is “normal” to give others (millions of others) access to your most private moments.  Kids, and the public, in general, are being groomed to believe that having cameras (or non-visible satellites, drones, etc.) watch their every move is  somehow okay.  And to help suppress any arguments about it that should (rightly) arise, they are told it’s for “security” purposes.

As my fully-scrutinizable, deeply-sourced articles will attest, this constant monitoring is not for security purposes, nor is it to keep people safe. It was implemented for one, primary reason: to serve a small group of men for whom power, money and control is everything. They, long ago, learned the value of data — any and all data, — all of which has actual monetary value. Everything we do, think, eat, wear, read or say creates data. And every bit is monetizable and able to be sold and even bet on, the same way you might bet on your favorite horse at the racetrack. There are individuals, right now, betting on you, and me. Some may sit there and personally place their bets; others have programmed AI to do it for them. Billions, or trillions, of dollars in passive income, made from you, without your knowledge or consent.

And they have been able to pull it off in plain sight. This thrills them to no end, as it’s the “getting away” with their crime, without their victims being the wiser, that thrills them as much as their free money does.

These individuals are sometimes referred to as a “secret government,” but, because most participants work for the Department of Defense (either directly or as highly-paid contractors or consultants), intelligence agencies, military, or law enforcement, this group of individuals can justifiably be called the “DOD mafia,” or “fusion-center mafia.”

The term “mafia” is applicable, as it refers to “a close group of people who are involved in similar activities and who help and protect each other, sometimes to the disadvantage of others.”

This fusion-center mafia is populated not only by individuals with access to any and all kinds of weaponry, invisible or otherwise, be they directed-energy, lasers, or even cell towers, but by individuals who are, provably, undeniably sadistic. And just as we have learned, over time, that the most vicious wolves dress in sheeps’ clothing, many of these deeply-psychopathic individuals actively hurting others are walking around with smiles on their faces (or badges on their chests), giving speeches on how they can help you succeed in life, donating large sums to charity, and presenting themselves as humble helpers of humanity.

They are such good actors, and their minds work so diabolically, brilliantly (and profitably) that they are able to, for instance, speak to entrepreneurs about how to grow their businesses, and then speak to the president (take your pick) about how to enslave the population and make lots and lots of money doing so. (Think Henry Kissinger with 21st-Century technology and weaponry. Former Secretary of State and mind-controlled-slave owner, Henry Kissinger, is still alive and, literally, co-wrote a book on AI with Google’s former boss, Eric Schmidt. So it’s not a stretch to think he has had a hand in the way our world has, sadly, evolved.)

The fusion-center mafia consists of individuals from the CIA, an organization notorious for their desire to mind-control the masses. And, without our knowledge, they — and their monied affiliate network — have been able to do so, from afar, for longer than I care to even think about.

Mind control is real and it is actively being perpetrated. Altering individuals’ thoughts, behavior, emotions, speech, and body movement, from afar, are all possible and are actively being perpetrated.

Both Dr. Giordano and Marc Goodman report this, with Goodman reporting the ability for an adversary to remotely access their target’s brain and make him feel anxious, for instance.  Dr. Giordano, concurrent with his advisory position with our government, regularly reports on the ethical issues (and grave dangers) involved in being able to have our brains remotely accessed and our behaviors modified without our consent.  Both he and Goodman are the proverbial “Cassandras” who are acutely aware of the dangers facing humanity, but they are unable to stop it.

Source: cato.org

Former FBIspecial-agent-turned-whistleblower, Mike German, discusses the deep corruption long present within the FBI in his book, Disrupt, Discredit and Divide – How The New FBI Damages Democracy, a book I have mentioned here before. However, he also has written, extensively, on the Wild West atmosphere of the fusion centers now present in every community, urging Congress to take urgently-needed action with regard to bringing some kind of special investigator, or oversight, to these centers filled with individuals who have seemingly endless government funds they are wasting and using not to “fight terrorism,” but to commit domestic terrorism against innocent citizens, violating their civil (and human) rights on multiple levels. The fusion-center participants (and their proxies) continually surveil the individuals whose lives they have chosen to disrupt, and regularly, without true justification, enter the homes, cars and private property of their targets. But the boys-club atmosphere and immature mentality that is, apparently, a requirement for these centers, leads to abuses that are unfathomable to those who want desperately to be able to trust and respect law enforcement, as we have long been intentionally programmed to do.

As previously reported, not only do some of their more pathological members use remote weaponry to access (and injure) the minds and bodies of their targets; fusion-center participants actually coordinate, and perpetuate, slander campaigns against the individuals they target in order to ostracize them. Innocent, blacklisted targets, or “marks,” are regularly slandered as everything from bad parents to — their favorite — “mentally ill.”  Participants go to great lengths to “support” their claims about a target, creating false paperwork, deepfake videos and audio, and even arranging medical kidnappings of their targets if they dare try to report the federally-funded crime, adding to the long trail of fallacious documentation about a perfectly sane and healthy individual who just happened to make the wrong [connected, vengeful] person mad.

Furthermore, because these are diabolical schemers unlike most can imagine, they have left no stone unturned while perfecting their plausibly-deniable, intricately-designed crime. Specifically, individuals within their ranks who write propaganda (I personally know of, at least, one), including stories that are meant to make us believe in the non-medical, biased field of psychiatry, joined forces wiith individuals within the American Psychiatric Association and helped create new “disorders” they could put in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM). “Delusional Disorders” totally made-up for the purpose of allowing the sadistic psychopaths with government funds to hurt their victims even more.

The very persecutors gang-bullying, stalking, surveilling, slandering and hurting innocent individuals are the very same people who helped create the term “persecutory delusions” (and “”Persecutory Delusional Disorder” found in the DSM) as a term to apply to their targets when he or she reports their abuse or the myriad of ways they are having their lives, literally, invaded.

Most lawyers, paralegals, psychologists and psychiatrists are unaware of fusion centers, much less the fact that they are filled with deeply corrupt sadists who take pleasure in group-stalking innocent men, women and children. Yet many of them have been (intentionally) schooled in the “disorder” of “persecutory delusions,” so that when an abused individual seeking help comes to them complaining of their abuse, he or she will be readily dismissed or, worse, prescribed something to “help” with their “feelings of persecution.”

The Cleveland Clinic has this description on their site: “Delusional disorder is a type of mental health condition in which a person can’t tell what’s real from what’s imagined. There are many types, including persecutory, jealous and grandiose types. It’s treatable with psychotherapy and medication.”

I have long known this slanderous use of made-up “disorders” was going on, particularly after a legal assistant admitted, after telling me their office had a “conflict of interest” in my case due to the fact that they supposedly represented some sheriffs, that she’d been “apprised” of “persecutory delusions” affecting individuals who claim they are being harassed and continually interfered with by law enforcement. (Gee, I wonder who apprised her of this “disorder?”) But was mildly amazed to have discovered, just yesterday, that my primary DOD/fusion-center-connected persecutor (about whom I have written before) — the man who, along with his affiliates, is/are the long-running common thread(s) in my life-sabotage and abuse, and that of my child, my elderly parents, my siblings, my dog, the theft of my business, the destruction of my income, reputation and home, etc. — is deeply connected to The Cleveland Clinic, having had them set up a charitable trust for him, providing him a steady stream of income for life.

And this is just one organization who happily plays along. Missing from their site and, indeed, removed from the DSM itself, two versions ago, is “Sadistic Personality Disorder.” This is a disorder for which there is, per Allen Scwartz, LCSW, Ph.D., “no known cause” wherein “the suffering of others gives pleasure.”

Wikipedia states that the term was added to the DSM-III-R in 1987, but was then removed in later versions.

Wikipedia further states:  “Sadistic personality disorder was a personality disorder defined by a pervasive pattern of sadistic and cruel behavior. People with this disorder were thought to have desired to control others. It was believed they accomplish this through the use of physical or emotional violence.”

This is written with the “disorder” in past tense, as if it just disappeared. 

Why would a “disorder” — a very dangerous one at that — which describes inherent (and learned) sadistic behavior that includes taking pleasure in hurting others, be removed from the “bible” psychatrists use to diagnose patients — and even from our general lexicon — while the individuals who suffer at the hands of sadists in powerful positions are called “delusional’?

Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Granted, it is a known fact that the DSM is a farce to begin with:  The “symptoms” and “disorders” denoted within it are arrived at, not by some medical tests, blood tests, or any other kind of physiological testing, but by consensus.  Psychiatrists, Big Pharma reps, and other contributors with a stake in its production get together and, as a group, decide on the “symptoms” they want to include as “disorders;” then, they come up with names for the “disorders,” followed by what new medications they’ll prescribe to treat these “disorders.”  And since Big Pharma and their government-connected affiliates control the media, they then use every opportunity to present these created “disorders” and offer up their latest drug to help alleviate the consensus-derived symptoms.

Big Pharma and their affiliates have striven, for decades, to make the DSM appear to be an expert in book-form, on what makes us tick. But any true, honest expert would not leave out, much less actively remove, one of the most dangerous behavioral tendencies that exists: sadism.  Call me silly, but I would say the desire to hurt others and then take pleasure in their pain would qualify as a “disorder.”

Furthermore, I discovered that not only was “sadistic personality disorder” removed from the DSM after version III; so, too, was “Psychopathy!”

Psychology Today states: 
“Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy [which] enable(s) psychopaths to be highly manipulative;” adding “psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.”

They further state:  “Psychopaths can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack any semblance of conscience;” adding “An individual may show elevated levels of multiple traits associated with psychopathy without qualifying as a psychopath.”

Interestingly, that same magazine published a three-part series, essentially mocking “Targeted Individuals,” inferring that the very real, intentional infliction of emotional and physical distress (and injury); the coordinated, well-reported, deeply documented abuse and interference of life and freedom by law enforcement, DHS, the CIA, and their affiliates at the criminal, government-funded fusion centers was/is “delusional.”

Disturbingly, the above-referenced October 20, 2020 article contains a report by forensic psychologist Lorraine Sheridan who put a 128-question survey online for “targeted individuals” to answer. Once their responses were received, she claimed that 100% of the respondents were suffering from “paranoid delusions” because their claims “defied credulity, often due to the sheer amount of resources or level of coordinated organization that would be necessary to carry out what was claimed.”

This is the same woman who co-authored stalking research in 2002 and named “sadistic stalking” as a form of stalking whereby the perpetrators select someone to “spoil,” which her Collins (British) dictionary defines as “to cause damage to [something/someone] in regard to its value, beauty, usefulness.”

Notably, she was later selected by the UK Chiefs of Police Association to create a “checklist,” ostensibly to “help” them identify stalking behavior. While, at the same time, dropping the term “sadistic stalking” (and her findings therein) from her research.

Of course, if Sheridan, or anyone in her industry, took the time to research fusion centers, 21st century technology, Mike German’s work, James Giordano’s reports, the ACLU’s and The Intercept’s reports, etc., they could not possibly [honestly] deny the reality of the highly-coordinated abuse happening to hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens at the hands of sadistic individuals with free government money.

Victimizing a victim by denying their abuse can be attributed to sheer ignorance (and laziness and/or bribery) on the part of individuals in the psychiatric industry.

Further victimizing a victim by calling them “delusional” when you, and your affiliates, are the abusers is nothing short of sadistic, and just plain cruel.

Knowledge is vital.  Please share this article wherever you can.




Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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